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Let’s pass some laws before the Republicans head into town

An open letter to Congressional Democrats from filmmaker Michael Moore

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dear Congressional Democrats:

Welcome back to our nation’s capital for your one final session of the 111th Congress. Come January, the Republicans will take over the House while the Democrats will retain control of the Senate.

But Dems — here’s something I don’t understand: Why do you look all sullen and depressed? Clearly you’re not aware of one very important fact: YOU ARE STILL COMPLETELY, TOTALLY, LEGALLY IN CHARGE! When (and if, mostly if) you wake up to the reality that you can do whatever you want for the next seven weeks, you will realize that you have two clear options:

1. You can continue your “Sit Quietly and Hope No One Hits Me” strategy and thus lay the groundwork for an even bigger ass-kicking two years from now;


2. You can actually use the power you hold for the next seven weeks and have the Senate pass the legislation that the House has already passed!

Wake up, Democrats! You are in an awesome position right now. The House of Representatives, in this current session of Congress, has already passed an astounding 420 bills since January of 2009 — 420 bills that are just sitting there on the Senate leader’s desk. The Senate has refused to take up these House bills because they’ve been afraid of a Republican filibuster. Well, Dems, here’s the truth: You can pass all of these bills and turn them into law RIGHT NOW, TODAY, by simply calling for a majority vote of 50 Senators (plus Vice President/President of the Senate Joe Biden). Yes, you will need to change the filibuster rules. So do it. Continue reading Let’s pass some laws before the Republicans head into town

Really sickening to see the Marty Lamb fake TV interviews on Charter/NECN TV 3!

By Rosalie Tirella

How sickening to see all those “fake” TV 3 (Charter/Comcast) “news interviews” of congressional candidate Marty Lamb. The Tea Baggers via their right wing Koch brothers funding sources are buying up a shit load of TV time on our local cable channel (3) in a last ditch effort to unseat the overwhelmingly popular and effective incumbent, Jim McGovern. Lamb has no chance what so ever of beating Jim.

But that doesn’t mean he won’t spend the $100,000 Tea Bagger windfall that was dumped in his lap – most of it on the greedy TV 3, a “news” channel that is only to happy to take the thousands of dollars. And play Lamb’s deceptive game!

It IS pathetic that NECN and TV 3 have gone along with the game. If, when you turn on your TV to channel 3 tonight and find your show canceled to make room for this stupid commercial, you many not know, at first, that this is a commerical. In fact, if you catch the “Marty Lamb interview” in the middle, you DO think a legitimate reporter is asking Lamb all these questions. That there is genuine give and take – a real TV news interview – going on. The two men are sitting behind a desk. The interviewer is serious, asking questions. Lamb is answering them soberly and with purpose.

But it’s a set up! A fake! A commercial. Shame on NECN and TV 3 for shilling for Lamb and the Tea Baggers. TV 3 drones, why not place the disclaimer: PAID POLITICAL AD on the screen – in the top or bottom corner somewhere – while this poltical commerical is going on (for an entire half hour!)? Why not be honest with the viewers and help them make informed decisions – let them know that they are watching a fucking commercial?! And this show goes on all night – repeats itself 3 or 4 times!

Ca-ching! go the cash registers at TV 3 – NECN – Charter.

Fizzle, fizzle go the brain cells of their viewers!

This interview is a commercial paid for by Lamb’s team. Set up and rehearsed! Set up with questions lobbed to Lamb that HE – Lamb – has chosen his fake reporter to ask him! And then Lamb delivers his rehearsed answer! The Marty Lamb campaign sign at the beginning and the end of this political commercial doesn’t help! It is not enough of a disclaimer. Especially when it comes to: the elderly or folks whose primary language may not be English – follks on the periphery who may be confused as to what is real news and what is a commercial.

Money does corrupt. These Lamb 1/2 hour fake interviews are running all night (it seems!) on TV 3!!

Shame on the TV 3 whores for not making the Lamb team label their show what it is: a paid political commercial.

