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Why Worcester is not a capital city

MCAD Building
MCAD building – in Boston

By Gordon Davis

During the late 18th century and the early 19th century the capitals of several Atlantic states moved from port cities to inland locations.

This did not happen in Massachusetts, and Worcester did not become the capital of the Baystate.

There are several reasons for this non event: The first is that the farmers of Massachusetts never were able to become significantly influential in the Commonwealth’s business. The farmers were reduced to being essentially outlaws with the failure of Shay’s Rebellion.

A second reason for Worcester not becoming the state capital is that most of the movements of state capitals inland were to locations easily accessible from the port cities by water or rail. Hartford was connected to New Haven by the Connecticut River, Albany to New York by the Hudson River.

Worcester was connected by river canal and by rail to Providence. During the 19th century it was easier to get to Providence from Worcester than it was to get to Boston from Worcester. Worcester and points west were outside of Boston’s concerns. There was no need for State offices outside of Boston.

The big change came with the Massachusetts Turnpike. Worcester leaders were happy that Boston stayed out of their affairs. The Turnpike was, to some extent, the quickening of Worcester becoming a part of Boston and the reduction of the Worcester bosses’ influence.

The old timers in the unions I have spoken with say that the reason the Massachusetts Turnpike was for decades never in Worcester was because our city leaders wanted to keep the General Motor assembly plant from being located on Airport Hill. The Auto Workers Union during 20th Century was the most progressive or left large union in the country.

The Worcester leaders won this battle, and General Motors built the assembly plant in Framingham. The backward thinking leaders of that Worcester still affect our city today. Negatively. There is no turnpike connection to the Worcester Airport.

With the improvement of passenger rail service to Worcester and the opening of the Route 146 Turnpike connection, and Route I190 to the twin cities of Leominster-Fitchburg there is a new wheel and spoke of the so called hub of Boston. In many ways Worcester is more of a hub as it has highways going east.

The material conditions are such that the Commonwealth could begin to consolidate State buildings and State jobs into the Worcester area.

The infrastructure exists!

For most people in Massachusetts, including Metro West, North Shore, South Shore, Connecticut Valley and Western Massachusetts, it is easier to get to Worcester that it is to get to downtown Boston.

Of course, there is no way the Capital of Massachusetts will move out of Boston nor the Capitol from the Statehouse. The political and historical impediments are just too great.

However, the sale of underutilized or obsolete State-owned buildings in Boston might be a windfall for the Commonwealth. The construction of more efficient building in the Worcester area might be a money saver and a way to relieve the congested traffic issues of Boston.

Looking to the future, something along these lines will have to be done. It makes sense to start thinking about them sooner rather than later, Worcester!

Save SNAP!

Next Friday, April 24, hundreds of people from Worcester and other cities and towns around Eastern Massachusetts will be boarding MBTA commuter rail and subway trains to rallies in Boston.

Once there, they will present stacks of petitions to our US Senators and Representatives, calling on them to fight to stop more cuts to SNAP/Food Stamps, and to bring the demand to our State Legislators and administrators to –  in the words of organizer Chris Horton – “clean up what they are experiencing as a severely dysfunctional SNAP/Food Stamps program.”

Many of those going to these rallies can rarely if ever afford the $26 cost of round trip to Boston by train and subway, but will be taking advantage of the MBTA management’s declaration that rides will be free all day on April 24.  (Rally organizers have been debating whether to call it “Free Ride Day!” or “No Fare Day!”) 

SNAP/Food Stamp recipients and their family members have been struggling with a new computerized Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) SNAP/Food Stamps application and review system that has arbitrarily forced nearly 10% of Massachusetts recipients off the rolls since last July and has denied benefits to unknown thousands of eligible new applicants.

Horton reports that “many respond with outrage when they hear that Congress has passed a Farm Bill that imposes a major new round of cuts in food benefits on top of last year’s cuts that were supposed to be part of a five-year agreement. Most sign the petition to Congress without hesitation.”

Horton tells of several, including one who said he was 34 years old, telling him this is the first time they’ve ever signed a petition!

Social service agency heads, providers and volunteers who work on finding and providing food for the needy have been struggling with finding enough to keep the food pantries stocked, and some have confided that they’ve had to give up working on other programs to concentrate on helping people struggling with the DTA over denial of benefits.

