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Claude Dorman …

WORCESTER. Home to Claude Dorman, our very own Ebeneezer Scrooge. Cheap, misanthropic, despised by his neighbors, neighborhood, city.

The information we have reads so Scrooge!

1. Claude has never put out garbage or recycled in all the years he has occupied 38 Sever St. People say he and the missus burn their trash in the basement.

2. He seldom leaves his home, just tunnels out in the wicked early morning. Then returns home.

3. When he and wife take coffee in AM on their deck they speak only German.

Of course, Claude spoke fluent, utterly profane English when he harassed neighbor Bob Bourassa out of the Elm Park neighborhood (the remarks he left on the T & G website read just like Wonderland blogger) he feels he commands. And he writes brutal lies in English in the letters he has sent to city council members re a city councillor he wanted to destroy.

4. Claude and his wife each own a black Saab, on which 2 cameras attached to their house are trained. Claude has his parked on the corner of Sever and William streets.

5. Claude doesn’t speak to his neighbors. Ever. He is balding (we kinda figured that) with black hair. Late 40s, early 50s.

One enterprising young man writes us …

From one of our ICT website readers:

“I see you’re looking for an intern. I really love doing research. I wouldn’t mind doing it. No pay is fine, it would look great for my college application. If you’re still interested you can reach me at … . Thanks.”

Devin Mott

Dear Devin,

Thank you so much for your interest in the Claude Dorman/Wonderland blogger internship! However, based on your writing samples and cover letter, you seem way too mature for this internship! Better let us savvy, sophisticated adults deal with the nefarious Claude Dorman! And: we don’t want to get into trouble with your parents or school!

HOWEVER: We have had several real interns over the past 10 and a half years we’ve been publishing InCity Times – some incredible, others quite forgetable (the forgetable ones usually graduated from journalism/media school – go figure). So, yes, I will be willing to consider you for a spring internship at InCity Times, the newspaper. I need more writing samples, however. And we should talk. If you’re interested in community journalism and want to work hard, we’ll try you out. The good thing about InCity Times is we don’t have our interns doing boring grunt work like calendar updates, listings, etc. We put you on some very manageable stories right away. Good clips for you; good little stories for us.

So, Devin, please send me more writing samples – even if your packet contains only book reports or history essays. I’ll take it from there. It is always wonderful to hear from young people like you, Devin, great kids who have fallen in love with books and poetry and short stories! Kids who want to be artists and writers! You send me back to the writers/books I loved at your age and to a time in my life when books were magical. More important, you make me feel good about “the younger generation,” hopeful about “the future, ” etc.

Talk with you soon!


Rosalie Tirella, founding editor/publisher
InCity Times

P. S. By the way, Devin, what the heck are you doin’ on this PG-13 website?! You say you wanna be a great writer! Then get offa here and visit the NewYorkTimes.com or the New Yorker website pronto! They have some of the best writers in the world working for them! Reading stuff on those websites will expand your young consciousness and make you a great writer!