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Boulevard Diner on Shrewsbury St: their holiday catering menu! Yummy homemade Italian🇮🇹 comfort food🍝! Veggie🍆 options and substitutions, too!

The Boulevard Diner
155 Shrewsbury St.
Historic, cozy, iconic Worcester!

To place your holiday orders, call 508.791.4535 or 508.769.9733

We cater holiday parties and gatherings, office shindigs, church events, family reunions, December anniversaries, birthday bashes – any special event!

Menu below:

First, the beautiful people:

pics: Rose T.





The Yum Yums💜! Order from here:




Popular music, rock ‘n’ roll … Where would it all be without us Italian Americans?! And the hands-down greatest:💜😉

Al-fresco breakfast any time of the day/nite at the Bouly on Shrewsbury Street!

Jimmy and Lisa just this week set out these pretty, umbrella-topped tables outside their Boulevard Diner on Shrewsbury Street! Italian comfort food al-fresco, meaning, in my late dad’s mother tongue: IN THE FRESH!!! Air, of course! Pancakes and scrambled eggs … al fresco! Blueberry muffins and orange juice – al fresco! Brilliant! … Why not enjoy a homemade, amazing Italian breakfast in the summer breeze? Why not dive into your veggie omelette outside the diner that never sleeps? (open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!) And savor the Bouly’s Italian-American comfort food, like homemade Lasagna and homemade Eggplant Parmesan  … under the stars!


Visit the “Bouly” NOW and meet some of the freshest, nicest, down to earth people in Worcester!  Love THIS Italian famiglia!        – R. Tirella