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The perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for your sweetie!

Why “perfect”? Cuz all of ’em were made with LOVE – as in NO ANIMALS were killed/tested/harmed to create/make any of these products! Support companies that support animals!   -R.T.




“Share the Love” Valentine’s Day Temporary Tattoos

For the kid at heart, this package of 15 inexpensive temporary Valentine’s Day tattoos will leave a lasting impression. Each tattoo comes in a red custom envelope and has “To:” and “From:” fields, so it can be sent to a loved one miles away.

PETA Valentine's Day Cards

Vegan/GF Heart Marshmallow

February is filled with frigid temperatures, so spending a date night snuggled up by the fireplace with vegan hot cocoa is a must. Dress up your drink with this heart-shaped vanilla marshmallow, which is partially dipped in organic dark chocolate and sprinkled with real strawberry flakes.

free people vegan valentine's day candy marshmallow heart

Edible Massage Oil in French Vanilla

Warm up your hands and volunteer to give your lover a sensual massage—with cruelty-free oil, of course. You’ll have him or her melting in the palm of your hands—and smelling great!

French Vanilla Edible Massage Oil

So many easy, simple ways to live cruelty-free!

None of these lovely soaps were tested on white bunnies crammed into cages in “labs”! A few of these companies have stores in the Auburn Mall and other malls in the area, making animal-rights very mainstream!   From PETA.ORG.        – R.T. 

LUSH soaps are all handmade with fresh, organic fruits and veggies and have invigorating scents such as ginger, sea vegetable, and even porridge. Vegan products are clearly labeled on the company’s website, too, so shopping is a breeze. The soaps are available in LUSH shops and online. Find a store.

2. Kiss My Face
Classic and long-lasting, Kiss My Face soap is the first natural soap I used when I started buying only cruelty-free products. There are several nourishing olive formulas, including chamomile, lavender, green tea, and more. Find a store.

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Cute, tasty and cruelty-free!

Top 5 Vegan Super Bowl Recipes (Videos)

CLICK HERE to watch these perky cooking videos!

Today we’ll be shopping cruelty-free at the Auburn Mall

Like you, I got some gift cards for Christmas.  I’ll be at the Auburn Mall today “cashing my chips in,” but I’ll be patronizing  CRUELTY-FREE STORES or looking for cruelty-free goodies in shops. For example, I adore FOREVER 21! Pretty jewelry, clothing, etc for DIRT CHEAP. And no animals are killed to make many of their purses, belts, etc. Check the tags, please!

Here, from PETA, are other mall stores, most at the Auburn Mall and, I’ll bet, at the mall in your ‘hood, that DO THE RIGHT THING AND SELL CRUELTY-FREE PRODUCTS.

The world, thankfully, is changing. Global retailers are not the enemy. Many global retailers are educating themselves … learning to support the environment and their workers, to shun the brutal fur and leather industry … . Sure, they wanna jump on a cool trend and make a lot of dough, but they, I believe, want to do the good thing, too.  Because of new minimum wage laws in America/Massachusetts and workers movements like FIGHTING FOR FIFTEEN, wages are going up. This is a GREAT thing for our economy. More dough for workers = more spending = more robust American economy, which is pretty much driven by the good ol’ American consumer!

Support companies that are ringing in the New Year RIGHT – respecting workers and leaving tortured, dead rabbits, cows, snakes, dogs, outa the picture!    – R. Tirella

From PETA .ORG …

The Body Shop

This company’s products are 100 percent vegetarian (watch out for nonvegan ingredients) and are not tested on animals.

Body Shop Mist

Shea Body Mist

Loofah mitt Body Shop

Smooth and Renew Body Loofah Mitt

Paul Mitchell

Almost every product of this company is vegan, with a few exceptions.

Paul Mitchell Collection kit

Pink Out Loud! Collection Kit

Paul Mitchell Wash

Lemon Sage Energizing Body Wash


Aveda is a cruelty-free company and offers many vegan options. You can find Aveda’s nonvegan products listed here.


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Some FREE, wonderful ways to remember animals this holiday season!

Fun! Cute! And all for the animals! –  From the great folks at PETA!  – R.T.

