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InCity Voices: Speaking out on my son’s addiction

By Robin Generelli

Thanks again for letting people speak on topics that need to be addressed.

Again, love your paper [InCity Times] … a paper about … telling the truth about things!! In my last email I said I could go on for days about all that I think is backwards….. So here it is:

Most important to me are my thoughts on addiction an enormous problem across this country and the world. I’m so tired of being told this makes money.

ok yeah to some extent it does to the doctors who do the prescribing, charging the health insurance companies for office visits that probably lasted just long enough to write the prescriptions the ones causing all the problems in the first place!?!?!?

In turn people becoming addicted… What happens next: these addicts lives are turned upside down. Life becomes unbearable, then they are referred to a psych doc who then gets his money for the visit, prescribes more drugs for anxiety… Xanax…Seroquil for sleep…the list goes on.

What a joke!!! The last thing an addict needs is more drugs.

So you’re thinking: How do you know this?

This is my life. I lived this mess. My son had surgery at age 18, was given oxycodone – the devil I call it. S

Soon addicted he went from a caring good kid with a huge heart to an addict that quick.

It’s like buying a loaf of bread at the corner store – that’s how easy it is to get this crap.

How does this happen? Went to rehab only to be prescribed more meds – huge friggin joke! Then oh it’s a psych issue, they say. Ha! My son is an addict whose life became out of control in the first place because of prescription drugs – not needing more drugs – and certainly not needing an excuse from some psych doc wanting to make excuses for his behavior.

My son was a happy, loving, caring kid who has a beautiful family, a mom and dad who give the world to all our children: hugs, kisses, care, support. Our children are the most important things to us. Other than probably being too spoiled (not a good thing) there is no excuse, except for the fact he has an addiction and needs to take reposibility for it.

I know we are not the only family dealing with this demon of addiction.

Many many families are in the same boat drifting down this river of complete insanity.

What next? you ask. No job … getting Mass Health ect… Are you kidding! Maybe they should focus more on recovery programs, a good DRUG-FREE rehab. Hey! That’s an idea!

One of the so called rehabs my son attended – a three day stay (a joke) leaving with more prescriptions(totally insane). He had all his belonging stolen – brand new clothes mind you! I have a friend who works there, and she laughed telling stories about staff stealing cigarettes, clothes, money ect from clients. TRAGIC.

Mass health pays for this?

Ask any E. R. [hospital emergency room] worker about the regulars. Yes, the regulars addicted, alcoholic, homeless (which is usually the case when addiction becomes bad enough) who are picked up by ambulance (how much is an ambulance ride?). A stay in the E. R. (thousand at least) only to do the same thing the next day. All on your pocketbook!! Mass Health – I mean ok – your pockets is really the truth.

So just a thought: have places that these people can go to for a year if needed if that’s what it takes to get well.

Teach life skills.

Help with jobs ect.

In the long run, it would be a cheaper way! Cheaper than an ambulance ride and er visit daily? Crime would go down, I’d bet my life on it.

So my son going from addict to convict – this is what usually occurs – doesn’t seem surprising. Receives tattoos and more prescriptions in jail. Are you kidding me?! Is this seem crazy to anyone but me?

Quick story. One November night I was going to visit, something I hardly do because its so hard to see my child in this situation. Just so depressing.

Again freezing cold night, of course. I had on a coat (with a hood), was told I had to put my coat in the car because of the hood. Are you kidding? I said. I probably would have been nicer but usually you get the you’re-a-scumbag attitude from the staff there. (Not all I have to add – some staff are very nice). Gee, I said that’s hilarious. My son gets better drugs in here and tattoos from neck to waist, but my hood is a threat.

The reply was that’s not supposed to happen?!?!?!? No kidding, Sherlock! But it does. How?

No response – that’s what I usually get when I confront people about this stuff. And by the way gabapentin ( not sure of the spelling). Is a jailhouse favorite jonnies the slang in jail widely prescribed in there. What a joke – ask any addict that’s been in jail. Mention jonnies and they laugh – you do get high on them. A suboxone goes for $100 a whack for one. Gee sounds like a good gig to me – crooked workers making an extra buck selling to inmates.

Just want to set things straight. Not all guards do this crap. I have friends – the most honest, upstanding guys who are guards never would dream to do such things. But dishonest crooked people exist in every part of society! My son has to pay the price for the things he’s done – ABSOLUTELY!

But make a difference – do not add to the problem.

Programs in jail should be required for every inmate – period!

editor’s note: Robin is a faithful ICT reader!

It’s disconcerting to hear, from people on the streets …

By Rosalie Tirella

… that Worcester has a bit of a crack cocaine epidemic. You would think being one of the heroin capitals of New England would be enough. But no. It seems when you’ve got one, you’ve got the other.

