Connect with Worcester City Hall if you want changes in our city🌇! … + ANIMALS ARE NOT OUR PROPERTY – with zero rights! They are alive! They feel feelings! ANIMAL RIGHTS – like human/civil rights for all people! – now!


By Dorrie Maynard

Worcester City Hall, located on Main Street, in downtown Worcester♥️ file pic: Rose T.

While driving home the other day, I noticed that both sides of nearby Berkshire Street (off Highland), had new parking signs installed on both sides of the street that state: Only Residents Can Park on both sides of the street during certain times.

I was so excited I went
home and called the customer service department of the City of Worcester and asked them when my street would be done over in the same fashion.

They informed me that it isn’t scheduled to be done. When I asked Why??, I was told that a resident on Berkshire Street had put in a petition to the City of Worcester to make the changes. So I asked the City worker how I could do the same because, in snow emergencies during the winter, residents in my neighborhood are supposed to be able to park on “resident only”-parking on one side of the street. This means you have to have a resident sticker (your car is insured and you pay car excise taxes to the City of Worcester – this is the only way you can get a resident car

We all know most of the students who live in the area do not have their vehicles insured or registered in the City of Worcester.

I was informed that all I had to do was submit a petition to the City, and they would in turn decide
if it would be able to be done. It is a bit of process: your petition has to be submitted with an original signature and then presented to the city and voted on.

But I am hoping and guessing that if it was done on one street over from me, there should be no reason for it to not be approved on my street. I have yet to submit the petition but knowing that I can do so is an awesome feeling! It gives me a sense of being able to get something accomplished!

Apparently, you can petition, contact the City of Worcester and fill out the appropriate paper-work to get just about anything done on our streets, sidewalks, city parks, property and rental apartments …
As long as it is done on the
appropriate form/s and submitted with an original signature.

I never knew – and I am willing to bet that some of other city property owners and residents didn’t know about this either!

In my petition, I am also requesting that a sign be placed at the end of my driveway stating
vehicles need to be parked 4 feet (or whatever the city law is) from the curb of my driveway. I
have come out several times and cars are parked over the curb – which does not allow me to be
able to swing out of my driveway – especially if there is another car parked right behind me on
the opposite side of the street.

One time, I called the City to report that a car was
blocking my driveway. They actually asked me if I needed to leave right then and there! Really!! You should be able to get out of your driveway 24/7! At the time I was taking care of an elderly friend, and I was on call 24/7. So yes, people do need access … all of us must be able to drive out of our driveways at any given time.

In conclusion: If you have an issue with the city and would like things to change, CONTACT CITY HALL! THEY WILL HELP YOU – OR POINT YOU to the right City Department. Call the City of Worcester customer service help line at 508-929-1300.

If you are not satisfied, reach out to the mayor’s office or the city manager’s office. These people are elected or hired city officials who are paid by us taxpayers. They should have the city’s people’s best interest at heart!

I think we are all looking forward to some positive changes in Worcester! It’s a grassroots effort!

Power To The People!!


This Labor Day Spare a Thought for Those Whose Labor Never Ends!

By Jennifer O’Connor

Most of us look forward to the Labor Day holiday as a welcome day of rest. But horses who pull carriages, elephants forced to give rides, and ponies who plod in endless circles at country fairs never get a day off. For them and other working animals, every day is “labor” day.

While we’re relaxing by the pool or having a picnic this weekend, horses in cities across America are pulling heavy loads for hours on end. (editor’s note: SEE THE SPENCER FAIR!!)

FOR CITY CARRIAGE HORSES (editor’s note: or Worcester inner-city liquor store magnate Bob Largesse’s KELLEY SQUARE horse drawn carriage – he works them in HOT, HUMID SUMMER WEATHER!): Breathing in exhaust fumes while toiling day in and day out is debilitating and exhausting.

Constantly pounding the hard pavement can leave horses’ joints aching and sore. Horses love to run and graze in fields, socializing with the other members of their herds!! …

And horses aren’t immune to the sweltering heat: Just last month, a horse pulling a heavy carriage in New York City collapsed near Central Park and was observed by horrified onlookers struggling on the ground – still attached to the carriage!

More caged tigers in America than in the wild! photos: PETA


Then there are the elephants trucked around the country on the summer fair circuit in fetid tractor-trailers just to give rides. (editor’s note: see the snakes, tiny baby tigers crammed into tiny cages at the Spencer Fair!) The elephants are controlled through dominance and fear — if they don’t obey, they know they will be hit or jabbed with a bullhook, a heavy baton with a sharp steel hook on one end (picture a fireplace poker).

Big cats hauled in circus truck – many die from this hellish existence! They die from the heat/cold, intense stress! They break – kill their trainers, gawkers … then they are killed/”euthanized.”

Bullhook used on elephant!!! – to hurt and terrify the innocent baby so she obeys her torturer!!!! NO WILD ANIMAL ACTS FOR WORCESTER!!! Please call our city councilors to demand – as we have for years – that such a City of Worcester ordinance is passed!

“Handlers” strike the elephants on the most sensitive parts of their bodies — behind the ears, on the face and feet — and they’re shameless about it. One eyewitness reported that an elephant in Ohio who was giving a ride with four children on her back was beaten with a bullhook until she screamed. Elephants are designed to wander over vast distances, and they love to swim and play in water! But the elephants used for rides typically spend their few nonworking hours in chains.

For exhibitors looking to make a quick buck, there are few animals easier to exploit for the task than ponies. Cheap to procure, they are hardy, stoic, calm and tremendously appealing to children. Intentionally or not, overly excited kids can be rough on ponies. They may hit or kick them or yank on their tails or manes. They can be left sore and chafed from the rough tugging on their halters all day long or from tack that’s ill-fitting or that has been improperly put on. And when the event is over, there’s little respite: They’re loaded into trucks and taken to the next venue.

Since the summer is prime earning time, horses, elephants and ponies spend days on end toiling in the scorching heat. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg: Dolphins and orcas have to perform tricks in marine parks, monkeys are forced to ride dogs while strapped to their backs at fairgrounds, calves run for their lives in rodeos, often ending up slammed to the ground, Thoroughbreds drop dead on racetracks, tiger cubs are roughly handled for photo ops, and much more. These animals have few opportunities to interact with others of their own species or engage in the activities that give their lives meaning. Their days are miserable and exhausting.

Long after a fairgoer heads for home with a souvenir photo or a tourist takes a selfie of a carriage ride, animals are still working. Those who pay to take a ride or watch animals perform in tawdry shows are directly responsible for this misery.

Please, next time, give them a break — don’t buy a ticket.




“Sail around the world in a dirty gondola …”

– Bob Dylan


Slays me every time♥️♥️♥️: