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Some more thoughts on Pat’s Towing …

By Rosalie Tirella

Just got a great letter, which I will run here! But before that, another thought:

If a Worcester Public School teacher was accused (by a student) of sexual assault or just plain old assault, that teacher would be put on paid leave by the City of Worcester. The same thing for one of our police officers. Even Worcester city housing guru Jackie Jackson has been relieved of her duties while she is being investigated by the city/lawyers.

Then why, in God’s name, does Pat’s Towing service, of Shrewsbury Street, get to continue to drive around town (always over the speed limit) terrorizing Worcesterites? They have been accused of beating and kidnapping people! Can’t City Manager Mike O’Brien simply not use Pat’s until the court case has been decided? If the Pat’s crew is found guilty of assault, kidnapping, etc, then O’Brien needs to fire the lot and award the contract to other towing companies. But in the mean time he should put these creeps “on leave.” Why allow them to make more money off the city?

I am beginning to think that our intrepid city leaders are not so fearless – that they are afraid of the tough guys at Pat’s. That they, like the poor folks who are towed by these Good Fellas, would prefer to shut their pusses so as not to incur the wrath (fists??) of Pat’s.

Here’s the letter:

Pat’s Towing: “greedy,” “no leeway”

Pat’s Towing “succeeds” by having so many Tow Trucks driving around that if someone parks somewhere for as short as five minutes where they are not supposed to park, they are immediately towed. No other tow company is as omnipresent or unforgiving. At the Denholm Building, in downtown Worcester, there is a parking lot adjacent to the building that looks like it is for the building; however, it’s not. Many people entering the building or the nearby St. Paul’s Church who park in this lot are immediately towed. There are places one can park during the day without being towed, but when the clubs are active at night, you are towed immediately.

The bottom line is Pat’s, by being so everywhere all the time, ends up being an unforgiving presence in the city. You could say they are just doing their job well, and you would be right, but because they are so greedy in towing without any leeway or forgiveness, it would be nice to get rid of them.

Randy Feldman
via the Internet

A call to action – a call for equity

Call To Action – Call For Equity

*** We are asking all of you to Stand and be Present***

on November 17

at Worcester Technical High School, 7 PM

In addition:

Email the school committee members in one click and tell them you support the leadership of the superintendant and want her contract to be extended for at least 3 years so she can continue moving us forward. OR:

Call the committee members: Joseph O’Brien 508-799-1153; Dianna Biancheria 508-753-3440; John Foley 508-853-3593; John Monfredo 508-853-3444; Mary Mullaney 508-791-0808; Tracy Novick 508-410-3223; Brian O’Connell 508-792-6789

Send this to at least 2 of your friends or family and ask them to contact the school committee as well.

Black Legacy has been doing “upstream work” with all of you over the last couple of years. We have been working with the Worcester Public School Department and the Worcester School Committee to change the policies that are contributing to the student achievement gap: low expectations of students, under-resourced schools, high disciplinary action, lack of access to Advanced Placement and STEM programs, and more.

During this time, we have seen the current Superintendant – Dr. Melinda Boone – is exactly what we need in this community to close the achievement gap and raise expectations and opportunities for all students, and she’s already able to show results.

Currently, there is “upstream work” to be done.

The leadership of our public schools has been in the very competent hands of Dr. Boone for the past two years. During that time, she has pulled together a leadership team that committed to focusing on the academic achievement of ALL Worcester students. You can see some of her accomplishments below. She has been working on changing the system and, in fact, we can see things changing that will stop the babies from coming down the river in terms of drop-outs and achievement gaps.

However, some school committee members have voted against extending her contract for the standard 3 years.

From our intense activity with the school committee over the past two years, those committee members have not presented a rational, especially given the great progress demonstrated which far surpasses any prior superintendant in recent history. It our concern that the city will lose the significant progress that has been made and will return to an administration that does not believe that poor students and cultural minorities can and should be as successful as any student in Worcester.