The April 24 action, called by the Worcester Unemployment Action Group and endorsed by the Worcester Community Labor Coalition and the Communities United Collective, will begin with a rally in front of Worcester’s Union Station on Washington Square at 10 am.  

Former Worcester Mayor and aide to Congressman Jim McGovern Joe O’Brien will address the rally, listen to the stories of participants and accept a copy of the signed petitions on behalf of the Congressman.

The participants will board the train before it’s 10:45 departure and travel together for a 1 pm rally and forum in front of the Mass. State House at 24 Beacon St demanding action to fix the Mass SNAP/Food Stamps application and review program.

At 2 pm they will march to the JFK Federal Building to present copies of the Stop the Cuts petitions to US Senators Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren.  Some will return to Worcester together on the 4:05 train from South Station, while no doubt others will stay on in Boston to enjoy this rare opportunity to get to the Big City.

Snow, climate change, green jobs and Governor Baker

By Gordon T. Davis

On February 9, 2015, the trains in Boston shut down at 7 p.m., and Governor Charles Baker was surprised and embarrassed. After all,  he ran for office on the platform of making government work, pointing out the weaknesses in his predecessor’s administration.

If nothing else,  government should be able to remove snow and make the trains run on time.

In response, Governor Baker shut down Essex, Middlesex, Norfolk and Suffolk counties.

Governor Baker also ran on the platform of reducing the budgets of certain agencies and commissions, such as the MBTA.  During his press conference yesterday he implied that heads would roll because of the snow and train problems. I was hoping that Jon Keller of Channel 4 news would ask him whether he was rethinking the reduction in the State budget as the right way to get the trains to run better.

Was the gas tax referendum a mistake?

Ron Bouchard, a weatherman on Channel 7, said on air the historic amount of snow is due to climate change. He said that no one alive can remember these amounts of snow.

I wonder how much trouble he is in now because of his comments!

In many ways Bouchard has opened the door to a conversation that Governor Baker touched on. Boston being a city in which global companies are headquartered and operate is being shut down again by historic snow and cold that the State government cannot handle. Maybe it’s time to rethink priorities – or at least hire some consultants from Moscow or Oslo. These cities have trains that run in massive amounts of snow and the freezing cold.

Although I do not think that City Manager Augustus has any backbone when it comes to dealing with the Worcester Police Department’s record of lack of transparency, I do think he has some good ideas regarding green energy and jobs. Let us hope that this course of action is not too little too late and can be used as an example to State government. He has proposed solar power arrays at the Greenwood landfill and at Beaver Brook Park.  He has proposed LED lamps for street lighting. I think that solar arrays on the tops of the underutilized public garages would also help.

I once thought that the Winter of 2011 was a once in a life time event. I can see now that it was a new normal New England winter: relatively mild autumns but FEET of snow in the winter – snow accumulation that does not melt until April. This may be our climate for the rest of our lives. It will be common for the State to ban travel and people will not be able to get to work.  Students will be kept out of school for days. Although not on the minds of many politicians, these conditions are now the new normal and governments will have to adjust themselves.

Ron Bouchard let the cat out of the bag! Climate change or global warming will mean extreme winter weather. Extreme winter weather is upon us now and will likely get worse.

Governor Baker looked clueless at his press conference and his budget is a reflection of his cluelessness.

With each snow event this year, green energy, green jobs, extreme weather infrastructure and transportation will beat their way into our political consciousness.

So many great American mayors have been Italian-American!

Like the golden age of American movies, when director Frank Capra, the son of Italian immigrants, made films that captivated an entire nation (Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,  It’s a Wonderful Life, so many more!), Americans have looked to Italian American mayors to make our cities – especially our big cities – everything that is best in us. This country’s diversity, its fearlessness, its cacophony, its poetry, its eclecticism, its inclusiveness, its loves, lusts, physicality, brilliance, beauty  … Yep. We Americans seem to fall head over heels in love with our Italian American mayors, who reflect us back to us! Through their VISION – and Tom  Menino had VISION in spades! He just looked like my uncle George! And not like Charlie Baker!

Tom Menino, like we American city dwellers, was … complicated. Smart. Compassionate. Competitive. Poetic…

Why does it so often fall on us Italian Americans?  Is it “my people’s” love of family, kids, gardens/nature? Our ability to be hands-on, in-your-face, ever present? To not be afraid of good, hard WORK?  Our ability to love the underdog to death cuz we know what it can feel like? (even when we are “in” we are still out, to many folks!) Our emotions, so thick and entangling?! Our go for broke style when we truly love someone, like our mothers – or our cities?

