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Here it is! Photo of Worcester Wonderland blogger Claude Dorman!

By Rosalie Tirella

Wow! What a loser! Tall dufus on the left – that’s Claude Dorman,  our “anonymous” Worcester Wonderland blogger. Could he look any worse?! He’s got an I’m-so-full-of-myself, shit-eating grin on his puss … the kind of  facial expression that repels children and small animals. Wonderland (Will WW)  pokes fun of everyone’s looks but, truth be told, he is the unhippest cat in town! My God! Look at that outfit! He’s wearing a Rick Santorum vest! He looks like Rick Santorum!!!!

Funny … Claude had dumped Paulie’s head into a trash can and photo shopped everyone to death – yet take a good look at this cyber bully! He’s just a big nerd! This is a 2005 photo of  Will WW. People in the know say Claude has aged poorly – he looks really crappy these days. Wifey Cigran is to the left of him.

The Wizard of Claude! Remove the curtain from Will WW, author of Worcester Wonderland blog, and what have you got? Just some BIG NERD who looks perfectly … Claude Dormanish!

Please, America! Buy this house! Do Worcester, MA, a HUGE favor!

38 Sever St Worcester MA 01609 Home for sale - MLS #71364362

Anyone (anybody with dough,of course), please, please, please, please, PUH-LEAZE buy the home of Worcester’s biggest liar/creep: Claude Dorman. For years he has made the lives of Worcesterites … creepy via his website, Worcester Wonderland. Writing anonymously as Will WW, Claude has falsely accused people of sexual crimes, alcoholism, etc. We, the good people of Worcester, want Claude OUT! OUT! OUT! OUT!

If you buy Claude’s home, we will work to furnish one room with lovely furniture! Absolutely free!

If you have a dog, we will try to build your canine companion a lovely DOG HOUSE!

Because Claude Dorman has been outed, he is in Worcester’s Dog House – and wants to leave!

Go with God, as my Grandma used to say.

How did such a low-life (Claude/Will WW) get to live in a great house like this? A low-life who hated his next door neighbors, waged war on the little college across the way, set up cameras to safeguard his home/spy on his neighbors. He didn’t even recycle! The entire Elm Park neighborhood rejoices at old Claude Dorman’s eventual departure. They will all, like the Munchkins of Munchkin Land, finally Come Out, Come Out.

The Wicked Witch of the West Side will be gone!


Please! Worcester needs a nice person living at 38 Sever St. We Munchkins have suffered for so long!

Yes, the price is inflated, but if you offer Claude Dorman cash (via a lower price tag) I am certain Claude will take the money and RUN!

Here are the stats:


: 4


Single Family

: Victorian

38 Sever St Worcester, MA 01609

NOTE: Historic Elm Park district.

Restored 1890 Queen Anne.

Eight rooms: 4 bedrooms, foyer with grand staircase, dining room, living room, parlor with pocket doors. Kitchen with appliances, built-ins, breakfast area. Pantry with sink and built-ins.

Tin ceilings!!!

 New mahogany, oak and tiled floors. Custom moldings.

Six fireplaces, three plumbed for gas!!!

Porches and brick patio. Walk-up attic. Full basement.

Alarm system. (Of course!!)

Recent heating system. Recent roofs. Insulated. 200 AMP.

38 Sever St Worcester MA 01609 Home for sale - MLS #71364362

38 Sever St Worcester MA 01609 Home for sale - MLS #71364362

The kitchen is a bit busy for my taste, but you can rip stuff out, if you need to! We will help you!

Once again please PLEASE buy the home of Worcester Wonderland blogger Claude Dorman.

Prizes galore!

A mini-tour of Worcester Wonderland blogger, Claude Dorman’s house …

… the house (was it ever really a “home”?)  that Claude-o is trying to unload. Here is a mini-tour of old Claude’s lair. Where does he do his trashing? We hear he doesn’t put out garbage/recyle, yet his digs look pretty clean. Actually TOO clean. Fastidious old Claude.

38 Sever St Worcester MA 01609 Home for sale - MLS #71364362

38 Sever St Worcester MA 01609 Home for sale - MLS #71364362

38 Sever St Worcester MA 01609 Home for sale - MLS #71364362

38 Sever St Worcester MA 01609 Home for sale - MLS #71364362

Worcester Wonderland blogger, Claude Dorman, says: Buh bye, 38 Sever St.!

