Stupid, stupid Tea Baggers and our trough of stupidity

By Jack Hoffman

Not so long ago when the country and Congress were debating the health care bill InCity Times little TV group (Straight Talk on TV 13) was getting ready to tape our weekly show.

What angered me so much during that show was the stupidity vis a vis the new Health Care Reform bill that was being expressed by the opposition. I doubt if anyone doing the yelling ever took the time to read just a little of the bill. I doubt if many of the folks in Congress did, too. Oops! Sorry! They have congressional aides for that.

So I said to ICT editor and publisher Rose [Tirella]: let’s talk about this stupidity.

She said: Jack, this will never go over in Worcester.

I’ll bet the folks up there might be a little embarrassed about just how stupid we really are so I’m letting it ride … .

What really got me going on the show was the news footage of a protester spitting on Congressman Cleaver (D MO) on the steps of our iconic hall of democracy after the bill passed. By some of the same people who were yelling that they were the real Americans. Yet not a single member of Congress on the opposing side apologized for this stupid act.

Ironically, at the same time, PBS was once again showing the Civil Rights documentary ‘ Eyes On The Prize.’ As I watched this incredible history of the civil rights movement, I surfed to the news channels and saw not just the spitting but the posters with President Barack Obama in a Hitler mustache. A creepy poster and cheers that “We want to take America Back!!”

Oh, really? Now I admit this may be a small, vocal group, but you bet your ass that the majority of those Tea Suckers are just plain racist. They never liked the idea of a black man as president.

I guess in 50 years we really haven’t changed much. And their stupidity – marked with posters and cheers – smack of racism. Are they telling me they know the US Constitution and I don’t? I doubt they have ever read any part other than the 2nd Amendment.

“Chapter 2”

Now comes Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MIN). from the 6th district.

Sure as hell I got into a spat with this guy on our TV show (Straight Talk) about this congress-women. He felt I was disparaging her without knowing the facts. How could you not make fun of her? She appears almost regularly on FOX “news” and once in a while gives a crack to the others. If you want some stupid entertainment, catch her. As it turns out Michelle Bachmann’s district has the highest foreclosure rate and unemployment in the state. And yet Michelle was absent from most of the consumer bills that would have helped her constituency. Someone checked her appearances on the tube versus the votes on consumer bills. Every time there was a vote she was on TV.

Yet she claims to be for the people!

One of Bachman’s better lines was that everyone in Congress should take a loyalty oath as to loyalty of an American. She said, “I find it interesting that back in the 1970s that the swine flue broke out under another Democratic president, Jimmy Carter. I’m not blaming this on President Obama I just find it a coincidence.”

Just give me Michele and Sarah Palin in a game of Jeopardy.
Let’s start with Iraq. Only 16% of Americans can point it out on a map leading up to the Iraq War and slightly after and even now 70% of Americans believe Saddam was involved with 9/11. Never mind asking about the Sunis and the Shiites.

In case you don’t care, I’ll remind you almost 4,000 Americans have spilled their blood there – 30,000 of our military have been severely wounded. And you wonder why your town or city needs money for infrastructure. We’ve already spent already a trillion dollars on this fiasco!

And we keep re-electing the jerks who keep funding the war! Well, let’s not talk about Viet Nam – that was a winner. Never mind Korea. I could go on. And you tell me how great are foreign policy has been. Want some more? Let’s just keep spending almost one trillion dollars on defense. And let’s ship another 5 billion dollars worth of planes that never flew out to Arizona.

A majority of Americans cannot name a single branch of government. And 70% cannot name three Supreme Court justices. 66% do not know what Roe v Wade was about. More than half do not know their congressman/woman. I think it may be higher. I did my very unscientific survey with 10 women and two men. Eight of them were college grads. I asked them to name their two senators (this was before Kennedy died). Only two people got this one correct.

According to one major survey, only 8% of the Tea Baggers know they just got a tax reduction. Maybe they should thank President Obama for that!

I remember one of these exams given to high school students south of the Mason Dixon line. One question was name the country south of Texas. Only 20% of the kids could name Mexico. Why this question? So happens Mexico is our second largest trading partner. And yet I’ll bet not a single person reading this can name three states in our border country. Yet we can name 3 provinces in Canada.

By the way Mexico has 31 states.

You wouldn’t want to bet on how many Europeans – especially Russians – can score higher on these questions. Matter of fact, I saw an article on Russian high school students who are required to speak a minimum of three languages before graduation!

The Ruskies were asked to name some senators in the US; they averaged out at 50 names and the states they represent.

I remember my Algebra teacher at my 25th reunion and my asking him why we needed to take Algebra in school. His response was quite interesting. He said: “I’ve been teaching it for seventy years, and I’m still trying to figure out its importance.”

More civics classes, please! Whatever happened to civics? Bring back high school civics!

Before I pack up, I am constantly hearing bad things about President Obama – especially how he is spending all this money. I ask the whiners what about the tax reduction? 85% of Americans are getting a tax reduction that is 30% of the stimulus package.

I see this once great country falling into the trough of stupidity.

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