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Greyhounds … so elegant! But they NEED YOU!!!

Story and photos by Rosalie Tirella


We visited one of my favorite places today, Greyhound Friends Inc., in Hopkinton. A beautiful, miracle of a shelter/haven for “retired” greyhounds, gorgeous canine racers labeled, by the dog racing industry, “past their prime” and disposable at just 2 or 3 years old.


I am PROUD to say InCity Times played a part in shutting down this cruel, dog-soul-sapping “sport” in MA!!!!!


We worked for YEARS with the various groups to END dog racing in our state! A special THANK YOU to ICT WRITER STEVE BAER!! (We – all the animals! – love you, Steve!)


Rescued, “retired” greyhounds need so much love! Truth? All the earth’s animals are at mankind’s mercy! What a tragedy! Into the forest, prairie, field or canyon, we stupid humans descend, killing and capturing and degrading everything in sight! We go to the oceans to strip their denizens of dignity! Of life! We murder whales and dolphins and seals. We create unending living hells for animals on our factory farms, in circuses, fairs or on streets…they are our “beasts of burden” and know the blood encrusted lash or die pulling heavy wagons up hills (Leicester’s steep Dead Horse Hill was not named for nothing!). Racing … fighting…there is no end to what we humans do to them. All the suffering! Even when they are our companion animals, “pets,” many of us still abuse or neglect them!



My first dog, Grace, was half greyhound – brindle colored. I adopted her at the Worcester Animal Rescue League on Holden Street. What a beautiful first ever dog! Sweet, gentle, loving, patient … she was with me for 10+ years. She was a dream come true! And a natural athlete! I loved to watch my Gracie run! Her joy! Her adrenaline rush kicking in during her wild dashes! Her loose-limbed calm after her race around the Woo! park! Her easy, slack jawed canine “smile.” In her prime, Grace could outflank any dog she was playing/running with – except for purebred greyhounds!

The greyhounds that are trucked into Greyhound Friends (they also place Beagles and hounds of all stripes)…


… break your heart when they come off the trucks, driven in from race tracks from all over the country/world: the dogs don’t know how to play, are uncomfortable standing on grass or in the sunlight! They are skittish and very shy.


They just wanna hide in their kennels because that’s all they know: living, eating, peeing, shitting in small cages, sometimes stacked on top of each other. They eat a horrible liquid diet, so their teeth are rotted when they are at the end of their racing days. Many have to have lots of their teeth pulled! GF sends most of their dogs to their special dentist when they first come to them (the dogs also visit GF’s veterinarians for all their vaccines, etc.).


The dogs are emotionally, as well as physically, deprived! They have had no one to cuddle them or give them a loving home life. They look so miserable and shell-shocked standing, on lead, in the middle of GF’s beautiful, open field when they first trot off those big, long trucks! I’ve seen it! A few are even afraid of umbrellas and such because they’ve been hit with things. We can only guess what kind of objects! The poor animals can’t talk to us! Tell us humans how sad or lonely we make them or how scary and violence-ridden their past lives were!

Jesus loved the animals, as he loved the children – His Innocents!

Won’t you please visit Greyhound Friends today and adopt one of their beauties?

Thank you!








Why aren’t there more felony indictments for lab animal abusers?

By Kathy Guillermo

In our work to replace the use of animals for experimentation with superior non-animal methods, we at PETA often say, “If what happens to animals inside a laboratory happened outside the lab, it would be a crime.”

This month, a grand jury agreed with us.

Fourteen felony cruelty-to-animals indictments were returned against four former employees of Professional Laboratory Research Services (PLRS) in North Carolina, which was investigated and exposed by PETA last year. Indictments and charges against those who abuse animals —wherever the cruelty occurs — should happen more often.

For decades, PLRS was hired by big pharmaceutical companies to test the pesticides in flea and tick products on dogs, cats and rabbits. Last year, a PETA investigator worked undercover in the facility and caught these employees on video kicking, throwing and dragging dogs; hoisting rabbits by their ears and puppies by their throats; violently slamming cats into cages; and screaming obscenities and death wishes at terrified animals. One worker can be seen on video trying to rip out a cat’s claws by violently pulling the animal from the chain link fence that the cat clung to.

The indictments follow citations by federal officials for serious violations of animal welfare laws, the laboratory’s closure and the surrender of nearly 200 dogs and more than 50 cats just a week after we released our findings. Laboratory staff reportedly killed all the rabbits, but the dogs and cats have been placed in homes.

I know one of the rescued dogs, a small terrier-hound who looks a little like the beleaguered but hopeful pup in the animated version of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” She was known only by the number tattooed in her ear. Bone-thin, terrified and infested with worms, she was pulled from her cage and began a long journey that ended in the home of one of my colleagues.

At first Libby, as she was named, cowered in fear and crawled on her belly rather than standing upright and risk being noticed. I visited her recently. She is a joyful little dog today who loves her person, her canine friends and her happy life. Imprisonment in a laboratory has been replaced by long walks in the mountains, where she darts up and down the trails, her tail wagging.

Some abuse in laboratories has the approval of oversight committees and is funded by the federal government with our tax dollars. They don’t call it abuse of course—it’s “research” when someone gets paid to collect data on suffering animals. But forcing mice to fight with each other until they’re bloody, keeping monkeys constantly thirsty to coerce them to cooperate in brain experiments, torching sheep over two-thirds of their bodies, force-feeding chemicals to dogs, electrically shocking the sensitive feet of rats, cutting off the tops of cats’ skull to insert electrodes in their brains—all this is legal.

Many state anti-cruelty laws exempt experiments on animals. Wisconsin, where the mice-fighting experiments occurred and were in apparent violation of anti-animal fighting laws, just passed such an exemption.

As Libby shows, the animals are the same whether they’re inside a laboratory or outside it. They feel pain when they’re hurt. They want their own lives, even if some humans think these lives are of no value. Thank goodness the grand jury in North Carolina saw the appalling treatment of animals for what it was and refused to give the laboratory a free pass. Let’s hope it’s a trend.

Kathy Guillermo is vice president of Laboratory Investigations for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Who’s their buddy?

By Rosalie Tirella

While driving on Route 20 last week to visit my friend, her husband and four kids, I decided to stop by the Buddy Dog Animal Shelter in Sudbury (right on Rt. 20!). Last March, after my beloved retriever passed away, we drove all over Central Massachusetts in search of a new best friend for me. I ended up getting my peppy, adorable little Siberian Husky-mix, Jett, from the Worcester Animal Rescue League on Holden Street in Worcester. But we spent months driving to all kinds of shelters in Worcester County/Metro West looking for a good canine match.

One of the animal shelters we visited was Buddy Dog – a no kill shelter in the middle of the chi chi Lincoln, Sudbury Concord area. It is sad – these upper middle class folks have a ton of money, big houses with back yards. etc and yet they still dump their dogs and cats, puppies and kittens.

It broke my heart to see all the BEAGLES that were up for adoption when we were at the shelter. Obviously, the good folks of Weston, Concord etc saw the Westminster Dog Show (maybe even in person and not on TV!) and decided to get what they saw in the show ring/on their TV screen – the #1 dog – Best in Show for that year: a BEAGLE! Continue reading Who’s their buddy?