By Rosalie  Tirella

… AND We (speaking on behalf of the good people of Worcester) say GOOD RIDDANCE to you, Claudie!

Yup! Claude Dorman, Worcester Wonderland blogger, Will WW, is pulling up stakes and heading down that steep and bumpy road to ????!

But first he has to sell his camera-covered abode!


We DO want to help Worcester Wonderland blogger Claude D. sell his home! The home from which he called the WPD police 74 times in one day on Becker College kids. The home from which he wrote lies about contractor Bob Bourassa, accusing him of sexual crimes, etc; the home from which he dissed his district councilor Barb Haller, the home to which he attached dozens of  HUGE surveillance cameras, the home to his three putty cats whom (as hostages, no doubt!) he forced into various and sundry weirdo Christmas costumes!

Au revoir, mon ami! 

Gentle readers, you can keep abreast of the Claude moving situation via the reactivated Claude Dorman blog:


We believe Dorman’s blogging (4 years of shitting on the good people of Worcester) has proved too much for him. It was OK when no one knew who Will WW was. But now that he is outed and folks know where he lives, Claude needs to move. Coward! Do you see me moving? Or Paulie C? Or Jeremy? Or any blogger/reporter in town? Does any reporter/blogger in town take such ridiculous steps? No! 

Claude, why didn’t you just buy yourself a 100-lb German shepherd dog?

Claude Dorman, Worcester Wonderland blogger aka “The Wizard of Claude”!

By Rosalie Tirella

Yesterday, after reading Claude’s Dorman’s blog, Worcester Wonderland, I thought: Court again!

But NOPE. There was no court date – just Dorman rehashing the court date of a few weeks ago. Claude, I guess, expected to see me and Paulie dragged off in chains that day. He didn’t. The judge dismissed the case.

So I have deleted yesterday’s blog post (unlike Claude who would a. keep it up and b. concoct even more lies – the guy is totally nutso!) to write a new post:

So now Claude Dorman has become the “Stormin’ Dorman” that the Worcester Police Department has laughed about. He is in meltdown mode and is playing out the court case he lost via his toxic blog, reframing the court events, lying about the proceedings and the people there so he can:

1. feel better about losing

2. whip up some sympathy for himself – a guy who has trashed the entire city, pissed half the city off … defamed EVERYONE he was a wee bit jealous of. People tell me has serious mental health issues.

Let’s just call him … “The Wizard of Claude”!

Last night I was texting Bill and I texted at one point: Claude thought he was Superman but we (Paulie, Harry, Bill and me) we were his Kryptonite!

A few minutes passed. Then my phone buzzes. It’s Bill with: “More like the Wizard of Claude. You were Dorothy and we were the straw man, the lion and the tin man.”


Then another buzz from Bill: “Paul is the lion. Harry the tin man. I am the scare crow.”


And so true. Here we were, the entire city really, wondering who was the almighty Wonderland? Could his magical web powers hurt us? Help us? Send us hurtling back to … Somerville or Green Island?

We – the lion, the tin man and Dorothy – went on our “little adventure” – did the work, the rersearch, suffered for our knowledge/enlightenment, had silly conversations ’round midnight …. THEN FINALLY! … We find The Wizard of Claude!

We have the magic name! Oh, my!

But who is this all powerful entity? Just old Claude Dorman, a crank who lives at 38 Sever St., right here in Worcester – a screwed-up 50-something who has salt and pepper hair and has a history of harassing and calling the police and hauling into court lots of Worcesterites.

The Wizard of Claude – just some middle-aged jamoke messing with his coumputer, some cheapo light machine – behind the big curtain of his security-camera covered home by Elm Park.

Where are my ruby slippers?

Worcester Wonderland blogger (“Will WW”) = Claude Dorman = Worcester’s #1 cyberbully!

Folks, Claude is doing to me what he did to Billy Randlell last week – mailed out a link to his website, signing my email address. This man has real issues, real anger. We are a little dumbstruck over the sheer bizzareness (immaturity??) of Claude Dorman (Will WW on his blog) – a guy who is in his early 50s, and as Billy explained – he saw him in court when he accompanied Paulie – looks like Ward Cleaver.

What Claude is doing is blatantly illegal. But we all know his history – this is his MO. Gets outed. Ratchets things up. Gets called on his BS. Ratchets it up again.