Given that our schools students are more than 80% lower income (free or reduced lunch) and more than 60% racial minorities, and both groups are growing, it is essential to have the leadership of a Superintendant that believes in academic excellence for all, is committed to making it happen, and has demonstrated in her time here that is can make it happen.

Below is report on how school committee members have voted in the past week.
We believe Dr. Boone has been able to balance the needs of the various student needs present in the Worcester Public Schools.

To Extend Dr. Boone’s Contract:

YES, to extend her contract:

Joe O’Brian
Jack Foley
John Monfedo
Mary Mullaney

NO, to not extend her contract:

Tracey Novick
Brian O’Connell
Dianna Biancheria

We wonder why some school committee members have dismissed the progress of the administration that the majority of the school committee sees. In fact, Mr. O’Connell has stated that Dr. Boone has done a very good job yet has voted no on a 3 year extension to “send a message” to the Superintendant. Voting not to extend a person’s contract that you know has performed well is NO WAY to send a message.

The Vote Is Next Thursday

Black Legacy is asking all community members that are committed to racial and economic justice, to contact the school committee members and tell them you would like them to extend Dr. Boone’s contract for 3 years. Those that are working toward racial and social justice need to support of the community to push for systems changes other are comfortable with staying status quo.

Under Superintendant Boone’s leadership, the gaps are already starting to close at very rapid rate, while even more students are being supported in the highest level courses. It is important that you know where your school committee members stand on the work of the Superintendant as they are responsible for the “selection and to termination of the superintendent”. Dr. Boone’s accomplishment’s in the past two years include, but are not limited to:

She is focused on the development of ALL students, as seen in her overarching goals for the district.
She is showing significant improvements in closing the achievement gap that surpass statewide progress.
She understands the complex issues that contribute to the school-to-prison pipeline, the strategies for changing that pipeline, and is part of the states leadership team to make those changes in Massachusetts.

She was able to maintain 100% of the program even after major budgetary cuts.

She has successfully negotiated with the state regarding the 2 underperforming schools and the required turn-around plans
Has opened up the lines of communication and partnership to multiple parent groups, businesses, and other community resources to support student success including Black Legacy, Worcester Education Collaborative which includes businesses and colleges, and Stand for Children. On multiple occasions she has been publically supported by members of CPAC, local principal and teachers.

Her administration has been more transparent than any other that people can recall. They have provided information about school processes, data about student outcomes, and any request that we have submitted.
We are asking you to Take Action.


Another Pat’s Towing Co. horror story

By Terry Bradley

First: I love InCity Times. The price is right and it is 100% better than the local newspaper that some people pay outrageously for. It’s not sugar coated and you tell it like it is. You cover local news that is pertinent to our city and its residents. You are not afraid or intimidated.

I really enjoyed your piece on Pat’s Towing. And I am very dismayed that they got the towing contract from the city again. You are 110% correct when you say, “get-outa-my-way-or-I’ll-mow-you-down”; “cretins”; “blood money”; “pond scum”; and “demons”.They have no hearts and they do speed through the narrow city streets with their enormous beast trucks. I work downtown and see them daily circling like vultures looking for victims. I’ve come close to being hit by a truck barreling down the street.

My story is about the night I went to see “A Christmas Carol” on the 18th of December at the Hanover. (When we arrived we actually saw Pat’s tow trucks circling the block looking for victims.) After having an enjoyable evening, I came out to find my car gone. Like you, right away I screamed “PAT’S”.

The irony is, I was legally parked in the parking lot for which I pay monthly, with the tag hanging from the rearview mirror. I walked back to the Hanover to speak with the security person on duty. He directed me to the police officers outside directing traffic and crossing pedestrians. They were not surprised at my story and told me what the police think of Pat’s Towing and they told me there was nothing they could do because the city continues to give Pat’s the contract. When I got to Pat’s the dispatcher was very rude. Continue reading Another Pat’s Towing Co. horror story

Pat’s Towing company- give ’em the heave ho, Joe!

