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A few days ago I visited gal pal Aimee at her store, CLAYGROUND, 65 James St. …

… Aimee and her customers are making such BEAUTIFUL things at CLAYGROUND …Check out Aimee’s paint-your-own pottery store (James St. is off Stafford St.)! She’s an amazing artist! You’ll learn a lot! Her store’s a great way for you, your friends and/or your kids (b-day parties a specialty!) to spend a few fun hours together!

Clayground – where creativity comes to play!!!

CLICK HERE to visit Aimee’s website!

Go, Aimee, go!!!   (photos + text – R.T.)






InCity Voices: Fear No Art!

By Donna Vayo

I remember when I was a young child … I loved to color, draw, make stuff. When I was in elementary school, “arts and crafts” was my favorite class! I was one of a few students with a natural artistic talent. Art came easily to me and it was a lot of fun. My imagination could run WILD! I could express myself freely through my art.

When I got to high school I met many very groovy, talented artists like myself. Art contests were very popular when I was in high school, and I won many awards and ribbons that made me feel great about myself! I loved hearing how good I was in art from my peers with whom I attended class and competed. Gym class, athletics, just weren’t for me!

Thankfully, we had an art program in school. These days, school-budget cuts have affected all extra curricular activities, such as art and music classes. It’s so important for children (and adults!) to be able to be creative. By creating something tangible and visual and not being “judged” – because there’s no “bad art” – kids/adults get to see and explore parts of themselves they may not have consciously acknowledged. Art takes them to their core … A gift!!! It’s all good! Today many public schools have few programs and Worcester’s Quinsigamond Village Community Center has closed its doors. There is no after school art programs or activities for our neighborhood kids, who may not have the money to take museum classes, etc. No fun. No socialization. No learning. NO ART!

Here’s where my latest venture comes in …

I have taught children’s art classes at the Worcester Art Museum and have owned art galleries throughout Worcester where I hosted an array of art classes for kids (and adults), as well as painted (with my friends) community murals – all over the city. “Fear no Art,” my baby, has opened in Quinsig Village, at 28 Greenwood St, here in Worcester. My shop offers art, antique and consignment. We are also offe art classes. For kids and adults. Once school begins we will have an after-school art program. ADULTS ARE ALSO INVITED to attend with their kids. They can also take their own classes.

My mission is to get our city’s children and adults out of their homes and off their computers and digital devices of all sorts! Get them out into the neighborhood creating, imagining, wondering ….

Please join me in what will prove to be a very cool trip!