T & G’s Dianne Williamson: public relations flak/hack for candidate Joe O’Brien

By “Cheese Wiz”

I was furious when I read the piece about Joe O’Brien in the Telegram and Gazette by Dianne Williamson. But what made me even angrier was the lame system that the telegram has for “Comments.” Thankfully, I was able to recover my text below on two pieces I wrote about the apparent “coronation” of [mayoral candidate] Joe O’Brien by both Dianne Williamson and, later that afternoon, by Jordan Levy on his radio show. Is that how the system works?

1. Dianne and Jordan Levy supporting one candidate on the same day. Instant coronation, right?

Not so fast, Worcesterites! Let’s take a closer look at your shoo in and the stinky stuff underneath. Eww.

Dianne shows all the depth of Fox News covering Sarah Palin. And Levy, well, I was just grateful he had another topic this week besides Rushford’s obvious profiteering.

So, was that a real Dianne piece or was it a tryout for a P.R. job if the Telegram thing forces her into retirement?

Pullleez. The world hasn’t witnessed such puffery since Cosmo Kramer talked Jerry into the “Pirate Look.”

All day I have pondered if “Marionette” Joe O’Brien is a fitting name for one whose strings are so clearly pulled by others. Who is pulling the strings? Is it McGovern or Murray? I am leaning more toward the LG because he is more the pugilist. McGovern’s job will just be to feed the trough. It will be the local hoods, opps, union grunts, er, Democrat loyalistas who line up for TARP payola.

Sadly, this phenomenon will happen right before our eyes. TARP is the payoff that is going straight through to the apparatchiks. There is no opportunity for private businesses in Worcester or anywhere. TARP doesn’t reward innovation or creativity or money saving ideas. TARP hasn’t been much pain to me personally, but I know some GenXers and GenZers who are gonna be plenty teed off when they get the bill. Lucky those under-30s don’t vote in big numbers.

To make sure it’s a lock for Joe, [mayoral candidate] Kate Toomey will be forced out. Rosen, maybe. Rosen’s gonna have to figure out what to do with all those “Rosen for Mayor” combs he just ordered. He can’t just dump that crap in Main South anymore, like in the old days.

And, let’s face it, Timmy and Jimmy don’t have enough hair between them to justify even one comb. I just hope Golden Joe has hair.

2. Oh, my! Did Dianne Williamson fail to point out the obvious halo that rests above the candidate’s head, too?

Too bad she didn’t wander over to Coes Pond so she could observe him walk on water.

Reading her piece was like munching on pink cotton candy for breakfast. But at least the state-run health plan will cover my diabetes.

Joe shows how much of an ‘insider’ he is by living deeply inside the anal canal of Worcester. How’s this for a campaign theme: ‘O’Brien: the Prepation H that Worcester needs.’

O’Brien will get the same supporters that Toomey wants (public safety and municipal unions). So she’s gonna drop out. Worcester will get the same old backroom politics. As far as the 50% pay cut O’Brien will take if he becomes mayor, that is a joke. He is going to either ask for a higher pay once in office or, more likely, get a six-figure government job after he ‘proves’ his mettle.

(There is no truth that he is operating a late night food vending business out of a Winnebago on Benefit Street, despite the persistent rumors.) The comment about ‘diversity’ in Worcester is a joke. Worcester is Irish Catholic group to the core; the other groups, lacking power and good jobs, just leave.

I can’t wait for the position papers either, Q. As an uber-insider, O’Brien will have the benefit of phrasing his papers in language that will support his main financial supporters (municipal unions) and seem tolerable to the rest of us. But it’s a good move because it will appear he has a vision and a direction. But, sadly, his ‘vision’ is just going to be a repeat of the past.

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