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Unions must be scrutinized

By John J. Foley, Jr.

In a recent issue of InCity Times a writer by the name of “Jack” [editor’s note: NOT Jack Hoffman] tried to convince us that public-sector unions should be spared the kind of sacrifices that the rest of us have to make, that their ‘contracts’ are well-nigh sacrosanct, and that the taxpayers are not being taken for a ride. Perhaps Jack the union hack has not been keeping up with the list of city employees and their immodest pay that this paper has been printing in installments for the last several issues. So far over 700 employees making at least DOUBLE the income of the average worker have been listed. There are undoubtedly more names to follow.

If Jack can get past his pedestrian concern about ‘contracts’ and the legalese crap entwined about them, perhaps he can contemplate concepts such as greed. You see, it is currently fashionable to limit that term to the super-rich. In fact anybody is capable of being greedy and we see it at all levels in society. When people who are being paid a decent living wage continually and consistently demand more money for the same amount of work, regardless of inflation or the impact on the rest of the economy, the only accurate term to describe their demands is ‘greed.’ Continue reading Unions must be scrutinized