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Worcester City Councilor Konnie Lukes getting her shit together …


… at her shit-hole!  Aka her 21 Sigel St. property in Green Island. Hooray!!! Finally!!!

I drove by Konnie’s Green Island two-family “house” yesterday! Looking better! Front windows (once broken) – now replaced. Side yard – once garbage-choked –  now home to just one toilet!!! One toilet! Yipee!!!

Did the miracle happen cuz Konnie and Jim were dragged into Worcester Housing Court by City of Worcester inspection and code depts?

Or was it due to the fact that Wendy Diaz, sloppy first-floor tenant, has permanently decamped to Florida and Konnie kicked out her remaining loser relatives – her son and nephew? So … no one home on first floor! New, non-slob tenants coming soon??!

Meanwhile, Maryann, second floor tenant, is still incommunicado. She has never made trouble. She is 79 years old and needs help!  Her place is a dump. Hope Konnie and hubby Jim do right by frail senior citizen Maryann and replace her toilet, fix her water faucets and install a heating system ASAP!

But this is a step in the right direction!

– R. Tirella

21 Sigel Street update‏

By Rosalie Tirella

Worcester City Councilor Konstantina (“Konnie”) Lukes and husband Jim – owners and landlords of Green Island’s 21 Sigel St. – are evicting tenants Wendy Diaz and Family.

Wendy Diaz has been vacationing in Florida, missing a few housing court appearances. If Wendy can afford to pay for the plane fare to Florida, she can afford to buy City of Worcester yellow garbage bags into which she needs to place her family’s garbage.

No heat in Diaz apartment, as a gas pipe broke and had been red tagged by the gas company. Diaz nephew and son still at Sigel Street apartment heating the place with electric space heaters.

…. Wendy Diaz’s grandchildren, babies really, were removed from the apartment and are in foster care. A good thing. A few days ago she told me they were now living with family members. Bummer.
Maryann was visited by a health worker who asked her 10 questions and deemed her fit to live at 21 Sigel Street. Does agoraphobia mean anything to anyone any more? Elder anxiety over new situations, etc.? Couldn’t someone sign up Maryann for Meals on Wheels, at the very least?

Maryann has no apartment heat. She has always heated her apartment with electric space heaters.

Maryann is in lock-down mode. Won’t see or talk with anyone.
There was a handyman doing a few repairs to 21 Sigel St., but the Lukes were slow in paying him for his work. So…no money, no hammering! PAY THE MAN WHAT YOU OWE HIM, KONNIE! Bring your apartments/property up to code. Make them liveable and then charge more rent to cover contractor costs.

21 Sigel Street = Dysfunction Juntion!!!!!!

ICT letter to editor: Addicted to InCity Times!

Hi, Rosalie!

Well, I have an addiction myself to InCity Times!! You stand up for things most people would be afraid to speak of, let alone put in print. Kudos to you!!!!

I myself have a lot to say about many things. Unfortunately, I don’t have a paper to print my thoughts about healthcare, welfare, food stamps, social security … I could go on for days.

The system is so backwards. People who need help not getting it, people taking advantage that do get them selling food stamps for things other than food – abusing the system in every way !!!

I believe this stems from alcohol and drug abuse – period!!!!! Stores accepting food stamps in return for half the money … Let’s say a person has $200 in food stamps – store owners will give $100 to an addicted person and keep the other $100 for profit.

Without a doubt that same store owner would want to press charges if that homeless addicted person stole a sandwich. A thief is a thief is a thief. Just like your article … a slumlord is a slumlord is a slumlord !!!

The drug problem to not only illegal drugs but worse with the legal ones – people getting prescriptions for 280 oxycodone a month is crazy !! Don’t get me wrong. There are people with terminal illnesses who need medication, but when you have a 20 year old with back pain, that’s just insane!!

People should be held accountable for the over-prescribing [of prescription drugs]. Mark my words – the economy would be much better off. Let’s face it – usually a drug addict does not hold a job. So they get Mass Health, food stamps, free cell phones etc… Which in turn robs the single working moms or families that work but still can’t make ends meet from getting help!!!!!

Get the drug problem under control! That’s that! If you get benefits, be required to get drug tested!!!

Just a thought …

Also, again, kudos for the slumlord article. Shame on them [Worcester City Councilor Konstantina Lukes and Jim Lukes]!!!!!

Robin Generelli
via the Internet