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Claude Dorman, 38 Sever St., Worcester = the Wonderland blogger = litigious idiot

By Rosalie Tirella

Here are two posts written by Claude Dorman, 38 Sever St. Worcester, MA – the Wonderland blogger. We feel you should attach the vile name to the vile writer. But before we post them I want to say: I hope the judge did not buy the crap Claude Dorman, 38 Sever St. layed on him yesterday in the Worcester Court house, when he claimed that the world is stalking poor old Claude. Dorman, who is in his late 40s early 50s, WANTS TO damage/destroy people. He has admitted to his blog readers that he has his website covered with spy ware and that he can trace all anonymous comments to their writers and that even if you erase your comments, he can still call them up. In other words Claude Dorman has kept records of everyone who has crossed his vile blog. And he will repost to destroy a person, if necessary.

He’s worse than the FBI.

Claude Dorman has harassed Bob Bourassa to death, corrupted Google searches of various people in the city to ruin their reputations, lied about local businesses on Craig’s List, said the NOLA festival drew only about 150 people when 1,000 tickets were sold. He is Worcester’s #1 psychopath.

No, Claude, you lied to the judge yesterday. YOU DO MEAN via your posts to destroy, to put people out of business, to defame, libel. You LIED in court! It wasn’t all in jest! That is why you had poor Paul Colyer just sitting staring at your back porch, staring at your mom’s place, staring at her door buzzer for Cripe’s sake. Four years of your harassment lead Paulie to the brink! And of course, you took everyone to court, gummed up the judicial system, for your sick games.

The entire city now knows you go beyond mere blogging, that you go behind the scenes to do even more damage to people you hate (just ask former city councilor Dennis Irish – a nice guy you slammed via a negative-letter writing campaign). And so, you vindictive prick, here is your blog post (2 actually) , with your real name attached to them.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Got a Sneaky Feeking?

By Claude Dorman, 38 Sever St. Worcester, MA aka Wonderland blog

There’s plenty of interesting information about the anonymity issue on the Electronic Frontier Foundation site.

Seems some of you are quite surprised to find out that you’re being tracked when you visit Worcester Wonderland. Why? You all do it. Some even parade their stats like medals.

Otta tell ya I’ve got some pretty snazzy software and scripts that yield tons of technical info on visitors – goes beyond simple logging scripts, even read serial numbers. Something pretty hard to mask. I even put Hot Flash Cookies on your drive. Really pesky critters. Can’t get rid of em easily. Some stuff goes deeper. But that’s top secret. Scary eh? Not really. Imagine what the US Gov uses? Now that’s really scary.

Word of advice. If ya don’t like what ya see here, then buzz off. Don’t like sarcasm – nobody’s forcing you to visit. You have a choice. Pretty simple huh?

Don’t like our opinions, ignore us. Got something to add or correct, post a comment. Don’t cost nuttin. What’s blogging about anyway? And if ya wanna a pissing contest – fine. But be prepared to take a lump or two. Remember these rules: Rule 1: Be coherent. Rule 2: Be coherent. Rule 3: Be coherent.

And please don’t go doing any meltdowns here, all your comments are stored, even if you think you deleted them yourself. They just might come back to haunt you. Wouldn’t be pretty for your precious reputations. I got some good ones from former blogging buddy aka Harry Tembenis, who did the meltdown of all meltdowns. Got all that recorded. Interesting reading.

And then there’s Brendan Melican’s meltdown – a psychopath masquerading as a sociopath. Talk about vile. Whew! All his comments were recorded. Heck of a collection. Maybe I oughta post the really vile ones.

Welcome to Wusta!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

MA – 2011 Job Growth Competitive Effect

By Claude Dorman

So what the heck is the chart telling you?

In many ways, individual U.S. states are like 50 laboratories where differing public policy, industry focus, and economic development strategies are tried and tested. Different approaches yield different results and some states become more competitive – gaining a larger share of total job creation — while others struggle and lose share, according to authors Robison and Sentz.

So where are MA’s job growth competitive advantages?
Education, technology and health.

Where are Worcester’s job growth competitive advantages?
Bars, package stores, and publishing.

On the trail of Wonderpoop OR …

By Rosalie Tirella

… Do two butt-wipes = 1 mega butt-wipe?

A week or two ago I was given a clue: Wonderland blogger = Claude Dorman, 38 Sever St., Worcester.

As you may know, if you’ve been reading us, the Wonderland blogger ass-wipe has lied about InCity Times’ circulation, the number of drop off sites for InCity Times, and its webstats. Trying to destroy my business – just as he has tried to destroy local developer Paulie C. of the NOLA  Jazz Festival fame, Harry T.,  Billy R  (biz folks who actually accomplish something in this town) – is something I will NOT tolerate.

