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Shit storm

By Rosalie Tirella

Re: SMOC Triage Center:

Worcester, we have a problem.

My heart goes out to Mayor Joe O’Brien, a decent, caring, person with a moral code who had to deal with a lynch mob last night at Sullivan Middle School. He was right to shut down the meeting after people went postal. All the cops stationed in the audience last night – a good thing. Angry, angry people who – when all is said and done – do NOT live next door to the proposed site for the SMOC Triage Center – the Anna Maria rest home – are on the cusp of doing something crazy. Violence may have exploded last night at Sullivan Middle School (a few days ago one resident told a woman he would set the Triage Center on fire) – errupted from all those lovely middle-income folks who believe their rose bushes and trees and cozy homes will be DESTROYED if the Triage Center is any where near their neighborhood.

These NIMBY-ites forget they are living in New England’s second largest CITY – not Holden, for Gawd’s sake! District 4’s Main South is in RECOVERY from decades of the PIP and all its challenges. I believe sending folks back to 701 Main St. will be a huge step back for a fragile inner-city neighborhood, where biz folks and residents lived/worked at only a FEW FEET from the PIP.

What do the NIMBY folks expect? For homelessness to disappear? For the agencies that help the poor/homeless to leave Worcester for some sunny Worcester suburb – with all their clients following close behind? Never. Most of these folks don’t even have $ for the bus, let alone own a car.

Where was Kevin Ksen, Cha Cha Connor and all the folks who routinely came out to defend the PIP clients? Most likely they feared for their lives … and Barbara Haller (their perceived nemesis) isn’t tied to this situation. So they won’t bitch.

Truth be told, District Councilor Bill Eddy is way out of his element. He has neither the brains, the heart nor the balls to deal with what’s been shoved onto his plate – a true, big city problem.

Mayor O’Brien actually has the chops for all this, but people don’t listen.

They don’t want to listen.