Marty Lamb doesn’t have a chance against Jim McGovern

By Rosalie Tirella

This isn’t Christine O’Donnel country. This isn’t even Connecticut. And forget Scott Brown. He won the late great Ted Kennedy’s US Senate seat because Attorney General Martha Coakley ran such a crappy campaign and was disliked in general AND Brown, looking every inch the Cosmo cover boy that he was, managed to bullshit voters about how he drove around in a beat-up pick up truck and was salt of the earth and all that crap. Unfortunately, the voters ate all that crap up, and now Scott Brown (who today pretty much disavows his Tea Party connections) has gummed up the works in Washington.

Thank you, Scott Brown! For diddley!

But this is Worcester. Congressional candidate Marty Lamb has a snowflake’s chance in hell when it comes to defeating our Congressman Jim McGovern. The Lamb brigade, flush with money from the Tea Party movement, which gets its money from oil-co. moguls like the Koch brothers and other Right Wing multi-national corporations that hide their political interests/identites by founding very sober sounding right wing/libertarian think tanks that distribute all the gold, want to keep polluting our planet, exploiting immigrants and dis-assembling the New Deal and great Society programs plank by plank, Continue reading Marty Lamb doesn’t have a chance against Jim McGovern

Salmonella poisoning tied to cruel farming practices

By Heather Moore

Congressional leaders have launched an investigation of the two Iowa egg farms that were recently implicated in the nationwide salmonella outbreak. As this case shows, America’s food safety system clearly isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

But perhaps now that more than 1,300 people have fallen ill from eating tainted eggs (and experts estimate that at least 38 other people get sick for each reported case of salmonellosis), people will realize that we need to change more than our food safety regulations. We need to change the way we eat. We can start by scratching eggs off our shopping lists. There’s cruelty in every carton.

Among other things, Congress plans to review documents pertaining to the health, safety, environmental and/or animal welfare allegations against or violations committed by Wright County Egg and Hillandale Farms—the Iowa farms implicated in this case—and/or their suppliers. I can save them some trouble there. Jack DeCoster, the owner of Wright County Egg and Quality Egg of New England, the company that supplies chickens and chicken feed to both Wright County and Hillandale, has been cited for numerous offenses throughout the years, including cruelty to animals. Continue reading Salmonella poisoning tied to cruel farming practices

InCity Times candidate endorsements

By Rosalie Tirella

Don’t forget to vote TODAY! We urge you to vote for:

1. Congressman Jim McGovern.

This election cycle incumbent Jim McGovern has a bevy of Republican challengers nipping at his heels, a la little chihuahuas in doggie day care. They think they can ride the nutty/racist/cynical Tea Bagger wave to Washington. They think they can spew the same crap as Rand Paul and expect it to work here. They will not prevail, if we all do what we have been dong for years – vote for Jim McGovern!

McGovern is one of the most well liked politicians in the region. Why? Because Jim McGovern is a genuinely nice, modest and effective Congressman. Because he not only brings in millions of federal dollars for all sorts of Worcester/Worcester County projects but because he always votes his conscience.

Let’s get past the millions of federal dollars McGovern has brought to Worcester/Worcester County for our streets, highways and byways, schools and parks. Let’s get beyond the fact that if reelected, McGovern will be one of the most powerful figures in Congress. Let’s put aside the political folks lore that under his political tutelege Tim Murray, Joe O’Brien, Jim Augustus and every other local Democratic bright boy blossomed and bloomed to become … political heavy weights in city and state politics. Which translates to more jobs, dough and projects for Worcester. We have never been a Tim Murray fan, but we have always loved McGovern, his political mentor.

Why? Because for years McGovern has advocated for the hungry and believes that in America no one – absolutley no one – should go hungry. Continue reading InCity Times candidate endorsements

Lessons to learn from the failed presidency of George W. Bush

By Harvey Fenigsohn

The majority of Americans now agree that the 43rd president indeed failed, with polls revealing that George W. Bush is the most unpopular president in modern American history. Bashing the former president is all too simple, but let’s consider what we may learn from his failures, if another George, the eminent philosopher, Santayana, was right when he said, “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

Though numerous failures mar the Bush record, no doubt his worst was the debacle of Iraq. Deceiving the American people and Congress, Bush used his claim that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction to justify an unprovoked invasion with no exit strategy. At a cost of billions of dollars, Bush managed to establish Iraq as a magnet for terrorists and stain America’s reputation around the world. Continue reading Lessons to learn from the failed presidency of George W. Bush