By Rosalie Tirella

Word’s gotten out that Mayor Joe O’Brien is hoping to convince city officials to give the assholes at Pat’s Towing the heave ho when it comes to renewing the city’s towing/impounding contract with Pat’s Towing company of Shrewsbury Street, Worcester. (their contract is winding down) For year’s Pat’s Towing has had a lock on the City of Worcester’s towing – earning hundreds of thousands of dollars, probably millions of dollars, while giving Worcesterties the finger – up the ass, twice. Mayor O’Brien, like all the other city councilors, wants to give another towing company – one run by HUMAN BEINGS – a chance at the lucrative deal. A chance to pick up Wormtown’s illegally parked cars during snowstorms, etc, summer concerts, etc, or on city streets where there is no/limited parking (or other parking violations).

Anyone who has lived in Worcester for longer than, oh, five minutes, quickly learns what bastards the cretins at Pat’s can be. They have turned a city job into a bold, get-outa-my-way-or-I’ll mow-you-down-AND-I’ll-charge-you-hundreds of dollars to get your car back into a weird kind of civic blood-letting. They have had Worcester in a nasty head-lock for years – for way too long.

Two examples:

Last winter, my old dog, my Nova Scotia Retriever, Bailey, was dying of cancer. Nasal cancer so that despite being on chemo and anti-pain and anti-inflamatory pills (we had the tumor biopsied – it was malignant), my Bailey Boy had a bump on his once elegant long nose (the ever growing tumor) and snot and blood dripping from his left nostril, due to the tumor – which I lovingly wiped away with Kleenix. I loved my Bailey so much and he loved life so much (still running after squirrels – caught a skunk!; barking at skateboarders with abandon) that we hung on to Baily as long as we could – as long as HE wanted to hang on to us. Well, one day I had some business in the Denholm Building. I parked in the adjacent lot for five minutes – with my Baily in the back seat. I come out and POOF! The car was gone!

“Pat’s! Fuckin’ Pat’s” I screamed in the middled of the lot. (I just knew) “They took my dog! They towed my dog who is dying of cancer!!! (They would have towed a car with an infant in it!)

Crazed with tears and fears, I called my guy – and told him everything through choked sobs. He was on a job in the Fitchburg area. It took him about an hour to come down to Denholms.

“Bailey!” I screamed to him when he drove up to Denholms. “My Bailey Boy! He’s going to die! He’s going to die!”

It was as cold out that day as it is today – bitter cold.

I jumped into the truck and we drove to Pat’s. Up Shrewsbury Street we sped – and there in the Pat’s lot was my car with poor old Bailey inside, the snot dripping down his nose. He was sitting up straight and tall in the back seat – waiting for his mommy like a brave little man. Serious looking – as if in the “stay” position. He looked “pale,” if that makes sense. My old dog looked cold.

“A hundred dollars,” the attendant/fiend at Pat’s said. ($100 for 2 hours)

“The dog has cancer. He’s 12 years old. You had to tow?” I cried at him, giving him the $100 bill.

He told me my dog was OK. He didn’t remove my dog and keep him in the warm service center. Nope. Bailey was with the vehicles. But he was OK. This “vet” knew.

Shortly after the Pat’s Towing ordeal my Bailey died. He was dying before Pat’s got their hooks into my car, but the bumpy ride, the two-hour wait in 20-degree weather did my dear old Bailey no good.

Story #2

A friend of mine told me an old man – in his 80s – had his car towed by Pat’s Towing. He went over to Pat’s Shrewbury Street holding-pen and asked for his car back. He didn’t have the bucks needed to get his jalopy out. Well, the lovely “boys” at Pat’s taunted him. They teased and teased the old man, and the old man rushed at them, rushed at their fence, a feisty guy, trying to beat the crap out of these young thugs. And guess what? The octogenarian almost gave himself a heart attack trying to mix it up with Pat’s Towing “boys.” He finally called my friend who went down to Pat’s Towing and paid the money. Blood money. The old man got his car out but he had lost his dignity.

