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Tina Z. 🎋 parked here … WE HOPE TINA RUNS FOR CITY COUNCIL! – nice showing last election cycle, Tina!🎉🎉


Artists: Joan Baldwin, Nina Bellucci, Joan Benotti, Jennifer Day, Jenna DeLuca, Matthew Dickey, Erin Diebboll, Gary Duehr, Kevin Frances, Jan Johnson, Kelly Anona Kerrigan, Carol McMahon, Evan Morse, Chelsea Revelle, Soha Saghazadeh, Brittany Severance, Dawn Southworth

Exhibition Dates: January 17 – February 26, 2017

Exhibition locations: Schiltkamp Gallery, Traina Center for the Arts,

Clark University – 92 Downing St.

Gallery Hours: Monday -Thursday, 9-9 / Friday, 9-4 / Saturday & Sunday, 12-5

Opening reception: Wednesday January 25, 4:30 – 6

Gallery Talk with Artists:Thursday, February 9, 12-1


The word “home” can have myriad associations for each person, but on a broad archetypal level, home conjures the realm of domestic life, a household with various members, a secure dwelling, private space, and a place of sanctuary and refuge.

Home also can be seen as existing in concentric circles – the initial ring being that which encircles the individual and members of a household most closely – whether it be a private house, communal residence, apartment, dormitory, or temporary shelter – followed by larger circles of “hometown” and ever expanding associations with region, nationality, and identity.

To “feel at home” suggests a sense of belonging and comfort. But, of course, it is quite possible not to feel at home in one’s actual domicile or physical location and the concept of home may feel elusive or precarious depending on life circumstances, geography, and politics. The artists in this exhibition offer various perspectives on this universal longing for “home” – the quest for a sense of safety, peace, acceptance, and well-being.

Some of the work confronts issues of displacement and loss, while other pieces depict the simple pleasures of domestic life and the careful construction of personal space.

The potency of everyday objects and the memories they trigger are also a focus of investigation. And a few of these artists play on sentimental or cliché associations of home. Though the stories are often personal, the themes are universal.

This was a juried show in response to an open call. The artists included come from all over New England and range from graduate student to well-established and renowned professional.

This exhibition was curated and installed by the students in ARTS 296 Gallery Culture and Practice, a “problems of practice” course, in which students explore opportunities to connect what they learn in the classroom with issues and matters faced by professionals working beyond the campus.

Those students are: Madison Boardman, Maria Escobar Pardo, Katlyn Greger, Grant Henry, Celine Hunt, Autumn Perez, Aliyah Rawat, F. N. U. Rouran, Andrea Schuster, Andre Toribio, and Amy Yeager.

Art fundraiser for Worcester Public Schools! Help keep the arts in our schools!

Worcester – It’s time for our 2nd Annual Hearts for the Arts fundraiser to benefit the students in the Worcester Public Schools! Last year we solicited local artists to work creatively with wooden heart forms, which were transformed into unique pieces of art.

This year, we have invited artists to create something with a heart-based theme in the medium of their choice. Worcester Public Schools teachers and other area artists have created works in wood, glass and metal, and on canvases and in paper and fabric!  


Many of the items are posted on the home page of the Worcester Public Schools website (www.worcesterschools.org) and bids can be accepted by emailing the Visual Arts Liaison, Kathleen Ivanowski, at Ivanowski@worc.k12.ma.us until midnight on June 15th


We then invite the public to join us at Club Maxine’s on Friday, June 17th from 5:00 to 8:00 PM where the online bids will be carried over for the live silent auction portion of our fundraiser. Donations for admission are inexpensive at $10.00 per person, which includes hors d’oeuvres, and a cash bar. We are also offering chances to own a beautiful framed photograph by local photographer Amy DeMar. 

Winners of the auction items may write a check to Culture LEAP, our fiscal agent, or pay with cash.  Proceeds will directly benefit the students in the Worcester Public Schools, as the teachers will use the money to purchase art supplies.


With our heart-felt thanks, we can all help to keep the arts alive in Worcester!