Par for the course: Wondershit has libeled everybody! From former Mayor Joe O’Brien, former City Councilor Barbara Haller, City Councilor Kate Toomey, the Worcester City Council, all local biz associations, all of the good people of Worcester, Wonderpoop has pooped on them all. Libeled, defamed, etc. He is brutal with every city gal/guy who crosses his misanthropic path … but I digress.

This Wonderland butthole has become my “white whale,”  the whale (will – ww = white whale) I intend to pursue to the depths of hell. Who would have thunk hell would skirt the edges of Elm Park – 38 Sever St., home to a guy as loathsome as Wondershit. OR: Wonderhsit?

I have made a ton of calls, etc and decided:

1. This butthole may indeed be the butthole (Wonderpoop) we have been tracking for weeks …


2. this butt hole – Claude Dorman of 38 Sever St. – may be any entirely different, unique butthole. However, Dorman could be as big a butthole as the butthole we have been tracking for weeks!

This leads me to think (and fear): My, God, can Worcester actually be home to TWO MEGA buttholes?!!

Can this medium-sized city actually contain two horrific people with out-sized HATRED for everything WUSTA?

So, what I’ve learned about Claude, who fills me with a sick “Wonder”!

* Claude Dorman is called “Stormin’ Dorman” by the Worcester Police Department. Claude, the dear, called the Worcester Police on his Becker College neighbors (he and his wife Cignan live across the street from Becker) 79 times in ONE day! 79 times! In one day! Just last month he was involved with the police again!

They can’t stand him.

* Claude Dorman lives next door to former Worcester City Councilor Dennis Irish – and made his life hell. They do no even say hello to each other in passing – not even a nod of recogniton. Why? Because a while ago Irish got a tax abatement on his property and Claude Dorman wanted one, too. He went to Irish asking for one and Irish did the correct work and Dorman didn’t get the abatement. Well, in a fit of rage, Dorman wrote to all city council folks to tell them what a piece of poop Irish was. Lies and more lies. Libeled Irish up and down! Then Dorman reapplied and lied to the hilt on his application. City folks were hoping Cluade would be sued for the lies on his abatement application.

* A few years ago, as a leader in the Elm Park neighborhood, Claude Dorman got into a horrible feud with Bob Bourassa, then a web guy who lived in the city. Well, he gave Bourassa such a bad time that Bourrassa, left the area and disconnected his telephone number and email address.

The word on the street: Oh, God, not Claude Dorman!

Claude, the guy looks normal, but he is utterly vicious, utterly evil … sick … .

* The Telegram and Gazette threw Claude Dorman off their website. Seems Claude’s comments were so creepy and hate filled (a la Wonderland blogger) the T & G web moderators had to get rid of him (and they let almost anything go!). The T & G traced the ultra crappy comments to CLAUDE DORMAN, there are tons of people who saw the “proof.”

Is it any wonder that Claude has his home covered with cameras? To spy on his neighbors? To protect himself from people who hate him?

Poor Paulie! He has been outside Claude’s house taking photos, just staring at the guy’s lair … .

Paule, I told Paulie, you’re stalking the guy!

I don’t care! Paulie says! He has taken tons of pictures of my house and posted them on his website!

And Wonderpoop has!

Paulie said a Google search of him and his festival is loaded with slurs and lies about him written by Wonderland. It is something he hopes his darling Ma never has to see!

What about the musicians who are thinking of joining NOLA? And they do a quick Google search and see all the lies Wondershit has written about Paulie and his festival/biz?

The way Paulie sees it, sitting outside Claude’s house is nothing compared to Wondershit’s relentless stalking of Paulie for yearts. This is why Paulie sits in his car outside Claude Dorman’s house in the dead of winter, just staring … .

Paulie, believes Wondershit is Claude Dorman.

And Wondershit has done a number on Paulie! But we all know the truth: Paulie has helped turn around Worcester’s Piedmont ‘hood. Thanks to him, it’s ;ooking so much better! There are revitalized three deckers (Paulie’s he lives in one!), a repaved Chandler Street, new bike stands along Chandler Street, potted plants, a summer jazz festival on Chandler Street that draws hundreds and hundreds of folks from all over New England and, thanks to Pualie and pals, SMOC did not relocate to the MLK building, practically right across the street from Paulie’s house. All the homeless folks SMOC helps need help. But they should not be a stone’s throw from Park Ave and a neighborhood on the upswing.

More on Claude Dorman later … .