You’re kidding! I said to a Main South pal. I thought crack cocaine went out with the 1980s!

Not so. My friend told me the city streets are full of it. It is highly addictive and it does serious, serious damage to the heart. He knows a person who has kicked heroin and now goes to the methadone clinic.

Horray! I said. Drug-free!

Nope, said my friend. The person just goes out into the Main South streets and scores some crack cocaine to feed the crack addiction. The person does this a few days before going to the methadone clinic, in order to give “clean” urine at the methadone clinic. It seems to work. Not one urine sample has come up cocaine-tainted at the methadone clinic. The person goes to therapy and is working with Mass Rehab.

I really can’t see this person becoming a productive member of Worcester society, yet the drug rehab system and our social services seem to carry that person along.

A bit of a farce, courtesy of the taxpayer.

But what can we do? Drugs are built to be addictive. Recovery is never easy, a one-step process. Users relapse and relapse. And all the drug use has kept them from experiencing the highs of a normal, workaday life.

No one wants to see anyone die. We want to save each other. It’s the way the human heart works.

But something went kerflewey on the road to recovery. Does Worcester have enough detox beds? Why can’t people who are getting government disability checks do something to earn them? Like pick up litter in the streets or make sure our war veteran memorials are clean and honor our heroes or help beautify our city and state parks?

In the 1930s President Roosevelt gave struggling Americans a helping hand. My grandfather was one of them. But he had to do a job, he had to pick up garbage to earn his government check. He was a garbage man. A G Man. A Polish immigrant, he was no stranger to hard work. He did his job well. Then he got a job at a textile mill in Dudley where he worked for the rest of his life and proudly joined the union, thanks again to President Roosevelt.

I don’t think FDR would be too pleased with the way people are ruining their lives, their neighborhoods, their cities. He was a compassionate man, but a smart, tough individual, too. He would be at his bully pulpit demanding a hike in the federal minimum wage. He, being a master politician, would make it happen, too.

But he’d brook no bull shit from drug addicts.

Attention must be paid!

ICT letter to editor: Addicted to InCity Times!

Hi, Rosalie!

Well, I have an addiction myself to InCity Times!! You stand up for things most people would be afraid to speak of, let alone put in print. Kudos to you!!!!

I myself have a lot to say about many things. Unfortunately, I don’t have a paper to print my thoughts about healthcare, welfare, food stamps, social security … I could go on for days.

The system is so backwards. People who need help not getting it, people taking advantage that do get them selling food stamps for things other than food – abusing the system in every way !!!

I believe this stems from alcohol and drug abuse – period!!!!! Stores accepting food stamps in return for half the money … Let’s say a person has $200 in food stamps – store owners will give $100 to an addicted person and keep the other $100 for profit.

Without a doubt that same store owner would want to press charges if that homeless addicted person stole a sandwich. A thief is a thief is a thief. Just like your article … a slumlord is a slumlord is a slumlord !!!

The drug problem to not only illegal drugs but worse with the legal ones – people getting prescriptions for 280 oxycodone a month is crazy !! Don’t get me wrong. There are people with terminal illnesses who need medication, but when you have a 20 year old with back pain, that’s just insane!!

People should be held accountable for the over-prescribing [of prescription drugs]. Mark my words – the economy would be much better off. Let’s face it – usually a drug addict does not hold a job. So they get Mass Health, food stamps, free cell phones etc… Which in turn robs the single working moms or families that work but still can’t make ends meet from getting help!!!!!

Get the drug problem under control! That’s that! If you get benefits, be required to get drug tested!!!

Just a thought …

Also, again, kudos for the slumlord article. Shame on them [Worcester City Councilor Konstantina Lukes and Jim Lukes]!!!!!

Robin Generelli
via the Internet

To defeat Rush Street Gaming …

By Rosalie Tirella

Now is the time for:


Door to door education/outreach. Let folks know this is a big box Walmart type building filled with slot machines. Nothing more. I mean really nothing more if Allen Fletcher and the Canal District biz folks kill the two restaurants and spa slated to go there. This is not a full service casino, this gambling Walmart slated for the Wyman Gordon site. There is no attached hotel, shopping mall, concert venue a la Mohegan Sun or Foxwoods. Let’s not delude ourselves: The building will look like a Walmart – a big box store, with a few frilly flourishes. Cheap, low end. It won’t fool anyone.

Tell folks the truth about Rush Street Gaming and how they run their businesses, their other slots parlors. They are now pressuring their full time slots employees in other cities to ACCEPT BUYOUTS and ALL THE FULL TIME JOBS ARE BEING TURNED INTO PART-TIME JOBS.