And this is the towing company that the City of Worcester wants to rehire? This is the towing company city leaders want to represent Worcester? The people of Pat’s are pond scum – speeding down resdential streets at 50 miles an hour, blasting through urban centers as they race, absolutely RACE to make their next killing, their next Tow Job, while the city of Worcester gives it a Blow Job!

Mayor O’Brien is right! We’ve had enought of the sadism! We want a towing company -not a gang of thugs!

So let’s get rid of these demons – a huge tow truck going 50 miles an hour down neighbrohood streets to pick up a car with a dying dog in it is not what we need. Lots of other blue-collar guys in other blue collar businesses know and HATE Pat’s Towing. They won’t do business with these wolverines because they are so rotten. These blue collar guys and their businesses use other towing companies – a lot of them like Boulevard Towing.

Nice guys, is what they say when they talk about Boulevard Towing.

So why not, City manager Mike O’Brien? Why not follow the lead of Mayor Joe O’Brien and ditch Pat’s Towing – NOT RENEW THEIR CONTRACT? Try Boulevard Towing. Hell, try anybody BUT Pat’s.

The citizens of Worcester – and guests to our community – deserve to be treated with a bit more respect. That is tow, if necessary, but use your heart, have some common sense and SLOW DOWN and stop ripping folks/the city off!

So the Worcester Public School teachers want a contract …

By Rosalie Tirella

… and they, of course, are making asses of themsleves – totally out of touch with America’s 14% poverty rate, and almost 10% unemployment rate, totally oblivous to the fact that few AVERAGE American workers (professional or blue/collar) bring down $100,000 a year salaries – the way many of our Worcester Public School teachers do. Our school principals make around $130,000. Other professionals in our public school system make more than/around $100,000, too!


Which is why Mayor Joe O’Brien this week called for an “objective” court-appointed mediator to step in and save the City of Worcester from these hogs.

I had lunch with one of my former Worcester Public School teachers a few months ago – a wonderful human being. A person who, like many teachers in the good ol’ days of WPS, went into teaching because she was absolutely passionate about kids and learning. “To be with you kids – oh, it was so special – … ” (How many WPS teachers would say that about their former pupils?)

Anyways, this former WPS teacher, a person who worked overtime many a day in our city schools (FOR FREE) and did wonderful things for students (FOR FREE) like rescue hundreds of used WPS text books out of WPS dumpsters to drive them to a boys’ residential school, was amazed – absolutely amazed! – that today the City of Worcester has a boat-load of teachers who make around/more than $100,000 a year! Continue reading So the Worcester Public School teachers want a contract …

Cheryl DelSignore whines about the laid off WPS teachers

By Rosalie Tirella

Some how the Worcester Public Schools teachers’ union has got it all upside down: Last City Council meeting teacher union head Cheryl DelSignore stood before the Worcester City Council and whined. 124 WPS teachers are getting their pink slips! she announced to our city leaders! Mon Dieu! No art for the kiddies! No extras!

Bull shit.

What concerns this union rep most – and I guess the teachers themselves – is the fact that some of these newly laid off teachers have been in the WPS system for years!

“Twenty three years in the system,” Delsignore gasped to the city council.

This made me think: the teachers’ union is getting nervous. Now, instead of laying off the young, just hired teachers, like they used to when they went toe to toe with the city over contract negotiations, the teachers’ union is starting to lose the “connected” old timers, the people and hacks who have been sucking up precious space in the WPS system for two decades, but maybe hung around because they knew their seniority would be protected. WPS teachers who thought they would never see the day because … the young neophyte teachers would be the first to be let go by the Worcester Public School system. Continue reading Cheryl DelSignore whines about the laid off WPS teachers