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My inner-city neighbors are the best!!

Text and photos by Rosalie Tirella

Sure the Canal District and surrounding area seems to have become a dumping ground for garbage galore and shooting gallery/stabbing/gun hot-spot! I am  on the horn almost every day with city officials and state reps asking for the garbage to be removed, the extra Worcester Police Department foot patrols to be deployed  …

But then there’s this HEAVEN-SENT stuff happening …

… A wonderful garden in my back yard (right where I found the used junky syringe!). Here’s Jett getting nosy with a lovely squash!! We’ve got tomatoes, too! And (had) sunflowers!


… My downstairs neighbor is the sweetest! She gives me her cool clothes and pocketbooks! She’s quite the fashion plate and gets bored with her stuff real quick! So … Here I am several days ago, heading out the door to run InCity Times, wearing one of her pretty blouses!  Now mine! Thanks, in-city gal pal!

CAM00922 (1)

My other downstairs neighbor came upstairs and gave me some Halloween cupcakes and cookies, along with this BEAUTIFUL card! I love the message PEACE FOREVER EVERYWHERE… This was after I went down to her place and gave her and her roommate a thank-you gift for a gift they had given me! How awesome are these people? Right in the middle of all the shootings and stabbings … all this love!


And today I am making a Halloween fun gift for the kids across the street because they helped my roundup a homeless street kitten that needed a good home! These boys were the best! Here is Jett back at my shack being nosy (again) with their pumpkin I am about to fill with candy!



The time to make up your mind about the hood is – NEVER!! 

We go high, we go low …

When the going gets tough, we go to fashion. Fashion magazines, Sarah Jessica Parker’s fab outfits in her old TV show, on-line stories about designers, photos of clothes. My dirty little secret. …  Saw this yesterday. Designer Alexander McQueen = incredible! Combines history/politics – his family’s history/UK’s politics – with fashion. This piece’s inspiration came from a relative who was persecuted in Salem (for witch craft) … . (love the geometric patterns).

Alexander McQueen gallery: Alexander McQueen gallery T

McQueen said the outfit below (and show it came from) was inspired by England’s slaughter of his Scottish ancestors. McQueen wanted to show that the country is not a cliche, all picture-perfect pretty in plaid … . The models in his show actually came out hamstrung/hobbled  in their outfits to illustrate the “wounded”  Scots. McQueen is famous for jeans/slacks that go below the bum line, yet the look is political as well as sexy. (love the red shoes with red in the neck (collar-brace).

Alexander McQueen gallery: Alexander McQueen gallery

To read and see more great art – and great fashion is art – click on the link below.  – R. Tirella: