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Some more thoughts on Pat’s Towing …

By Rosalie Tirella

Just got a great letter, which I will run here! But before that, another thought:

If a Worcester Public School teacher was accused (by a student) of sexual assault or just plain old assault, that teacher would be put on paid leave by the City of Worcester. The same thing for one of our police officers. Even Worcester city housing guru Jackie Jackson has been relieved of her duties while she is being investigated by the city/lawyers.

Then why, in God’s name, does Pat’s Towing service, of Shrewsbury Street, get to continue to drive around town (always over the speed limit) terrorizing Worcesterites? They have been accused of beating and kidnapping people! Can’t City Manager Mike O’Brien simply not use Pat’s until the court case has been decided? If the Pat’s crew is found guilty of assault, kidnapping, etc, then O’Brien needs to fire the lot and award the contract to other towing companies. But in the mean time he should put these creeps “on leave.” Why allow them to make more money off the city?

I am beginning to think that our intrepid city leaders are not so fearless – that they are afraid of the tough guys at Pat’s. That they, like the poor folks who are towed by these Good Fellas, would prefer to shut their pusses so as not to incur the wrath (fists??) of Pat’s.

Here’s the letter:

Pat’s Towing: “greedy,” “no leeway”

Pat’s Towing “succeeds” by having so many Tow Trucks driving around that if someone parks somewhere for as short as five minutes where they are not supposed to park, they are immediately towed. No other tow company is as omnipresent or unforgiving. At the Denholm Building, in downtown Worcester, there is a parking lot adjacent to the building that looks like it is for the building; however, it’s not. Many people entering the building or the nearby St. Paul’s Church who park in this lot are immediately towed. There are places one can park during the day without being towed, but when the clubs are active at night, you are towed immediately.

The bottom line is Pat’s, by being so everywhere all the time, ends up being an unforgiving presence in the city. You could say they are just doing their job well, and you would be right, but because they are so greedy in towing without any leeway or forgiveness, it would be nice to get rid of them.

Randy Feldman
via the Internet

Crime and violence in our city

By Sue Moynagh

Recently, there has been increased gun violence in the Oak Hill neighborhood of Worcester, especially this past summer. Two shots were fired at a car on Harrison Street early in July. Soon after this, shots were fired at the Coral and Waverly Street intersection. There was a shooting on Mendon Street on August 24, and within a week, approximately six shots were fired at a house near the corner of Providence and Harrison Streets.

A woman was shot and killed on Fairfax Road.

I have also heard two gun shots on Saturday, October 9, at 10:40 p.m., and four shots the following Friday at approximately the same time. A small local market had the door window smashed and was robbed at gun point soon afterwards. Most or all of these incidents are tied in with drug activity in the area. Two long-time residents have had bullets shot through their windows.

Recently a man was attacked and hit over the head with a hammer on Mott Street. Continue reading Crime and violence in our city

Crime update

By Sue Moynagh

A month ago, a group of neighborhood people, with the help of Representative John Fresolo, held a press conference to speak out against increasing violence in our Union Hill community. I wrote an article for the InCity Times a few days later, detailing our concerns, and letting the public know that we all have to play a part in taking back our neighborhood. On Monday, November 29, there was another press conference, in Green Island’s Crompton Park, because of another act of senseless violence. The body of Kevin Shavies, age 21, was found early Sunday morning. He died of a gunshot wound to the head. The violence continues.

Later on the same day, a group of concerned residents met at the Green Island Neighborhood Center for the second public hearing on the Crompton Park Master Plan Update. Police Chief Gary Gemme attended, knowing the issue of safety would be foremost in our minds. He could give little information about the victim or the progress of the investigation, which has been given high priority, but reassured residents that police presence in Green Island would increase. Reinforcements would come, however, from the Vernon Hill neighborhood. (Union Hill is often referred to as Vernon or Oak Hill). He also asked those present to call and report if they have any information about this crime. The need for community involvement is crucial. This was something we had stressed at our own neighborhood press conference a month ago- the need for public participation in taking back our community. Continue reading Crime update

Fourth of July special, courtesy of the Worcester Police Department!

By Rosalie Tirella

How sad this had to happen right before the Fourth of July:

About three or so days ago, a guy and a Worcester cop were infront of a Worcester pharmacy – the guy getting arrested. The guy gives some lip service to one of Worcester’s finest as he’s being arrested, and the Nazi – I mean Worcester Police Officer – would have none of the guy’s sass. So what did the cop do? He pounced on the guy and began whacking him in the balls! Again and again! And after he was finished, he swung his arm around several times – as if to say: Whew! That took a lot outa me! Gotta stretch the ol’ muscles!

“Happy Fourth of July, Worcester! 

– body blows and kisses from the WPD!” Continue reading Fourth of July special, courtesy of the Worcester Police Department!