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Cool finds at Unique Finds vintage gift and antique shop Webster Square …

Check out this funky shop at 1329 Main St., Worcester. Open 7 days. ‘Til 8 p.m. I stopped by the store yesterday and took these pics! Nice prices! Explore, find the treasures … .  – R. Tirella





I think I want this piece!

We can thank this man, one of my heroes, for AMERICA’S NATIONAL PARKS! Yellowstone National Park  – millions of acres of flora and fauna, much of MAGNIFICENT, intensely beautiful.  Other parks, sanctuaries, too! Our national, natural treasures – AMERICA AT ITS MOST PRISTINE. AMERICA WRIT LARGE. Just as the cowboys and cowgirls experienced when they went Out West almost a couple of centuries ago! We can thank our brilliant, energetic, unstoppable (in his day the pundits called him a steam engine in trousers!) President Theodore Roosevelt, a LOVER of nature and practicing naturalist for creating our national park system, for stepping in and JUST DOING IT, MAKING IT LAW, PRESERVING ALL THE SPACES HE LOVED. He saw the TREASURE and KEPT IT WILD AND FREE, MAKING SURE FUTURE AMERICANS see it, too! BULLY, Teddy!!!!! I adore you!!!! (named one of my cats in your honor years ago!)