Claude Dorman has lost it since Worcester learned he is the toxic Worcester Wonderland blogger, Will WW.

BUT … if you got an email from me, re: the Wonderland blog, it is from Claude Dorman, 38 Sever St., Worcester, MA. NOT me or incity times! Please disregard.

Can’t the city do something about Claude Dorman – Worcester’s #1 cyberbully? He writes all kinds of lies on his blog; he defames people of all stripes! Why is Claude even living in Worcester? He obviously has a hate/hate relationship with everyone here.

Maybe the City of Worcester can make a difference by: not taking Claude Dorman seriously when he calls the Worcester police (74 times in one day) on Becker College students (Claude lives across the street from the college). Or whines about tax abatements on his 38 Sever St. home or demands more residential parking for CLAUDE.

Truly a dark, dark person … this Worcester Wonderland guy – Claude Dorman.

– R. Tirella

Worcester Wonderland blogger, Claude Dorman, plays the victim …

… but the truth is Dorman (writing as Will WW on his Worcester Wonderland blog) has been harassing Worcester folks for years – pulling horrible, illegal cyber stunts. He’s been outed and now he’s raging. (Stormin’ Dorman is what the WPD call him) And YES Jeremy wanted a comment from Claude re: his WoMag story – Claude gave no comment. Said nothing.

Here, from the WoMag article, is what Claude Dorman, the Worcester Wonderland blogger, has been up to these past several years. –

But before, we get to the article, here is what Claude Dorman, under the pen name Will WW, the Worcester Wonderland blogger, wrote to his website visitors (he has since deleted it from his blog – but we have the original pages). – R. Tirella

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Got a Sneaky Feeking?

By Worcester Wonderland blogger Claude Dorman, 38 Sever St. Worcester, MA aka Will WW

There’s plenty of interesting information about the anonymity issue on the Electronic Frontier Foundation site.

Seems some of you are quite surprised to find out that you’re being tracked when you visit Worcester Wonderland. Why? You all do it. Some even parade their stats like medals.

Otta tell ya I’ve got some pretty snazzy software and scripts that yield tons of technical info on visitors – goes beyond simple logging scripts, even read serial numbers. Something pretty hard to mask. I even put Hot Flash Cookies on your drive. Really pesky critters. Can’t get rid of em easily. Some stuff goes deeper. But that’s top secret. Scary eh? Not really. Imagine what the US Gov uses? Now that’s really scary.

… And please don’t go doing any meltdowns here, all your comments are stored, even if you think you deleted them yourself. They just might come back to haunt you. Wouldn’t be pretty for your precious reputations. I got some good ones from former blogging buddy aka Harry Tembenis, who did the meltdown of all meltdowns. Got all that recorded. Interesting reading.

And then there’s Brendan Melican’s meltdown – a psychopath masquerading as a sociopath. Talk about vile. Whew! All his comments were recorded. Heck of a collection. Maybe I oughta post the really vile ones.

Welcome to Wusta!
From the Womag piece on Worcester Wonderland blogger, Claude Dorman, (aka Will WW):

Claude Dorman, the Wonderland blooger who writes under Will WW:

… “By 2008 it had turned personal, the writer focusing on other bloggers, politicians and those both in the public and not-so-public realm. The blogger’s bio summed up the tone of many of his postings: “This is a blog about being amused and bemused with a city of 181,042 boring people with an exaggerated sense of self-worth. It’s really too bad they don’t have a sense of humor, it would make life bearable here.”

“I’ve just never encountered anybody who has that much interest in me,” says Paul Collyer, who found his personal life and business ventures – particularly his NOLA Festival – often the target of Will W.W.’s blog posts.

“It wasn’t just the content that riled up his targets (to the point where some, including Collyer, put out a “bounty” to unmask Will W.W.’s identity in 2011), but the anonymity of it.

” “Not content with writing about others on his own page, Will W.W. began posting insulting comments on other blogs.

“ … Tembenis, for instance, still smolders over an insulting Worcester Wonderland post that used images from an article about a Rutland horseback riding trail named in honor of his son, Elias, who died at seven years old. The post generated 22 comments, mostly derogatory towards Tembenis, and including this from Will W.W.: “Thankfully Mother Nature had the wisdom to prevent his kind from propagating.”