For so many of us Italian Americans, it’s this: The intense, physical work ethic we bring to our jobs is the love we show God for the gifts she has given us! Every day! When I think of Tom Menino I think of the poet’s words: “WORK IS LOVE MADE VISIBLE. ”

Work is LOVE made VISIBLE …


– Rosalie Tirella


Here, from The Boston Globe, is a fantastic column on the late, great Boston Mayor Tom Menino!

– R. T.

Menino went from accidental mayor to transformative figure

Thomas M. Menino began as an accidental mayor, presiding over an inherited administration. He ended as a transformative figure, a man who embodied vision, even as he rejected the concept.

The longest-serving mayor in the city’s history became acting mayor by the slimmest of margins — he had won the city council presidency in 1993 by a mere vote. But after becoming acting mayor that July, he moved so quickly to consolidate power, and to win the confidence of voters, that within a few months he won the office by a landslide. It was as if he had been there for years. …

To read the entire column, CLICK HERE!

While Worcester takes the low road …

By Rosalie Tirella

…. when it comes to its panhandlers and street folks, Boston is trying something innovative and compassionate. And way cool.

Ever hear of Panera Bread? We have a few of these bakery/coffee shop type franchises in the Worcester area. Well, it seems like Panera cares about the homeless because they have built several Panera Cares bakeries all over America. Including one in Boston, near city government, smack in the middle of bustling Boston. Panera Cares feeds EVERYBODY. Pay what you can, and if you can’t that’s Ok. You can still eat. Especially if you are hungry.



Very cool! This is why Boston is a first-tier city and Worcester is a third-tier city. It has so much to do with spirit, courage, the willingness to take big risks.

It works this way: It is a regular Panera Bread with all fresh soups and bakery items and beverages, including coffee. If you want to buy a loaf of bread, it is less expensive but also day-old, taken from other Panera Bread cafes/shops. Not bad, seeing most of the bread you buy at the supermarket is a day old and then some if you buy the packaged stuff that is trucked in.

So. How is Boston’s new Paneras Cares doing? How are America’s Panera Cares faring?

Quite well. There’s no class warfare g, oing on or panhandlers jumping the well off. Just a bunch of folks, Americans, eating lunch together. The middle class eat with the poor eat with the homeless. The folks who can pay full price for their lunches or snacks do. The folks who are short a buck or so pay what they can. Same for the homeless who eat with everyone else.

God bless Panera bread!

We mere mortals should pray for Worcester city council menbers and other city leaders so they too can grow hearts.

The 11th annual Boston Latino International Film Festival

Opening Film and Reception: 

Thursday, October 25th

Northeastern University

John O’Bryant African-American Institute

40 Leon Street, Northeastern University

Closing Film and Reception:

Sunday, October 28th

Harvard University

Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies at Harvard University

1730 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA 0213

CGIS South, S-010, Tsai Auditorium,

The 11th Boston Latino International Film Festival at Harvard University and Northeastern University

Boston – Only America’s biggest and greatest cities host Latino film festivals; Boston is one of such cities. This year the Boston Latino International Film Festival (BLIFF) will host its 11th annual event which will be filled with four intense days of films, receptions and special events in four days on between October 25th– 28th

BLIFF is a yearly event on it’s 11 edition. Every year we receive between 250 – 300 applying films to our festival. This year BLIFF will be hosted between Oct. 25-28 at Northeastern and Harvard University and will screen a selection of 60 films from 15 Latin American countries.

“The Northeastern community is proud to host this important festival and proud to showcase the beauty, depth, and creativity of Latino/a and Latin American cinema, diversity and culture.” said Professor Alan West-Durán, Director of the Latino, Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program at Northeastern University. Professor West-Duran is also in charge of bringing BLIFF to Northeastern University,

Films will be screened at two different venues: at the John O’Bryant African-American Institute at Northeastern University and at the Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies at Harvard University. Prices will be  $10 per program at both locations. ALL FILMS IN SPANISH AND PORTUGUESE WILL BE SUBTITLE IN ENGLISH. Panels, the opening and closing receptions will be free and open.