12 Ways to Help Animals This Holiday Season!

The holiday season gives us a bunch of unique opportunities to make a difference for animals. We got things started with a list of 12 ways to help animals. Check it out and get going:

1. Print out our “This gift is cruelty-free” cards and put them on your gifts! When people receive their gifts, they’ll know that their present is cruelty-free!

gift-tags-2   gift-tags-1

2. Print out PETA’s “Be Sweet to Animals” tags! These tags can be attached to candy canes and small items to add an animal rights message to treats.


3. Make Christmas cards with animal rights messages. You can also add PETA stickers to cards and envelopes to spread the message. Or if you don’t want to make your own, you can purchase animal rights holiday cards from PETA.

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Responsible chicken ordinance perhaps coming to Worcester

By Worcester District 4 City Councilor Barbara Halller

In the interest of full disclosure, I once raised chickens. In one case it was while living at a farm-school in Pettigrew, Arkansas, and in the other it was while raising my family in the town of Holland, MA. I love chickens. My kids love chickens. And I can’t wait to raise chickens once again.

Right now it is against the law to have chickens in Worcester. This means that if you go ahead and raise some and someone complains you will be ordered to get rid of them. It also means that if some city person comes to your home or a nearby neighbor for some other reason (noisy party, barking dog, wellness check, etc.) and the chickens are seen that you will be ordered to get rid of them.

The idea of making chickens legal in Worcester has been around for a long time. But nobody got serious about it till a couple of years ago. Kristi Chadwick contacted me and asked for me to help get an ordinance effort going. We now call her the Mother Hen. Kristi did mounds of research about other communities’ ordinance successes and failures. She crafted a draft ordinance, and revised it, and revised it, over and over, as we worked to come up with the best chicken ordinance ever. We wanted a Responsible Chicken Ordinance, one that could get enacted and that protected quality of life for chickens and neighbors.

For many of us, this is not about if we get a chicken ordinance, but rather when we get one. This is happening across the country as more citizens want to participate in growing and controlling their own food, increase quality of their food, reduce transportation pollutions, and educate their children about where food comes from. On top of this, many find this kind of grassroots agriculture as fun and healthy.

Los Angeles, Rogers AK, Key West, South Portland ME, Madison, New York City, Portland OR, Seattle and Spokane WA, San Antonio, Oakland and San Diego and San Francisco CA, Austin, Memphis, Baltimore, and many, many more towns and cities now allow chickens. Providence passed her ordinance last fall.

Along the way, word got out about this effort and others joined in. My Clark intern in 2010, Lilly Denhardt, did some research. Mayor Joe O’Brien joined. Regional Environmental Council (REC) joined. Casey Starr joined. Joe Scully joined. Liz Sheehan Castro joined. Peggy Middaugh joined. By this spring, the effort definitely had momentum and it was time to move it into the Council process.

A group of us met with the Commissioner of Public Health, Dr. Dale Magee, and the Director of Public Health, Derek Brindisi, and went over the proposed ordinance, section by section, and listened to concerns raised. More revisions were made; the text was put in cleaner ordinance format.

Our ordinance allows for up to 5 chicken hens. No roosters, no slaughtering, no selling. Property owner’s permission is required. Backyards only. Annual license. City-approved coop. Outside only. At least twenty feet from neighbor’s house. Fenced enclosure.

Word continued to spread. More people joined in support. On June 14, 2011 Mayor O’Brien and I filed a council order requesting that the City Manager provide council with language similar to our draft ordinance which would allow for the keeping of chicken hens in Worcester. The request was sent to the Council’s Standing Committee of Public Health and Human Services for further discussion and recommendation. Councilor Phil Palmieri chairs this committee; the other two members are Councilor Konnie Lukes and myself.

The process is likely to be as follows: Councilor Palmieri schedules a hearing. Testimony is taken from the public, from city officials from Animal Control, Public Health, Planning Department (land use), and the Law Department. There may be more committee hearings scheduled, depending on the issues raised. At some point the committee will make a recommendation back to the full council: in favor, opposed, or in favor as amended by committee. Then the council will take a vote to support the committee’s recommendations or not. Six votes are needed. Members of the council could raise additional questions, could hold it for a week or forever. If we get the votes we need, the ordinance would be published for additional comments and then the final vote taken.

So, we have a way to go yet. But with strong advocacy and engagement we could have spring chicks 2012. (Rule is: Spring chicks, September eggs.) Hopefully we will soon answer the question “which came first.” For Worcester, many of us want the answer to be “the chicken.”

I believe that we have crafted a responsible and workable ordinance that will make Worcester a better place.