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Local residents barred from questioning Senator Scott Brown

Constituents decry senator’s invite-only “jobs tour”

JAMAICA PLAIN – When aides to US Senator Scott Brown said he would tour the state to interact with constituents on job creation and economic development issues, it wasn’t clear they meant invitation-only private events.

Local residents hoping to discuss key issues with Brown were turned away by security at two events Monday, after being told the events were closed to the public.

Following Brown’s second stop at the VA Medical Center in Jamaica Plain, constituents decried Brown’s invite-only “jobs tour,” questioning why their Senator was unwilling to deviate from the day’s scripted photo opportunities.

“Why are they pretending this is a public conversation about jobs when it isn’t?” asked Teia Searcy, a 29-year old Boston resident. “We came to speak with our senator, but we were kicked out and told the event was closed to the public.”

Other residents expressed disappointment in Brown’s unwillingness to answer even the simplest of questions on his voting record.

“When Scott Brown voted against unemployment aid, I had been out of work for over a year,” said Maria Christina Blanco, who lives just blocks away from the VA Medical Center. “This is the only opportunity I’ve had to ask him why, and I was turned away. We deserve better from our elected officials.”

Brown has yet to host a single public meeting or open forum since he took office February 4, 2010.