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Worcester news you can use!!

The Central Mass. Housing Alliance has changed our hours for Housing Counseling

We are no longer having it on Fridays until further notice.

Miurka Torres, Housing Counselor

6 Institute Road

Tel. 508-791-7265 ext 131

Direct Line 774-243-3831

Direct Fax. 774-243-3881


Worcester Community Connections Resource and Referral Center – affiliated with YOU, Inc.

Story Time

Come!  Bring Your children to listen to a story and you will leave with a FREE book to take home!

Thursday, November 20

4 p.m -5 p.m.

At Worcester Community Connections

484 Main Street, Suite 460


Worcester Youth Build

An Opportunity for Youth Ages 16-24 To Build Your Future and Earn $$ While You Learn!


 Wednesday, December 19 

Noon – 3 pm AND 4 pm – 7 pm

At Training Resources of America

2 Foster Street, 3rd Floor



The Worcester Community Connections Coalition, affiliated with YOU Inc.’s Parent Action Committee invites All Worcester Families to Attend a Focus Group on …

Challenges in Finding Employment

What Barriers Are Families Facing and What Additional Supports Are Needed?

Wednesday, November 12

5:30 p.m. -7 pm

At Ascentria Care Alliance

11 Shattuck St.

(on the street next to Hahnemann Hospital on Lincoln Street)

WCCC is a coalition of parents and local service providers that work together to improve access to local services for families.

Our Parent Action Group is working on a project to identify the barriers and gaps in services that families face in finding good jobs.

We conducted a survey last year and the majority of families said that employment and financial struggle were the top barriers they face.

The goal of the focus group is to meet with parents and get more details in some of the barriers that they or other parents they know have faced in finding a job with a good wage; such as lack of transportation or childcare.

We are going  to take the information we get in our focus group and pass it onto agencies in the city that provide Employment Services to potentially strengthen services.

Dinner will be provided.

Some transportation available as needed

Supervision for children available.

Please call 508-796-1411 to RSVP

A stabbing in the Canal District …

By Rosalie Tirella

… up by Union Station a day or so ago. A young guy was asked for dough, then stabbed when he refused to give up the money. (Take it from this city gal: ALWAYS GIVE THEM THE MONEY! And run away!) … More garbage dumped, too! This on top of a couple of shootings and stabbings in the past few weeks – Union Station, lower Shrewsbury Street. And a stabbing – someone got it in the face – at Kelley Square last month. This is what happens when a bunch of misguided folks decide to exclude entire classes of folks in the redevelopment of an inner-city neighborhood. When the housing stock is out of reach for that neighborhood’s residents. When there are no jobs for them in their neighborhood. And when the basic jobs pay shit$$$. People get desperate, they get disengaged, they stab, shoot, dump …

We hope Charlie Baker can solve these real inner-city problems!!

… Dems are much better than Republicans at the nonsexy, bread and butter, social issues. LIKE IMPROVING A TON OF PEOPLE’S LIVES. THE AMERICAN DREAM. The American Dream and our social safety net, brought to you by FDR, Lyndon Johnson … Take FDR! Now FDR could TRULY REVIVE our inner-city NEIGHBORHOODS. Charlie Baker will stupidly harp on welfare reform, an easy way to demonize the poor. Problem NOT solved.

Expect more stabbings and shootings in and near the Canal District as the have-nots learn where a lot of the haves hang out!

Good luck, Charlie, solving our massive poverty problem!

On the other hand, all the ballot questions, EXCEPT THE EXPANDED-BOTTLE BILL,turned out the way we wanted: YES to earned sick time, casinos; NO to indexing the gas tax to inflation. The expanded bottle bill? Well, if our grandkids don’t know what a polar bear is and New Orleans falls into the ocean we only have our selfish selves to blame. Blame it on our stubborn refusal to fix our factory farms (HUGE PRODUCERS OF GREENHOUSE GASES which wreak havoc on global temperatures/climate), our refusal to get behind renewable energy wholeheartedly … and our ability to just keep making more and more garbage and dumping it on places like the Canal District’s sidewalks!

Yep. The rejection of a new and improved Bottle Bill – Massachusetts in all its cheapskate glory. Why give up 20 cents or a buck or two when buying bottles of water or juice or sports drinks only to GET IT BACK IN A FEW HOURS OR DAYS after we’ve drunk the water or juice? Why let go of a few nickles and dimes … for a week or so?! Why suffer a minor inconvenience when we can trash our planet? Pathetic.

State Representative John Fresolo announces his re-election campaign

Six-term State Representative John P. Fresolo has formally announced his re-election campaign for the 16th Worcester District seat.

As a life-long resident of the 16th Worcester District, Representative Fresolo shares the same priorities and values as his constituents: public safety, education, affordable housing, transportation and the protection of our children and elderly citizens.

In Fresolo’s tenure in the Legislature he has taken great pride in securing an additional $1 Million in community policing funds for the Union Hill, Vernon Hill, Grafton Hill, Quinsigamond Village and Green Island neighborhoods of Worcester. With this funding, the Worcester Police Department has been able to add much needed neighborhood foot patrols that have reduced illegal drug use, violent crimes and gang formation in the 16th Worcester District.

Representative Fresolo has continually fought for education funding reform and affordable childcare. Continue reading State Representative John Fresolo announces his re-election campaign