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I am sorry, Brittany

If you’ve checked our website you’ll see we pulled the black face story by Gordon Davis and my paragraphs backing him. I did this yesterday evening. Gordon Davis is one of my favorite people – a Holy Cross college grad, a terrific writer and a leader in the Black community. In person, he’s sweet, articulate and soft-spoken. I am proud to call him my friend.

When Gordon was called out on his piece, I called him and said: Is this true? Is your source a reliable source?

Gordon said yes.

A few hours later I asked Gordon for the name of his source. I wanted to call him or her – and ask the question for myself. Was Brittany in black face at a party?

Gordon said he preferred not to give me his source/the source’s contact information. He was politely adamant about this.


This morning I received a call – from a trusted source. The person and I talked. The person said while Brittany Legasey has “her issues,” she did NOT appear at a party in black face. The person asked Brittany point blank and Brittany replied NO.

I’ve been publishing and doing a ton of writing for InCity Times for 15 years: most of our stuff is pretty wonderful, I think. We get so much positive feedback from the person on the street. Loyal readers who love us. But I’ve made a few mistakes during these 15 years. The Brit in black face was one of them. And I am sorry for this mistake, hurting someone.

Peace, Brittany, peace …

– Rosalie Tirella