SUPPORT GROUP FOR GIRLS who have experienced sexual abuse  

From the Worcester office of the MSPCC

Who: Girls, ages approximately 8-12 yrs, who have experienced sexual abuse.

When: Thursdays, 4:30 pm – 5:30pm (starting 2/26/15 and running 8 weeks).

This is a “closed” group; participants who are unable to join from the beginning are invited to call the Group Facilitator about participation in a future group cycle.

Where: MSPCC, 335 Chandler St.,

Cost: Free


·       Week 1: Creating Safety (getting to know one another and learning about sexual abuse)

·       Week 2: Mind, Body, and Emotions (learning ways our bodies respond to our environment and understanding our emotions)

·       Week 3: Building Self-Esteem (identifying strengths and building positive self/body image)

·       Week 4: Coping Skills (learning ways to take charge of emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.

·       Week 5: Relationships (recognizing  relationship “red flags” and building positive relationships)

·       Week 6: Identifying support network (naming helpful, supportive people in our lives)

·       Week 7: Self-care (taking care of ourselves and feeling empowered)

·       Week 8: Celebration! (celebrating our relationships and progress)

For more information/to refer, please contact the Group Facilitator, Courtney Rubio, at (508) 767-3088. Please call to speak with the Facilitator before attending.