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Animal rights corner: Chef Joey’s vegan stew and Fighting Speciesism in a Time of Racism

Fighting speciesism in a time of racism

By Tracy Reiman

Armed white supremacists frothing at the mouth are on the march, and perhaps because of that, other rights issues are getting pushed aside.

However, now is the perfect time to have a conversation about ways for those of us who decry discrimination based on arbitrary factors like race, gender, sexual orientation and religion to broaden the line of inclusivity to include species, too.

Why? Because the narrower our definition of “other,” the worse off we are. We ignore or brush away other movements at both our collective and our individual peril. To quote Martin Niemöller, a onetime Hitler supporter and anti-Semite who changed his view after being sent to a concentration camp: “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—/Because I was not a Socialist./Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—/Because I was not a Trade Unionist./Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—/Because I was not a Jew./Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

As thinking animals and as moral agents who champion understanding, respect and non-violence, we can and should open our hearts and minds to the growing call to recognize basic rights for other animals. Not the right to drive a car or to vote but the right not to be treated as fair game. The right not to be shot so that their heads can go on a wall in a trophy hunter’s den or force-fed so that their swollen livers can be spread on toast.

When PETA protested the pigeon shoots in Hegins, Pennsylvania, the Ku Klux Klan turned up to defend the shooters and to goad little boys into “manly” acts, like wringing the necks of fallen, injured birds.

That shouldn’t come as a surprise because those who despise any individual or group they do not identify with despise them all. It isn’t just those who stand to benefit financially — the purveyors of flesh, skins and fur; testing companies and suppliers to laboratories of everything from decapitators to cages; roadside zoos, circuses and marine amusement park operators — who object to animal protection and consideration, much less animal rights. They weren’t the ones who sent the tiny guinea pig heart that arrived in our mail, placed the deer’s head in our parking lot or called us “animal-loving faggots.” Those who did are haters. And we must be their counterfoil.

Even as we have stopped institutionalizing people with disabilities, abolished human slavery, desegregated our schools, established property and voting rights for women, begun to understand LGBTQ rights and to show our support for all religions and for refugees forced from their homelands, there is more room in our hearts to keep going.

In the ’60s, we marched for civil rights, women’s rights and gay rights. PETA’s general counsel, Philip Hirshkop, brought the legal case that overturned the ban on interracial marriage and won the right of women to attend the University of Virginia, which had been off-limits to them. Today, our lawyers bring cases to stop orcas from being held captive at SeaWorld and argue in court for bears to be freed from cement cells at tawdry tourist attractions.

The time is right to examine what binds us — the commonalities between all of us, the feelings, emotions and fears we share.

Years ago, after deaf students at Washington, D.C.’s Gallaudet College won the hard fight to install a deaf president, the head of the student union there wrote, “When slaves in America, wanted their freedom, whites were not ready. But slaves were ready. When women wanted the vote, men were not ready. But women were ready. And when deaf students wanted a deaf president, the college was not ready. But we were ready.”

Today, those who use and abuse animals or do not regard them with the consideration they are due are not ready. But the animals and their advocates are ready.


Chef Joey says, Think of the future …

The future …


Recipe and pics by Chef Joey

Take one large white onion – …

Back at Rose’s shack: one large white onion. pic: R.T.

… cut it up.

Two cloves of garlic …


… diced.

Toss it all into a large pot, with a little bit of olive oil on the bottom.

Saute one container of cherry tomatoes … 1 can of beans …0827171243a

… mix. Add stewed tomatoes …


… and one can of tomato puree.

As that all starts to cook, add cups of fresh baby kale.

Simmer for 2 hours …




Sunday wrap-up … starring Dorrie!

This found kitty was quite the find!

Found Cat

Text and photos by Dorrie Maynard

A friend of a friend called me a month ago about a friendly, stray and pregnant cat that she had been feeding in her neighborhood. She was concerned that the cat would
have her kittens outside and they would be lost.

Knowing that I am involved with rescues, they decided to give me a call. After reaching
out to Karen Powers, the co founder of Spay Worcester,who in turned
reached out to Melanie at WARL, they came up with a space for this cat to be safe and to have her
kittens in.

One of Dorrie’s babes – a rescue!

I got up very early the next morning to go and get the cat into a carrier and take her to WARL. The woman who I picked the cat up from
was so upset! She was crying when I took the cat; She wanted to be sure that the cat would be alright. I assured her that WARL would keep the cat and her kittens until they were all ready to be neutered or spayed, and then they would all be adopted out.

Another Dorrie kit-kat…

He’s a tramp but Dorrie loves him!!

The poor cat screamed the entire car trip to WARL. In my car, driving, all I kept telling her was: “Don’t worry, Momma! You and
your kittens will be safe now! No more roaming the streets, looking for handouts.”

Later that afternoon, I received a call from WARL: Not only was the cat not pregnant (just fat), she also had a micro chip and belonged to someone who lived on the next street over from where I picked her up!

Dorrie’s spoiled kitties don’t go a-roving!

I learned something new: Melanie informed me that outdoor cats will travel up to ONE MILE to find food, and this woman had been feeding this roving cat regularly … . So the cat knew where she could get an extra meal!

I called the woman who had initially called me to tell her that the cat did in fact have a home and that she might want to consider not feeding it anymore – just give her a few treats when she sees her.

The cat was really fat! I honestly thought she was pregnant!

The cat was eventually returned to her rightful owner, and I assume she is still romping around the neighborhood looking for hand outs whenever she comes across a tender-hearted “feeder.”

I always say: “Cats are like men – they remember where they were fed and always come back for more!”

On another happy note, Pinkie Pie, the beautiful pit bull that I wrote about, has finally been adopted!! I happened to be at WARL doing
some pet food packaging for Central Mass Kibble Kitchen when the new owner brought her back to have her nails clipped. I met Pinkie Pie’s owner, and he seemed so in love with her! And she looked great! He said he takes Pinkie to work with him every day. Her allergies are still an issue, but he is staying on top of them and giving her all the love that she so deserves!

awesome of d(1)
WARL has many dogs looking for loving forever homes!

Happy Trails, Pinkie Pie!! I am cheering for you every step of
the way!

If anyone has any questions or would like to contact me with a story idea, please feel free to
email me at djmbytheelm@aol.com.

Chef Joey says…Homemade Muffins, Magical Mornings!

Joe-Joe believes eating less meat and more veggies, fruits and grains is good for you – and our planet!


Text, recipes and photos by Chef Joey

So muffins are fun because they are small cakes, small cakes to fill the void of a whole slice of cake!

Do you know the Muffin Man? Made by Chef Joey!

The joy of muffins is they can be plain, frosted or fruit-filled.


Back at Rose’s shack: her wicked ripe bananas. pic: R.T.

Gigi loves Papa Joey’s breakfast muffins! Go, little girl, go!!

My basic muffin recipe for fruit-filled muffins is:

2 cups flour

1 stick of soft butter

1 tbsp baking powder

1 tsp salt

¼ cup to a ½ cup of milk

and, depending on your craving for sweetness … ½ cup of sugar or more for sweeter or less (1/4 cup) for not so sweet. Let the fruit take over!

Add 1 cup of diced fruit, raisins, craisins, blueberries etc. to your muffin mix.

Bake 375 for 15 minutes or less, depending on the size.

Test with a toothpick for doneness.

For Bran Muffins, use 1 cup of bran cereal and 1 cup less of flour

Soften with the milk and add the other ingredients.

For Corn Muffins, sub 1 cup corn meal for cup of flour and keep the ½ cup of sugar!


Strawberries in crust…

2015 and france 002
It’s a lazy Saturday! One of Chef Joey’s babes.


SMOOTHIES! You can get your a.m. protein and other nutrients in these power-“punches” from PETA.ORG!!





So much music, so little time …

Thanks, Ronny! I’ve wanted the original album cover for a long time! pics: Rose T.

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The struggle is real

By Imalay Guzman

Imalay and her family

Keeping up with three kids, marriage and working full-time is draining! Somehow I find the strength to keep going. Knowing people depend on me is a big part of why I keep pushing. I don’t like to disappoint my family or want them to have to go without. Attempting to give my children a good childhood and teach them to be decent adults is exhausting, but I know it will pay off someday. I am who I am because of my kids: they inspire me to be better and do better.

Imalay’s husband, with two of their children

I was in a homeless shelter, pregnant with my son. At the time, my daughter was two years old. I thought I was ready to be independent, and it just so happened that that was the right move. While I resided in the shelter I learned so much – it matured my way of thinking. The staff there taught me how to find resources within the community. They also showed me how to obtain affordable childcare ane how to budget and live on a budget. After three years of living in the shelter, I sustained stability for my children. It was a traumatizing experience. I realized then how important it is to keep a stable home.

To be able to survive in life, you must maintain a steady income -especially when you have children. I am a mother of three beautiful kids. Each of my children is very different because each one has their own way of being. My daughter Avannis – she’s six years old and also my first born. She is the sweetest little thing! – when she wants to be!! “Ava” has a wild imagination, likes to build forts with chairs and blankets and she enjoys keeping her two younger siblings busy.

Then there is Joseph Jr., the only boy and the middle child. He is a kind soul – always loving and always caring for me and his sisters. My son likes to make sure you’re ok and, if your not, he gives you a hug and tells you everything will be fine.

Our youngest is 10 months old – her name is Alainna. She is at the best stage of a babyhood, in my opinion. A time when they start to walk, eat real food and become real curious! She’s just starting to walk, so you can imagine I’ve grown a spare set of arms. Being a mother is a never ending job.

Married and with children can sometimes feel like you’re married to your children. My husband is my supporter and best friend. But just like any relationship, it has its ups and downs. We bump heads often when we are parenting, or even dicussing a matter in a form of debate. I respect and understand that he has a different point of view; it comes down to being able to step into each other’s shoes and have and understanding.

Communication is key in marriage. It can be hard to open up and express my feelings because it can affect my husband’s emotions. What we do is that if we start a conversation and one of us gets upset, we give each other a minute of space. Once we feel up to it, we continue to finish the conversation.

I got married early because I believe in the old way of life. In order to have children, you should have to be married because if it takes two to tango, then it takes two to raise a child. I am lucky to have had children with my best friend! He supports my every move and reminds me how beautiful and intellgent I am. Simple words from him will have my ego blown up, ready to take on the world!! We learn from one another, and we have each other’s back – something I want my kids to learn from.

Life can be hard, having to deal with many different things at once. But that’s life. Always try to look at the glass as half-full rather than half-empty. Accepting life as it is and going on with a positive attitude can make the journey alot easier.