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Stylish vegan sofas at Target …

… vegan sofas mean faux leather, no animals harmed … ETHICAL DECOR! Beautiful,  too!



Vegan shoes? Check.

Vegan purse? Check.

Vegan couch? Who’da thought?

If you’re in the market to give your living room a makeover (or you’re like me and are always in the mood to window shop), check out some of the kind and comfy sofas below before you head to the store.

For the modern vegan, check out this sleek black faux-leather couch, available from Sofas NYC.

Black Faux Leather Modern Convertible Sofa Bed With Metal Legs, $519.00

If the look of leather ain’t your thang, make your living room bold and beautifulwith a patterned print like this chaise settee from Target.

Target Athens Chaise Settee-Chocolate, $412.49

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