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Reimagining Worcester, Part 2: Academic Retention

By Jim May

First, just a few comments from the feedback I’ve received. Respecting the Blackstone River in Part 1 was also about the need to reconnect with it mentally to better understand how the City was shaped by it over the centuries. Worcester isn’t going to build some kind of inland waterway garden zone if the water’s not clean first. There can be no Canal Project without a water project of some magnitude. And when you’re thinking about Boston pipeline disaster that happened this week, it should be well noted by Worcesterites that we own our water supplies. There’s value to clean water. We take it for granted, and we shouldn’t.

Second, the Worcester sewer plant (aka Upper Blackstone Abatement Plant) is in violation of the Clean Water Act. The City is in danger of a losing big in a lawsuit for polluting the Blackstone River, Narragansett Bay and several towns and cities along the way. Continue reading Reimagining Worcester, Part 2: Academic Retention