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Don’t let what happened to this cat happen to yours!

But first 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 …


Cece, like all of Rose’s cats (going back 25+ years!), is an INDOOR KITTY!💗 Here she is with her best buddy! pic: R.T.

By Teresa Chagrin

The Humane Society of Utah called it “one of the most extreme cases of animal torture we’ve seen.” A cat named Sage managed to drag himself home after being beaten and tortured by an unknown assailant. His ribs were broken, his toes were smashed, his body was covered with hot glue burns, his eyes were swollen shut and he was suffering from brain swelling as a result of head trauma. Despite emergency treatment by a veterinarian, he succumbed to his injuries the next day.

I wish I could tell you that what happened to Sage was an awful anomaly — that psychopaths don’t lurk in plain sight, in “good” neighborhoods and “bad,” just waiting for defenseless victims to happen along.

But they do.

And we only make it easier for them to commit their horrific crimes when we let our beloved feline companions walk out the door and right into their clutches.

Terrible things happen to free-roaming cats with depressing frequency. In the past few months alone, more than a dozen cats were reportedly shot in California, Florida, Kentucky, New Jersey, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and West Virginia. In Mississippi, a video posted online showed that a woman doused a caged cat with a hot liquid as the animal howled in agony. The cat was later found dead, curled in a fetal position and covered with burns. In New York, a cat was found suffering from infected chemical burns so severe that some went all the way to the bone.

I’m telling you these things not to make you lose sleep but to make clear that there is nowhere safe for cats outdoors, not even a “paradise” like Hawaii, where three were shot in a single month. Two died and a third survived after being found on someone’s doorstep with an arrow piercing her body.

It may be hard for those of us who share our homes with cats to comprehend, but not everyone loves them. People get annoyed when cats climb on their cars, dig in their gardens, antagonize their indoor cats and dogs, and pick off songbirds at the bird feeder. A man in Florida admitted to shooting a neighbor’s cat because the animal had defecated in his yard.

While there’s never any excuse for harming a cat, those who don’t want them prowling in their yards have a valid grievance. Cats can spread diseases to each other, to wildlife and to humans, including toxoplasmosis, bubonic plague, typhus and rabies. Endangered Florida panthers have died after contracting feline leukemia from domesticated cats, while endangered monk seals and spinner dolphins in Hawaii have perished after toxoplasmosis from infected cat feces contaminated the water.

In fact, a recent report named domesticated cats the deadliest invasive species in the world, responsible or partly responsible for the extinctions of over 60 species. They are estimated to be culpable in the deaths of up to 24 billion birds, chipmunks, salamanders and other wild animals in the U.S. alone every year.

There’s no question about it: It’s best for everyone when cats live indoors. In addition to being protected from cruel people, they are safe from threats posed by wildlife, dogs, traffic, parasites and deadly contagious diseases such as feline AIDS, leukemia and distemper.

That’s why the average life span of an indoor cat is 12 to 15 years, versus just 2 to 5 years for those who roam outdoors.

Sage’s family is keeping its surviving animals indoors and urging others to do the same. “We don’t want other families to have to go through this, to suffer the way we’ve had to suffer,” said his brokenhearted guardian.

Peeps! It’s Easter! … and an April update …


April – March 29, 2015.

But first, an update ….

Meow, meow, insulin, meow! WOW!

By Rosalie Tirella

Rosalie’s April will be celebrating Easter – happy and cute – with Rose this spring! April, almost 14 years old, very much a senior kitty, was diagnosed with diabetes a month ago, and her future seemed uncertain. But Rose couldn’t let April go … she so loves April’s blatant adorableness! Her huge oven mitt double paws, the way she begs for a smidgen of butter at the breakfast table … the way she comes when she’s called and knows NO – two commands Jett, Rose’s husky mix, has yet to master. Plus, April was Rose’s late mom’s cat, and you all know how deeply Rose loved her late mom. Why, the late Mrs. Tirella is practically Rose’s muse!

Thank God for the always ugly and depressing Wal-Mart! Rose pushed for a good insulin deal with the veterinarian and gets April’s insulin cheapo at the Wal-Mart pharmacy. Plus a box-load of syringes! The squeamish Rose has donned her Florence Nightingale cap and learned how to give the subcutaneous shot to April, who’s oblivious to the prick of the needle if she’s busy eating a plate full of that horrible, messy canned cat food that she needs to eat now and that Rose always avoided because dry cat food is so muss-free and canned cat food is so icky …. Now Rose needs to buy Friskies canned mariners plate, salmon surprise, poultry platter, ocean surprise and all the other cans of doctored up cow puss pockets/ waste. For years!

It was funny. The day Rose was to give April her first insulin shot, she rang up InCity Times writer and Worcester City Councilor at Large candidate Ron O’Clair and asked him to come over for moral support.  She had never given anyone a needle! She was afraid she’d accidentally kill her cat!

Well, the always true blue pal Ron came down from Main South, with a new boarder from the rooming house he manages: a huge guy from Boston, built like a small tank. ROCKY.

“Hi! This is Rocky!” shouted Ron to Rose as he and Rocky barged into Rose’s home, all solicitous good cheer. It was only 11 p.m.

“Rocky?” Rose said.

“Rocky!” Ron said. “He used to be a body guard!  Whitey Bulger killed his brother! Then his other brother killed himself over the fact!”

Ron said this as if you would say: HAPPY SPRING! LET’S HAVE SOME LEMONADE!

Rose looked at the huge, quiet Rocky. She made note of his big, misshapen head, the large skull ring on his fat finger, his pug Irish sad face … and her heart broke.

“Rocky knows all about diabetes! ” Ron bellowed.

Rose looked upset…

Rocky reassured her. He said, sweetly, to Rose: “My grandmother was a diabetic. I used to give her her shots. … Here, let me …”

Rose had had a long day. She didn’t even think she could draw the insulin out of the little bottle. Her hand was shaking so as she held the syringe!

“Ok,” she said to Rocky, not knowing where to turn but turning to him. “Let me draw the insulin first.”

Rose gently rocked the little bottle of insulin, cold from being refrigerated, so as to not create air bubbles in the medicine. Just like the vet said. Then she put the needle in the little bottle, put it all upside down, and pulled the syringe’s little plunger down to the third little black line/calibration on the syringe. There!  Two units of insulin! Just what the doctor ordered!

She gave the needle to the hulking Rocky who, ever so gingerly, while Ron held April on the dining room table, lifted April’s skin between her shoulder blades and quick as lightening put the needle in her skin and depressed the plunger, giving April her maiden insulin shot!


Rose put April down in front of a big dish of canned cat food.

While April was eating, Rocky went over to her and gently massaged the spot he had pricked with the needle. “Massage it in … ” he said, giving April a nice little rub down with his massive, tattoo-covered fingers.

Rose smiled at Rocky’s gentleness. She looked at Rocky and thought: he’s had a hard run, his whole life, this street guy. In recovery now. His granny’s best boy! Rose wondered if Rocky could read. He seemed like a huge, big kid. Someone who might follow someone bad, if shown a little kindness. She wondered if maybe Rocky had boxed, like so many in the Winterhill gang or in its periphery, and had not liked it one bit. Who had he had to punch to protect his guy? It was his job, after all.

“THANK YOU, ROCKY!” Rose said, shaking herself out of her thoughts and smiling.  “Thank you!” And she gave Rocky a BIG HUG! She held on for awhile! And she gave Ronny a hug, too!

Then the big guys left her big inner city apartment and noisily made their way down the stairs into the cold night.

The next day Rose bought a chocolate Easter bunny, a colorful ceramic breakfast bowl, spoons and some instant oatmeal and put it all in a colorful gift bag for Rocky. An Easter thank-you gift for her new friend!

Rose will be giving April  her insulin shot 2 x a day – for the rest of April’s life. She thinks it is GREAT that April got her first shot under such extraordinarily special circumstances.

Happy Easter, April!



We can’t wait to hit our friend/family Easter feast (with plenty of vegan options, of course) this Sunday!

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