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About last night …

By Gordon Davis

The public learned two things at last night’s Worcester City Council meeting:

The first is the City of Worcester may have bought a pig in a poke. 

The second is Worcester City Councillors are easily intimidated by so called business investors, specifically Brady Sullivan developers of New Hampshire.

Last night the Worcester City Council approved Brady Sullivan’s purchase of the former Worcester County Courthouse, at North Main Street, green-lighting the project without:

a written contract

without a purchase and sales agreement

without a Community Benefits Agreement.

It seemed like all of the Worcester City Councillors know this is bad business practice.

Councillor Gary Rosen would not say whether he was happy or unhappy with the lack of transparency and the lack of documentation provided to the city council and to the public prior to last’s night vote.  Despite his ignorance on the issue, Rosen voted to approve of the Brady Sullivan “deal.”  He did say he wanted a good deal.

What does that mean?

Councillor George Russell also wanted a good deal. He at least gave a straight answer: He said he thought the way Worcester City Manager Ed Augustus excluded the Worcester City Council in the negotiations  in a timely manner was not appropriate. He said information should have been provided by the City Manager before the City Manager made public the  “understandings”  with Brady Sullivan.

Kyhristian King, a candidate for Worcester City Councillor, showed the same caution as did Mr. Rosen. He wanted a good deal, but he would not say if he was unhappy with the transparency of the City Manager in the negotiations.

The head of the Worcester Chamber of Commerce and former Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray said he also wanted a good deal with Brady Sullivan. He wanted Worcester residents to get at least fifty percent of the jobs. However, he said because no public money was involved the City could not make obligatory legal demands on Brady Sullivan.


Lenny Cooper, a long time activist and a member of the NAACP and the Worcester Community Labor Coalition, said the demands of the labor Coalition are fifty percent of hires by Brady Sullivan or their subcontractors be from the Worcester areas. Of that number fifteen percent should be so called minorities and seven per cent should be women.

So what is the real deal today?

There is none.

There is no written agreement that is legally enforceable on the issues of taxes, employment, mitigation of adverse changes to the neighborhood, or even a purchase and sale agreement. There is only a pig in the poke.

Especially disappointing is Worcester City Councillor Konnie Lukes who used to pride herself as a fiscal conservative and a watch dog for the public.  She is also a lawyer who understands good business practice. In the matter of Brady Sullivan, Councillor Lukes endorsed the worse business practice of selling without a purchase and sale agreement. Lukes used to slam former Worcester mayors for their lack of transparency; now she is silent on that issue. She also last night brow beat the mayor and officials for being open to including the labor Coalition when other city development projects are up for consideration. It seems Lukes, 73, and with decades on the city council and school committee, is running out of gas. She is a shadow of  her previous due diligence self. 

For decades the City of Worcester has looked for the Holy Grail of development. It has gone through several iterations of the Worcester Commons Outlet. It has built a poorly designed Union Station that Amtrak did not want and that is losing money. There have been several changes to the plans for City Square, and it seems that this might be a money loser as well.

No one can say for sure how the old Court House project will turn out.

There are not documents to analyze.

There is only the lack of transparency of Worcester City Manager Ed Augustus and the wishful thinking of the Worcester City Council.

The Tim Murray shit-machine

By Rosalie Tirella


Well, looks like BRADY SULLIVAN will get its way re: developing the old Worcester Courthouse, now that Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce head and failed/disgraced former lieutenant governor Tim Murray has put the screws on Mayor Petty, Woo City Councilor Ric Rushton and all the other small time politicians in this town.

Did you read The Boston Globe articles about Tim Murray’s  main fundraising guy – Michael E. McLaughlin? Like THE WHOLE POLITICAL WORLD KNEW MURRAY’S GUY WAS CROOKED AND BREAKING LAWS! SO DID MURRAY! But he chose to hitch his wagon to the guy cuz he wanted to WIN and didn’t care how rotten the means were to his political ends. Says a TON about Timothy Murray and ambition gone rogue. 

Here are The Boston Globe stories:



Did you know this factoid?

From CITY of WORCESTER WORKER and former Worcester city council candidate MIKE LAVIN:

Several years ago, another Worcester city worker, part-time, a young guy IN A WHEEL CHAIR, got on the Internet to support Tim Murray’s OPPONENT – when Murray was running for Massachusetts lieutenant governor.

Well, little Timmy (little in stature AND spirit!) found out that this kid in a wheelchair was not drinking the MURRAY KOOL AID. Murray flew into a rage and DEMANDED THAT THE KID IN THE WHEEL CHAIR BE FIRED FROM HIS PART TIME CITY OF WORCESTER JOB. Because he was not supporting Tim Murray for lieutenant governor.

Mike Lavin had to talk Murray down. He said: TIM! THE KID’S IN A WHEELCHAIR! Please!

Thank God for Mike Lavin. Murray backed down.

Now Worcester is once again stuck with this asshole, a guy who should be in jail but makes $200,000 a year at our chamber of commerce. Talk about nerve: Shortly after Murray was hired at the Chamber, he hired Christina Andreioli to essentially DO HIS JOB, creating the new chamber vp job especially for her. This means she does all the real work and Tim gets to run around town acting like a politician.  So NOT WORTH $200,000 a year!

And I’ll tell you what: this chamber job will NOT reignite Murray’s dead as a door nail political career, no matter how many Worcester County businesses line up behind him and give him $$$$$. The Boston media will insist on uncovering  the truth last time around, and the truth could land Murray in jail. It will be a blood bath. And his wife and daughters will drown in the blood, along with him. The Worcester press continues enabling Murray. Totally unhealthy for the city and, ultimately, for Tim Murray.

So … MURRAY HAD CHRISTINA WRITE AN EMAIL tonight URGING ALL CHAMBER MEMBERS TO PUSH FOR BRADY at tomorrow night’s Worcester city council meeting.

Murray also made THE CALLS to Mayor Joe Petty, City Council Economic Development Subcommittee head Ric Rushton and all his other boy buds on the city council.

Naturally, they all fell in line.

The economic development subcommittee meeting has been moved up to like 2 minutes before the city council meeting so Rushton and members can rubberstamp Murray’s demands.

Then onto the Worcester city council meeting, where Mayor Petty, who has just email-blasted a letter of support for the developer (cuz Tim told him to), will urge his colleagues to VOTE YES.


When Murray was in the thick of his criminal state campaign fundraising shit storm, a BOSTON GLOBE columnist wrote a brilliant column about Murray.  About how Murray was making the governor’s race and office small. As in small time, ward boss petty small, political hack small, greasy haired pols who wanted their palms greased for delivering the goods small, old time Boston politics small, backroom deals small. Tim Murray had made a world class state race … feel crooked and provincial. SMALL.

And that was a shame.

But tonight, just like when he got the Worcester city council  to dump former Worcester City Manager Tom Hoover, Tim Murray moved BIG but acted SMALL.  He made his behind the scenes phone calls, twisted arms off the council floor, mailed last minute letters to WIN. SHUT OUT the opposition. Put an end to real DIALOGUE …

Worcester government in action. Transparent as dog shit.

The Tim Murray shit-machine.