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Rosalie’s Woo routine: Wake up …

Breakfast in bed …


Hit the road …


Mutts in tow …


See all the illegally dumped garbage in my ‘hood (this shit, yesterday, Millbury Street) …


My summer day shot to hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not cool, City Hall seat-warmers, pencil-pushers, bootlickers …


… Everything except the visionary…


Save us, Oh Lord!

pics/text: Rosalie Tirella

Couldn’t help thinking about Mayor …

By Rosalie Tirella

… Menino last night. That’s right, Boston’s Tom Menino, the guy the more erudite like to poke fun at for his not so grand elocution, not so slim girth, and maybe his not so WASP or Irish background.

But Menino is all perfectly wonderful Italian American! Wears his Italian roots on his shoe soles when he goes into Boston’s neighborhoods to cut ceremonial ribbons, meet with neighborhood groups … and goes out into the cold Boston streets, blankets in arms, handing them out to Boston’s homeless men and women and urging them to seek shelter in one of greater Boston’s homeless shelters.

A first rate mayor for a first rate city. A great American mayor for a great American city.

I thought of Boston’s mayor last night when the news broke: That two Worcester city council subcommittees, puny in spirit, the exact opposite of Menino, voted to clamp down on Worcester’s panhandlers. As if hustling them off to the side would make us a great city. As if getting tough with Worcester’s weakest citizens would make Worcester great, a little Boston.

Forget about it!!

The city council is being lead by real estate developers, money people, etc … . The city council is not serving the people who live, struggle and work in the city. It is as if the council were getting Wusta all perty and clean for the people of Holden. All the suburbanites who they hope to lure to Worcester for fun, drinks etc. Forget about solving our very real problems, such as lack of good paying jobs for unskilled folks, clean, safe, affordable housing for our inner city families.

It is all about cognitive dissonance. Pretending what we have here in Worcester doesn’t really exist.

Maybe if we pretend the problems didn’t exist, they would disappear!

Wish our subcommittees had disappeared last night!