“That in essence shows how deranged this individual is. He posts outright lies about people and also slanders and libels, too, all in the name of being able to do so ‘anonymously,’” Tembenis adds.

“Throughout the four and a half years of this, Will W.W. took the protection of his identity a step further than a fake name: he also scrambled his computer’s IP address – the line of numbers that can identify a computer’s location and Internet provider – making it difficult for even the most tech-savvy sleuths to figure out who or where he was.

” … Dorman, who changed his phone number after his ties to Worcester Wonderland came out, had no comment.

“Dorman has a history of targeting others anonymously, even appearing in a Worcester Magazine article in 2007 for ousting a rival member of a neighborhood association, Robert Bourassa, by using pseudonymous online threats and postings to attack his business and personal reputation (“Neighbor to Neighbor Disfavor: A grudge sparks a change of leadership in the Elm Park Association,” May 17, 2007).

” “The malicious, unwarranted and slanderous attacks on my business and personal reputation by Claude Dorman under the guise of various identities and the lies he has spread have devastated my contracting business, forcing me to close and putting me in a severe financial hardship,” Bourassa wrote in a letter to members of the Lincoln Estates – Elm Park Neighborhood Association before his final meeting. “As such, I can no longer afford to remain where I live.”

“Before stepping down, however, Bourassa filed a lawsuit against Dorman and his wife, Kunigunde Cigan, in February 2008, citing criminal harassment, stalking, attempted extortion, false use of names or organizations and violations of right to peace and privacy, among others.

” “Defendants have engaged in a now twenty month long campaign of harassment of Plaintiff and Plaintiff’s businesses,” read the complaint. “There is no question the course of action, no doubt the intent, no question the harm.”

“Elsewhere in the complaint, Bourassa provided claims that Dorman used various IP addresses to flag Bourassa’s web design and contractor business advertisements on Craigslist – 673 times for 164 ads – causing them all to be removed. He also charged Dorman for creating the elmparkneighbors.net website (to closely mimic the neighborhood association’s elmparkneighbors.org), where he posted Bourassa’s financial and personal information – some of it obtained, Bourassa charged, by intercepting his mail. Dorman used fake names to send harassing and threatening emails to Bourassa through the websites he managed and posted poor reviews of his businesses on websites and online forums.

” ” … Collyer says he and other targets of Will W.W. are entertaining the idea of a lawsuit, especially since there’s worn ground after Bourassa’s complaint.

“They’ve gone out of their way to hurt my festival,” says Collyer.

” “Dorman has really gone out of his way to financially hurt people,” Collyer says …

” … Collyer says he hasn’t crossed the same line that Dorman has.

“That thing [the alter ego Claude-Dorman website, which has since been taken down] has been up for four or five days,” he says, comparing that to four and half years of Worcester Wonderland.

” “It shows we are dealing with evil cats and one who has a history of this type of harassment going back years,” he adds. “This is no longer about opinion and discussion, it is about harassment against many.”

Wonderland being outed (what it means) and my car insurance

By Rosalie Tirella

I called my insurance company this a.m. My car insurance is all paid up, I told the girl, so what’s up with Claude Dorman, aka Worcester Wonderland blooger’s comment? Would you even speak to this cretan?

She said, NO! we would never speak to the cretan Claude! You’re OK! Then she added: The only way someone would know about your insurance is to HACK into a database.

Who would do that, you ask?

Claude Dorman, the Worcester Wonderland blogger, of course. Claude is a guy who wallows in illegal cyber activity.

Don’t worry, gentle readers, Paul and Bill will have their two cases against Claude Dorman heard in our grand new Worcester courthouse soon. 

And, by the way, how many people do we know have cameras the size of Claude’s (see left of this photo of his 38 Sever St. home) mounted to their house?

Maybe it’s to compensate for his miniscule penis.

And, by the way, now whenever Will of Wonderland posts, half the city will know it’s Claude Dorman. Will Tony Economou see those big Will WW/Claude graphs? What about Beth Proko? Will Will continue to call City Councilor Joe O’Brien (who reads this blog) a socialist/communist? Will Will diss the city’s colleges now that we know HIS SISTER works at WPI?

Let ol’ Worcester Wonderland express his toxic opinions. Now everyone knows it’s ol’ Claude Dorman. And Claude will have to live with the consequences, like every other blogger/journalist in town who speaks his/her mind via a public platform.


Great news …

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