“Eleven years ago we had an idea to provide the greater Boston community with a high-quality film festival that would capture and highlight the diverse experiences of Latinos in the United States and abroad. Since then, the festival has grown immensely, and support from the community has been phenomenal,” said Jose Barriga, founder and director of the festival.

The Boston Latino International Film Festival is committed to breaking stereotypes and building communities by using the medium of film to strengthen inter-cultural understanding and promote work of independent filmmakers. Over 60 films from over 14 countries will be featured, including the United States, Argentina, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Spain and Mexico, among others. All of these films will be premiering in Boston.

BLIFF 2009 is sponsored in part by the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies at Harvard University, John O’Bryant African-American Institute at Northeastern University, Vista Higher Learning, El Planeta, MasTV, TuBoston.com, Heineken, BASE, Hope and Confort, The Association of Mexican Restaurant of New England and Jose’s Mexican Restaurant.


THURSDAY, October 25

Northeastern University

John O’Bryant African-American Institute

40 Leon Street, Northeastern University



Luminaris / Spain / Juan Pablo Zaramella / 2012 / 6min / Short

Long Distance / Cuba / Esteban Insausti / 2010 / 93min / Narrative Feature – Trailer 1 – Trailer 2

9.00 p.m.

The Perfection in your hand / Spain /Guillermo P. Bosch / 10min / Short

Mayan Renaissance / Guatemala / Dawn Engle / 2012 / 68min / Documentary – Trailer


FRIDAY, October 26

Northeastern University

West Village F, Room #20, 2pm -10pm

7.15 p.m. Flamenco Program

Mexico Flamenco / Spain-Mexico / Josep Badell & Carlos Snachez-Llibre / 2012 / 53min / Documentary – Trailer

9.30 p.m.  Spanish Shorts Program

A Story for the Modlins / Sergio Oksman / 26min / Doc – Trailer

That Wasn’t Me / Esteban Crespo / 23min / Fic

The Birth / Xavi Sala / 14min / Fic

The Wedding / Marina Seresesky / 12min / Fic – Trailer

What the eye doesn’t see / Natalia Mateo / 15min / Fic

Prologue / Lucas Figueroa / 8min / Fic

.Sub / Jossie Malis Alvarez / 15min / Fic – Trailer

Zombi / David Moreno /  12min / Fic – Trailer


SATURDAY, October 27

Northeastern University

West Village F, Room #20, 2pm -10pm

1.30 p.m. PANEL (FREE)

Contemporary Cuba: Film and Media

3.00 p.m. Cuban Shorts Program #2

AM / Dariela Minoso / 13min / Fic

Delirio / Alejandro E. Alonso & Lazaro O. Lemus / 8min / Doc

Madre, la tierra / Ernesto Perez / 15min / Doc

Afuera / Vanessa Portieles & Yanelvis Gonzalez / 20min / Fic

La Sasita / Ariagna Fajardo / 19min / Doc


4.30 p.m. International Program

Known Secrets / Honduras / James Joint / 17min

El Rey / US – Central America – Austria / Stefan Lechner / 53min / Documentary – Trailer


6.00 p.m. Immigration Program #1

Underprivileged / USA / Rafael Lanus / 15min

Incommunicado / P. Alberto Sanchez / 9min

Q&A with Director P. Sanchez & Producer Mike Paskett

Admissions / Chloe Smolarski / 50min / Documentary  – Trailer

Q&A with Visiting Director



SATURDAY, October 27

Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies at Harvard University

1730 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA 0213

CGIS South, S-010, Tsai Auditorium,

2.00 p.m. International Program

The World Outside / USA / Zachary Kerschberg / 10mi

Q&A with visiting Director

Delivery / Fabien Ortiz / 12 min.