The money, billions of dollars, Rush Street Gaming makes goes to Chicago, their headquarters. It does not get plowed back into the local economy, the way local small businesses put their earnings back into local economy. Remember: ALL THE STATE LOTTERY MONEY GOES BACK TO MA CITIES AND TOWNS. Not so with Rush Street Gaming.

The Rush reps we are meeting are SALESPEOPLE. They are not economic development experts. They do not care what happens to our city. They are salespeople, smooth talking and attractive, pushing their product, a slots parlor. To make billions of dollars.

They are betting on Woo’s desperateness. They know our factories are gone. They know we aren’t a Boston or Providence. That there are major gaps in our employment picture They have done their research and see: RUBES. We may think we can out-negotiate them, but we lose IF WE GET A SLOTS PARLOR. Even if we get a fake canal, some part time jobs, etc we still LOSE.

Worcester is a big family town. We don’t do adult entertainment. We do soccer, little league, church, schools … . NOT SLOTS.

Mailings need to go out to every Woo household! Mailings that detail how stupid slots are for Woo. Show folks the truth.

PUSH FOR A $10,000 ADVERTISING LIMIT FOR GAMING GUYS. Otherwise, they will plow hundreds of thousands of dollars into a gambling advertising blitz. Stop their bull shit advertising campaign in its tracks.

Have meetins in churches, schools, halls of all sorts to Stop Slots.

Let’s have all the factions who have said no MOBILIZE THEIR PEOPLE. Sarai Rivera and Mary Keefe – inner city folks/Latinos. Father Madden – the Catholics in town. Harriet Chandler – the Jewish community, etc.

InCity Times will continue to urge Worcesterites TO VOTE NO SLOTS. In the paper and on this website.

The battle has begun. We cannot let up for one second – until AFTER THE REFERENDUM HAS BEEN HELD

THIS JUST IN! Wyman Gordon site: worst possible site for slots parlor

By Edith Morgan

I am a “Johnny-come-lately” to this discussion of the locating of the slots  at the Wyman-Gordon site.

I have to confess that I believe that this site is the worst possible site for such a business. We have all heard the arguments about the evils of gambling, the encouragement of a deadly habit on the part of those who can ill afford it, and the concomitant crime and degradation which often accompany the establishment of such a facility.  We have also heard the argument that it will bring some quick cash into the city, at a time when it is badly needed. And it will put something in the place of an unused, polluted ugly piece of property.

But let us look carefully at this location: have you all ever driven through Kelly Square, even when it is not rush hour? Many of us have gotten through there on a wing and a prayer, to get to I290, or the Senior Center, the Girls’ Club, or Worcester Academy. I know there are plans to reconfigure this area, but even if traffic is improved, there are so many destinations in that part of our city that will still have to be accessed by that route, that adding traffic from a facility whose sole purpose is to pull coins out of the pockets of visitors is not adding to the improvement of this area.

There HAVE to be better uses of that piece of property: Deb Cary of Mass Audubon has suggested several. And I am sure that the many citizens working on the Canal district projects and the improvements of Green Street’s business improvements have ideas.  Do we really have to sacrifice the Green Island area for a short-term gain of some dubious tax money? Worcester has always been known  as a city of neighborhoods, each with its own distinctive style. Green Island may not be rich in cash, but it is home to much history and ethnic diversity. The present bad times, brought on by the injudicious ( and sometimes even criminal) investment of banks and other greedy entities, cannot last forever, though it should have been over some time ago. 

Let us take the longer view, and not be for sale to the first, or highest bidder. We ought to have learned something from the destruction wrought by the way I290 was allowed to slice right through the city without regard to neighborhoods and businesses, killing the heart of the city, just to get through it fast…

I have been to Foxwoods and Mohegan – both are located way out in the country, away from population centers. They include eating places, hotels, and shopping malls, and are not connected  to the surrounding towns. Both are full-service gambling establishments, offering live entertainment as well as many different kinds of games, not just slot machines… They are basically separate countries, with their own police forces, small Indian nations sitting in the midst of the State of Connecticut. What we are being offered  is a pure and simple mass of slot machines, offering nothing more than just an opportunity to lose money .

Do we really want to sell out our city for such a short gain , sacrifice this area because we have not the foresight to see what this will do to Green Island? Are we really so greedy for some quick tax dollars that we can not see beyond the immediate future? Does money really trump all other values now? And is this the best that our city , the cradle of so much creativity and independent thought, can come up with for this property?


Casino gambling numbers don’t add up

New report cites harm to local aid and tax base as reasons against casinos

A new report says predatory gambling proposals in Massachusetts will hurt local aid to towns and cities and divert millions in discretionary income from the state and its taxpayers.

The report also says that predatory casinos and slot machines will push more people deeper into personal debt, burdening social service networks and taxpayers. Continue reading Casino gambling numbers don’t add up