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URGENT! From WCCA TV 13 – “The People’s Channel”

Please contact  FCC.GOV to let them know you oppose the building of monopolies. Stand in opposition of the mega merger.

The Worcester City Council voted unanimously last week to oppose the mega merger of Comcast and Time Warner.  Charter will be part of the new monopoly.

If you care about  more not LESS freedom of information, access to broadband, communications, television services … Comcast’s tradition of  increased costs …

Send a message to FCC.gov in opposition – on or before October 29, 2014.

Thank you,

Mauro DePasquale, executive director,  WCCA TV 13 – Worcester

Comcast is coming to Worcester! And it’s all about $$$$$$$$$

By Edith Morgan

There has been a lot of talk about the upcoming merger between Charter and Comcast, and the general feeling is that it is a “done deal.”

How is it that we the viewing public have been sold , apparently without previous input, to what several Worcester city councilors at the October 14th city council meeting described as “the worst company in the U.S.”?  And in a couple of months, the local and public access stations will be moved to the back of the bus – the educational channel (now #11) will become 191; the government channel, where we watch council and school committee and subcommittee meetings, and receive news about things of interest to residents in Worcester (now #12), will become #192 …

Our public access channel, WCCA TV 13, now # 13, will become #194.

Why??? you ask.

Because the lower numbers will become lucrative commercial channels, selling things.

Because, of course, it is all about the bottom line. And service to the public is not what this is all about.  (Disclosure: I am especially concerned, as I host a TV program called “SeniorSpeak” on the present WCCA TV 13.)

How did we get to this point?

When I came to America in 1941, the airwaves belonged to the public.

The communications act of 1934  was quite clear about how our air was to be used: stations had to be licensed, and had to renew their licenses every three years, and they were required to offer proof (testimony, letters, etc..) that they were serving the public interest. There were lots of stations, offering a variety of programs, serving varied populations all over the U.S.

But a set of trends was slowly let loose, which increasingly took away what used to be services for us, the people, and put them into the hands of the “bottom-line crowd”. Service became an incidental sideline, and all that mattered was the bottom line – enriching the investors and providing just enough to keep the company alive and growing. And so, much of what I remember as “services” became “businesses”. Banks, health care, schools, postal service – local newspapers, your corner drugstore, your grocery, your butcher, your hardware dealer –  all were our friends and neighbors, and were not totally consumed by the pursuit of the almighty dollar.  Of course, the monopolists were busy trying to consolidate, eliminate the competition, drive down wages and benefits, but antitrust laws were in effect and by and large were not allowed to grow “too big to fail.” (Where is Teddy Roosevelt when we need him?)

I was really proud of our City Council on Tuesday, October 14th: even though it was already pretty much out of their power, they discussed the ramifications of this merger, the track record of Comcast, and the whole history of our service here, and voted to oppose this merger. They took a moral stand on behalf of us, the public, whom they are pledged to serve.

Comcast has deep pockets, and has spread money around in Washington, but for some strange reason I am beginning to feel hopeful that from moves like this will grow a groundswell of opposition to these takeovers. Now, let’s really get on the media and force the FCC , FTC and Justice Department to do their jobs on our behalf.

Worcester has a long history of revolting – and starting something …

Really sickening to see the Marty Lamb fake TV interviews on Charter/NECN TV 3!

By Rosalie Tirella

How sickening to see all those “fake” TV 3 (Charter/Comcast) “news interviews” of congressional candidate Marty Lamb. The Tea Baggers via their right wing Koch brothers funding sources are buying up a shit load of TV time on our local cable channel (3) in a last ditch effort to unseat the overwhelmingly popular and effective incumbent, Jim McGovern. Lamb has no chance what so ever of beating Jim.

But that doesn’t mean he won’t spend the $100,000 Tea Bagger windfall that was dumped in his lap – most of it on the greedy TV 3, a “news” channel that is only to happy to take the thousands of dollars. And play Lamb’s deceptive game!

It IS pathetic that NECN and TV 3 have gone along with the game. If, when you turn on your TV to channel 3 tonight and find your show canceled to make room for this stupid commercial, you many not know, at first, that this is a commerical. In fact, if you catch the “Marty Lamb interview” in the middle, you DO think a legitimate reporter is asking Lamb all these questions. That there is genuine give and take – a real TV news interview – going on. The two men are sitting behind a desk. The interviewer is serious, asking questions. Lamb is answering them soberly and with purpose.

But it’s a set up! A fake! A commercial. Shame on NECN and TV 3 for shilling for Lamb and the Tea Baggers. TV 3 drones, why not place the disclaimer: PAID POLITICAL AD on the screen – in the top or bottom corner somewhere – while this poltical commerical is going on (for an entire half hour!)? Why not be honest with the viewers and help them make informed decisions – let them know that they are watching a fucking commercial?! And this show goes on all night – repeats itself 3 or 4 times!

Ca-ching! go the cash registers at TV 3 – NECN – Charter.

Fizzle, fizzle go the brain cells of their viewers!

This interview is a commercial paid for by Lamb’s team. Set up and rehearsed! Set up with questions lobbed to Lamb that HE – Lamb – has chosen his fake reporter to ask him! And then Lamb delivers his rehearsed answer! The Marty Lamb campaign sign at the beginning and the end of this political commercial doesn’t help! It is not enough of a disclaimer. Especially when it comes to: the elderly or folks whose primary language may not be English – follks on the periphery who may be confused as to what is real news and what is a commercial.

Money does corrupt. These Lamb 1/2 hour fake interviews are running all night (it seems!) on TV 3!!

Shame on the TV 3 whores for not making the Lamb team label their show what it is: a paid political commercial.