La Mirada Perdida / Argentina / Damian Dionisio / 11min

La Camioneta / Guatemala – USA / Mark Kendall / 72 min / Documentary – Trailer

4.00 p.m. With My Heart In Yambo / Ecuador / 138min / Documentary – Trailer

6.00 p.m. Central American Program

Inside El Porvenir / Honduras- Switzerland / Rainer Hoffmann & Erika Harzer / 2012 / 85min / Documentary

Q&A with Director Rainer Hoffman

Co-Presented by: Swissnex Boston – Consulate of Switzerland – Trailer

SUNDAY, October 28

Harvard University

Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies at Harvard University

1730 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA 0213

CGIS South, S-010, Tsai Auditorium,


4.30 p.m.  Arts, Crafts & Local Economies

Banking on Trust / Argentina / LeeAndrea Morton / 38min / Documentary – Trailer

Silvestre Pantaleón / Mexico / Roberto Olivares / 65min /Documentary

6.30 p.m. CLOSING FILM

Esperanza / USA / Michael Martinez / 9min / Fic

Anyone Out There / Brazil / Tiaraju Aronovich / 2012 / 115min / Narrative Feature – BLIFF’s Curator’s 2012 Choice!



Veteran Expo pairs veterans with services

Boston – The Department of Veterans Affairs Boston Healthcare System and Bedford VAMC are partnering with the MA Department of Veteran Services and the community to host a benefit and job Expo for those who have served our nation. The Veterans Expo will have many federal, state, and local agencies on hand to explain benefits and programs available to assist Veterans with their transition back into civilian life.

“This event will bring together many government service agencies under one roof to assist our returning service men and women with navigating the often-times confusing benefits process,” said Michael M. Lawson, Director of VA Boston Healthcare System. “These men and women need jobs, support, and answers to their benefit questions; this is just the venue to provide that and much more.”

The Expo will also feature seminars throughout the day on Accessing VA benefits, Life after Deployment, Women Veterans Healthcare, Financial Planning, Communication for Couples, and more.

“Veterans have earned a wealth of benefits from their government and their communities. Ready access to those benefits is an on-going task and the VA Outreach team is there to help our Vets clear a path right through those obstacles,” said David Hencke, Outreach Coordinator for VA Boston Healthcare System. “This Expo is a high-energy, resource packed afternoon for anyone who has ever worn the uniform as well as their families and friends who support them.”

Veterans should bring their resume and proof of military service as there will be many businesses in attendance looking to employ Veterans. In addition, over 40 support agencies will be attending including the Mass. Department of Veteran and Career Services, Veterans Inc., US Department of Health and Human Services, American Consumer Credit Counsel, Army Wounded Warrior Program, Military Family Life Consultants, MA Spiritual Strength Network, Veterans Upward Bound, the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program and many more. For a comprehensive list of businesses and agencies that will be at the Expo visit our web site www.boston.va.gov.

While at the Expo, Veterans will be able to enroll for VA healthcare and meet with representatives from the Veterans Benefits Administration to learn about VA Home Loans, Educational / Post 911 GI Bill Benefits, VA Non-Service Connected Pension Benefits, Service Connected Compensation Benefits from injuries related to military service and Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment (VR&E) Benefits. In addition, Veterans will be able to enroll in eBenefits which is a collaboration between the Department of Defense and VA. Our online eBenefits is a one-stop shop for benefits-related on line tools and information.

The Expo is free and will be held at Bunker Hill Community College, from 1 p.m. – 8 p.m. on June 20th, at the Multi-Purpose Center, Building G, 250 New Rutherford Ave., Boston.

For Whitey! ICT’s mob stories by Steve Maher: #1 Reposting: Three Mafia families quarreled over Worcester porn racket

#1 Reposting: Three Mafia families quarreled over Worcester porn racket

By Steven R. Maher

In these days of the Internet, purchasing pornography can be done with the click of a button in the privacy of one’s home. But thirty years ago, those wanting to indulge such weaknesses furtively sought out places like United Books on Main Street in Worcester, where hard core pornography was sold. And in what had the potential to become a shooting war, three Mafia “families” became embroiled in a bitter dispute over control of the lucrative Worcester smut trade in 1980.

Worcester Mafia boss Carlo Mastrototaro and Boston based underboss Gennaro J. Angiulo co-owned United Books, which was managed by Thomas A. Palladino. Angiulo was the second in command of the Patriarca family. Mastrototaro was affiliated with the Genovese family of New York, which was America’s most powerful crime family. In July 1984 an attorney for the New England Organized Crime Strike Force told a federal judge that Mastrototaro was a soldier in the Genovese family.

Mastrototaro, without consulting Angiulo and Palladino, opened a second porno shop in Worcester, the “Green Street News & Smoke Shop”. Mastrototaro hired Kenneth F. Guarino to outfit the new store with peep shoes and magazines. Guarino had ties with New York’s Gambino’s family, America’s second most powerful crime family. Another Gambino connected pornographer, Robert “DeeBee” DiBernardo, supplied the new store with merchandise. (DiBernardo would later be shot to death on John Gotti’s personal order over an unrelated matter.) Continue reading For Whitey! ICT’s mob stories by Steve Maher: #1 Reposting: Three Mafia families quarreled over Worcester porn racket

JOB-NET, the One-Stop Career Center to co-host Veterans Job Fair on May 25

Over 70 employers to partner with veterans looking for work
Boston The Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development (EOLWD)  announced recently that JobNet, Boston’s One-Stop Career Center will partner with Northeastern University, The New England Center for Homeless Veterans, America’s Job Exchange and the U.S. Department of Veterans’ Affairs Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment’s VetSuccess to co-host the seventh annual Veterans Job Fair on May 25th.
“Massachusetts veterans have bravely served and protected our country, and in return our administration is proud to support military servicemen and women,” said Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray. “It’s important to provide our veterans with the right tools and resources, including workforce training and employment opportunities so they can get back to work upon their return home from service.”
“The Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development is committed to serving Massachusetts’ veterans of every generation and all occupations,” said Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development Joanne F. Goldstein. “In addition to job fairs, I encourage veterans seeking work to visit the One-Stop Career Centers to work with the dedicated and experienced veterans’ representatives for assistance and advice.”

Over seventy employers with job openings in accounting, criminal justice, engineering, government, health care, human services, telecommunications, transportation, logistics and more will be on hand during the fair to connect with veterans and their families looking for work.

“Putting veterans back to work remains a priority for the Department of Veterans’ Services. I am proud to see our government and community partners working together to help employ veterans,” said Secretary of Veterans’ Services Coleman Nee. “Veterans bring extensive skills to the workforce to include specialized training, leadership, teamwork, and pride in getting the job done. I encourage Massachusetts businesses to join us in making hiring veterans a priority.”
Massachusetts leads the nation in offering the most comprehensive benefits and services to veterans and their families. The Patrick-Murray Administration has honored veterans by increasing benefits and services available, as well as expanding outreach to veterans and their families, particularly to returning veterans, homeless veterans and those struggling with mental health issues. In 2009, Governor Deval Patrick signed into law the Home of the Brave bill, which increased cash bonuses for veterans who have served multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and established a “Medal of Liberty” to be awarded to the next of kin of Massachusetts servicemembers who have died due to wounds received while serving in the armed forces.
The Governor has also preserved programs and services for veterans, providing an $8 million increase to the Department of Veterans’ Services (DVS) in FY11 and announcing over $1 million in federal Department of Labor grants for veterans.
The Veterans Job Fair will take place on Wednesday, May 25 from 1:00 p.m.– 4:00 p.m. at Northeastern University’s Cabot Gym located at 360 Huntington Avenue in Boston. The Cabot Gym is accessible via the MBTA, either the Northeastern stop on the Green Line or Ruggles Station on the Orange Line. Veterans will be given priority entrance into the job fair from 1:00 p.m. 2:30 p.m. Doors will open for friends and family from 2:30 p.m. 4:00 p.m. Visit http://www.jobnetboston.org or call 617-338-0909 for more information and up-to-date vendor information.
In addition to the annual job fair, dedicated veterans’ representatives are available at Massachusetts’ One-Stop Career Centers across the state to help veterans transition to civilian work by developing comprehensive training programs to get back to work. For more information about the veterans services offered at the state’s One-Stop Career Centers, visit www.mass.gov/dwd/veterans.

Massive rally of caregivers at State House will focus on healthcare payment reform

BOSTON – Hundreds of healthcare workers and their supporters will rally at the Massachusetts State House on Wednesday, May 11, at 3 p.m. in an effort to shape upcoming payment reform legislation and to raise awareness of the vital role healthcare service workers play in the delivery of quality care.

As lawmakers prepare for hearings next week on what is being called “phase two” of Massachusetts healthcare reform, members of the state’s largest healthcare union will be mobilizing in massive numbers to lobby legislators on the bill. Those lobbying efforts will be followed by a huge 3 p.m. rally at the Grand Staircase of the State House.

1199SEIU launched a major public awareness campaign Continue reading Massive rally of caregivers at State House will focus on healthcare payment reform