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So when I see Worcester Chief Economic Development Officer Tim McGourthy, I’ll …







… have something to talk about. What I’m reading now (under my bedroom chair, top book on my read-this-stuff-first pile of books): THE DEATH AND LIFE OF AMERICAN CITIES, by Jane Jacobs. An old book (a classic) that’s written with such ballsy flare it just carries you along! I feel like I’m right there in Boston’s North End with ol’ Jane. Or in Greenwich Village chatting away with this chatty gal! I have only just begun this tome, but what Jacobs says makes good sense: The denser and more complex and diverse (economically, socially, racially, etc) a neighborhood is – the BETTER! Poor people, factories, bakeries, shops, rich folks – mix ’em all together – it makes a city so lively! The more intimate, the better!

Readers of this blog may have seen the photo I posted of the City Manager’s Housing Report, the photo of the report unceremoniously stuffed into a box, stuck between my oak bureaus. Sorry, city leaders, but the report is just so uninviting, so difficult to read … . Bureaucrat speak all the way! We are waiting for the Readers Digest version to come out – not the city’s executive summary that was also given to me – but something readable, something the people of Woo can enjoy in their local laundromat. But until then, it’s Jane Jacobs …

– Rosalie Tirella


ALSO: Agenda for Worcester City Council meeting – Tuesday, August 20 , City Hall, Main Street. Meeting begins at 6 p.m. To see agenda, click here!

Worcester City Council agenda for Tuesday, Jan. 22, and a song for City Manager Mike O’Brien

Meeting begins at 7 p.m., at City Hall, Main Street, downtown Worcester. Click on link below:  R. T.


City Manager Mike O’Brien’s report to the city council. Click on link below:


At some point, City Manager Mike “The world is my oyster, right?” O’Brien will take time out to tell the City Council what a big hit the Ice Oval is. Click on link below to see what he will present/say to the council (go to tool bar and hit 100% to enlarge the font.) Especially galling: O’Brien crows that he has gifted the lower classes with a free skating day now and then on the Ice Oval so Worcester Public School students can skate on THEIR and THEIR PARENTS’ common! Elm Park and other schools have taken advantage of  O’Brien’s special days for poor kids. Noblesse oblige, courtesy of Worcester’s very own Ebeneezer Scrooge.

Strong-mayor movement NOW!


Song for City Manager Mike O’Brien. Click on link below: