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Konstantina Lukes for Mayor!

By Rosalie Tirella

Tough, smart, classy, fearless. Konstantina Lukes, former mayor of Worcester, and one of 2011’s mayoral candidates, goes toe to toe with the boys in this boys town. She is not afraid to stake out her own territory – yet she will listen and evolve. (Lukes gave City Manager Mike O’Brien a perfect score during his job evaluation this year, after being a friend of former Worcester City Manager Tom Hoover and hating the way he was pushed out of his job.)

She is anti-chicken but pro-homeowner, voting for lowest residential tax rate for years and years (unlike opponent Joe Petty, who will most likely vote to raise it).

Konnie is fun – even though many people think she isn’t.

Konnie is progressive. If it weren’t for Konnie Lukes (acting as head of the Worcester School Committee, when she was Worcester mayor), the Worcester Public Schools would not have Melinda Boone, PHd, leading our schools. The first female, African American school superintendent for Worcester, Boone is the epitome of professional. She is also caring and committed to all the students in the WPSchools -white, brown, black.

Konstantina Lukes was a cool mayor last time around. People thought, when Lukes was elected mayor four years ago, that she would be a bit tough to handle. She wasn’t. She worked with everybody, treated everyone with respect, opened her office doors to all. She represented our city with grace and spirit. She attended ceremonies but she also did the day to day stuff – not very sexy but necessary.

This time around she promises to be a full-time mayor once again – unlike Petty who has a full-time job in Boston. (If you count the 45-minute commute to Boston in the a.m. and p.m., Joe Petty will be missing from Worcester for 10 or so hours a day, courtesy of his Boston job. That’s pretty much daylight hours!)

And unlike th e T & G, we do not think Petty is “well-spoken.” We actually think he is inarticulate – watch the City Council meetings and you’ll see for yorself. Konstantin Lukes is well spoken! She can speak passionately and eloquently about anything – using complex, compound sentences! (something Joe Petty has yet to master!)

And finally, to all you gals out there, when a woman wins, we all win. When a lady like Konnie – a lady who is no handmaiden, a lady who is strong and strong-willed – wins elections – without have to be goofy, whorey, kiss-upy, when a lady wins political office being exactly who she is, that is a WIN for all of us strong-willed ladies. You know, the ladies who color outside the lines sometimes. The ladies with dreams. The ladies who don’t define themselves through men.

When a woman like Konstantina Lukes wins, all women of all shapes and colors and personal preferences win. In the work place, in society, even in our own families.

Vote for Konstantina Lukes for Mayor Tuesday, November 8.

Why doesn’t District-1 candidate Tony Economou tell us the truth?

By Rosalie Tirella

District 1 City Councilor-wannabe Tony Economou is LYING to the good people of Worcester. He WILL VOTE to RAISE your TAXES, D-1 homeowners. And with the new assessments raising lots of Worcester homeowners’ tax bills, do we want Economou, who when you think of it, should have run for an at-large seat because he isn’t going to represent the mostly homeowners in D-1 – he’s going to be advocating for people who have a crap-load of commercial property in Worcester – do we really want Tony Economou representing D-1? He is being led, by the balls no doubt, by Ms. honey-buns/Tony Economou “campaign manager,” Beth Proko, another Worcester biz person with a ton of commercial property in the city who wants her Worcester commercial property tax bills lowered – and her mini-skirt hiked up. (The Prokos own a lot of commercial property AND Mill Street Motors – a used car biz on Mill Street – more on that later.)

Proko, Economou and their biz gang seem to have whipped people into a frenzy – making us believe that somehow it is WRONG for the city of Worcester to tax businesses at a considerably higher rate than, for instance, an elderly women who lives in and owns a three-decker in Green Island! That we cannot do what Boston does or Springfiled or any major New England city does: make commercial property owners pay the city MORE MONEY because they – with their big trucks, with their buildings, etc, etc are USING MORE CITY SERVICES. When the used cars come rolling in and rolling out of Proko’s Mill Street Motors – the business Proko owns with her husband – doesn’t Mill Street get: more beat-up with the wear and tear of vehicles, etc? Don’t they use more city water, more city everything to keep their biz going? And if customers want to do a biz deal with any Worcester bizperson, they don’t end up at the Oxford Dunkin’ Donuts, for Gawd’s sake. They can be wined and dined at one of Worcester’s fantastic 5-star restaurants.

Businesses and biz folks want to do business in a region’s big city – its hub. That’s what Proko and Economou are choosing to ignore – just so they can make even more money than they have in Worcester – at cost to the rest of us.

Oh, by the way, Beth Proko, Jeff wanted to buy a big ol’ red dump truck from your Mill Street Motors a year or so ago. He had his mechanic take a look at it. His mechanic said: not driveable, Jeff; it won’t pass inspection and get a sticker. They need to do this and this and this to bring the truck up to snuff. Well, Beth you and your husband dragged your feet about fixing it (don’t you know there’s such a thing as the Mass Lemon Law?). Then you said you were selling it to someone in Maine. Hope you sold that person a driveable/inspection sticker-ready red dump truck.

Do we really want a used-car sales-broad (Beth, Jeff said you were all “Well, hello, there… with your shorty-skirt, etc.) shaping the destiny, through “councilor” Tony E., of District 1?

And let’s not forget what was reported earlier (see post ICT below): Economou, a local real estate agent, ILLEGALLY
tried to scare poor folks out of their homes after they had been foreclosed upon.


To get them out ASAP and turn around and sell the property – to make a killing in the real estate market.

What’s especially sleazy about Economou is when the bank fore-closed
on the home, Economou took it upon himself to make out fake legal looking documents and taping them to the people’s homes – giving them a few weeks to move out or else.

This is blatantly illegal!

People do not have to move out immediately when
the bank forecloses! They can spend months in their home as their case makes its way through the legal system.

If Tony Economou had had his (illegal) way,
these folkswould be living at the PIP homeless shelter – and
he would be stuffing his pockets with cash – thousands of dollars!

When InCity Times called him on
this and published a story, Economou
bull shitted – told the public that it wasn’t him making
notices – it was Freddie
mac/Fanny Mae, to which these non-profits
said NO WAY, we neverd o
that, we never gave Tony Economou
such forms to paste on doors.

What a liar Economou is. He is not an upstanding businessman from the community – no matter how hard he tries to pretend he is.

Do the people of Worcester’s District 1 really want Tony Economou representing them?

Does Worcester want this guy to voice the concerns of the people?