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Brush up on blush this spring! Purchase cruelty-free brands!



Makeup artists consider blush the secret to looking healthy, but many blushes hide an ugly secret that might make you feel sick.

This Might Bug You … To give blush its rosy hue, a pigment made from crushed female cochineal insects is sometimes used. This bright red coloring is called Carmine but might be disguised in the ingredient list with nicknames like Cochineal, Carminic Acid, Natural Red 4, or C.L 75470. In addition to this creepy-crawly secret, some cosmetic companies use other animal-derived ingredients and test makeup products on animals, causing them to suffer in unimaginable ways.

Thankfully, you can easily add blush to your makeup wardrobe without harming animals!

There are dozens of cruelty-free and vegan blushes available, but we’ve hand-picked five favorites just for you!

Touted by beauty bloggers as a “universally flattering” blush that’s gorgeous on any skin tone, Pacifica’s Blushious blush in Camellia provides a peachy-pink glow.

Pacifica is a cruelty-free and vegan company that uses natural ingredients like coconut and rose in their affordable and luxurious cosmetics. At just $12, this blush is a steal and a total must-have.


Before blush was powdered and packaged, women used red fruits to color their cheeks. Cruelty-Free brand 100% Pure offers fruit pigmented vegan blushes that are suited for sensitive skin and available in a wide array of shades to suit any skin tone. The classic pink shade “Cherry” offers a satin finish and a flush of color in adorable packaging. At $35, this blush is less expensive than some better known “luxury” brands that favor cruelty over quality.

If your lifestyle is a little more active, you might prefer the ease of a blush that you can throw in your bag and apply without brushes. Tarte cheek stain comes in 6 vegan-friendly sheer shades that can be applied on the go and blended with fingers for that “I just worked out” look.


Try the shade True Love, a sheer watermelon hue that looks like you’re naturally blushing. Since not all shades are vegan, be sure to select one of the six shades that bear the “Vegan Friendly” stamp on the product photo.

While many blushes have a bit of shimmer, some prefer the natural look of a matte formula. Cruelty-free brand Modern Minerals offers a neutral shade called Love, a matte warm pink with mauve undertones that perfectly suits a minimal “no makeup” look. This vegan blush is ideal for those who aren’t comfortable with brighter hues, but want to give blush a try. At just $20, it’s a low-risk option that adds just a little pink to your cheeks without taking much green from your wallet.

If you like pretty packaging and an equally lovely product, you’ll love Too Faced Long Lasting Blush. While the whole brand is Cruelty-free, only the shades How Deep is Your Love and Your Love is King are vegan so far. The first is described as a watermelon pink and the second is a plum toned rose- and both will flatter both light and dark skin tones.

You don’t need makeup to be pretty, but when you choose to use a cruelty-free and vegan blush, you’re making life just a little more beautiful for the animals.

15 Great Cruelty-Free Companies


No fur, no wool, no leather went into these gorgeous cruelty-free boots!

I try to buy cruelty-free stuff all the time.

CAM00240I bought these boots yesterday to skip through the snow when we get zonked with a bazillion snow flakes, each like no other!, and Worcester is slushilicious! These boots are quilted and cute … and cruelty-free. (the vintage-y kitchen  chair I found on the side of the road. To its right, you see my Bapy’s Victrola.)

If you like to buy your stuff on line, check out these great winter boots!

Buy a pair or two  today and support designers/companies that aren’t a part of the barbaric leather or fur industry, companies that don’t manhandle and bloody sheep, companies that don’t treat snakes and reptiles like factory parts. … You don’t have to wear tortured-to-death animals to look sexy/cool/pretty this winter!  Or any season! From PETA.ORG.

Click on the boots’ blue brand name to order! 

– Rosalie Tirella

11. ZooShoo Fallout Boot

ZooShoe fall out boot

What did I tell you about the quilted pattern? These bad boys aren’t messing around. “Hello, hi, yes, you want me.” It’s like they can hear our deepest thoughts.

12. ZooShoo Gracie Bootie

ZooShoe Gracie Boot

Whoa, Nelly. The Timberland boot just got a full-fledged makeover, and we’re not mad about it.

13. ZooShoo Reno Boot

ZooShoe Reno Boot

I can’t even—I really just can’t even. Holiday red, hand-stitched, cruelty-free cowboy boots? Cowgirl or not, these girls had you at hello.

To see more beautiful, cruelty-free boots, CLICK HERE!