Don’t sell rabbit meat, Whole Foods!!!

Just got this info from my ol’ college pal (she has three pet rabbits and is part of the rabbit-rescue movement).  Please share! – R. T.

Join us for the first Day of Action on August 17!

Hello supporters,
I am updating you today on our next step in advocating for rabbits!

All across the nation we will have individuals like yourself petitioning, leafleting and peacefully protesting in their own style outside of their local Whole Foods Market all on the same day!

Please get involved and join a location or start your own! All of the supplies, images, instructions and support can be found on the page you see below!

If you have any questions or need support please email me at and/or join this facebook group

Hope to have you involved on August 17th, 2014
Thank You,
Lisa, the rabbits and all of the individuals dedicated to this mission.

Day of Action Focused on Whole Foods: August 17
Day of Action Focused on Whole Foods: August 17

Rabbit protection groups around the country are planning on coming together to tell Whole Foods Market what rabbit lovers really think about Whole Foods’ decision to start selling rabbit meat in their stores.