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The noose in the Denholm Building US Post Office branch

By Gordon T. Davis

For several generations the Post Office has been a means for Black people and others to move from poverty to the middle class.  My relatives and friends worked there and went from the poverty of the Great Depression to owning homes.

My postal carrier today is personable and we exchange pleasantries every time we see the other; I look forward to the mail.

It came as something of a shock to find out a hangman noose was visibly displayed in the Post Office at the Denholm Building from November 2013 through the Summer of 2014. I was reassured that the NAACP and others called for a rally against the hangman noose’s display and an investigation against those responsible was initiated in the Summer of 2014.

This reassurance that the universe was righted turned to cynicism when it was published recently that the United State Postal Service and the Federal Attorney General’s Office ruled that no law was broken.

It sounded a lot like the double talk that the police provides to us every time it kills an unarmed man.

Please do not take this essay as an attack on the Post Office; it is not. One of the reasons that the Post Office is hated by conservatives is that the Post Office has a large proportion of so called minorities working there with representation by a strong union.  Several of the clerks at the Denholm Building office are Black.  I have worked in situations when I felt discriminated against, but I held my tongue. This noose can be seen as a divisive issue not only for the public, but also as a hostile work environment.

The Post Office is being attacked from within when the bosses farm out the good jobs to minimum wage places like Staples. The United State Postal Service should make public their investigation and their analysis of why no law was broken.

Working in the legal industry I learned that many officials and decision makers think we are ignorant and can be blown off with a few high sounding words. I for one want to see in writing their ruling and analysis. From this we can then make the appropriate changes to laws and policy.

The NAACP and others will hold a meeting for the United States Postal Service officials  to explain why it is making no comment about any discipline given to  the supervisors who for months knew or should have known that hangman nooses are “ inappropriate” and did nothing.

These details should also be made public and the United States Postal Service policies be reviewed.

In the recent elections neither Baker nor Coakley paid much more than lip service to the Black people in the State. I did not hear any thing about the so called school to prison pipeline or disparities in employment. In contrast, I expected much more from President Obama, Attorney General Holder, and a Postal Service that many Black people and others found to be an effective way to the middle class.

I am going to the meeting and expecting to be given the same double talk when the Postal officials meet with the NAACP and the public.

Report on the Denholm Building Post Office noose …

The City of Worcester, the Worcester NAACP and representatives from the Worcester Postal Service will report back to the community regarding the display of a hangman’s noose in the Denholm Building Post Office.

This Community Meeting will be held:

Wednesday, November 12

5:30 pm at the YWCA

Salem Square

The Mayor and City Manager will present closing remarks at the end of the meeting.

Let’s stand together as a community against racism, hate and violence.

– Worcester NAACP

Love the mural – a work in progress! – on the Denholm Building in downtown Worcester! It is real! …

It is political! It is urban and gritty! It tells the truth! (FOR and TO me!)

To the left we see a broken, fallen downtown (Worcester) … to the right we see a re-built, strong Worcester downtown…

The middle section? Cambridge artist Caleb Neelon is working on it (it seemed this way when we last saw the mural/photographed it) …

I ain’t no artist. I ain’t no muralist, but if it were MY MURAL, I would paint: PEOPLE in the middle section!

ALL KINDS OF Worcester PEOPLE! Lovely faces of all ages, colors and shapes! Male and female! Rich and poor! Frail and strong! Bossy and meek! Big biz folks and small biz folks!

Because it’s people that will rebuild Worcester’s downtown! All kinds of people – EVERYONE! – working TOGETHER! The artist has brought an outsider’s perspective – an objective perspective – to Woo! THE TRUTH! BRAVO!  The fallen buildings to the left IS what most people “see” when they visit our downtown. Even we locals SEE this!

Hopefully, our city core will be up and humming SOON!

Here is Caleb’s website: http://calebneelon.com/info/         To see it live, click here     – Rosalie Tirella CAM00364   CAM00347   CAM00351   CAM00350

Finally! A mural for the Denholm Building in downtown Worcester!

We took this pic of the sad looking side of the DB several months ago  – and said the building was crying out for a mural! InCity Times has been pushing for more murals in the city for years! Well, we and thousands of other Woo folks got our prayer answered! We only wish the city had hired our ol’ pal PITO, a young Latino man, Worcester born and bred,  a guy who has created tons of street art in Woo, taken classes at the Worcester Art Museum and would have come up with something amazing!

Giving a LOCAL LATINO ARTIST – a TALENTED local artist – such fantastic exposure would have been so GREAT for Worcester.

Instead, a Cambridge-based artist landed the job. We wonder HOW he was chosen – how much outreach was done to minority, local artists. I’m sure the chosen muralist is nice and talented, BUT WORCESTER COULD HAVE AND SHOULD HAVE GONE LOCAL!

Well, as long as things are happening …  We can’t wait to see the painting begin!

EXCITEMENT for our downtown!!! Hooray!!!

– R. Tirella

Tweaked: Equal opportunities for Woo painters!

By Rosalie Tirella

Here is the Denholm’s Building on Main Street crying out for a mural. Seems we will be getting one as the City of Worcester conducts a nation-wide search for the perfect painter/graffiti artist.

Why bother searching when you have a great painter under yer nose?!

His tag is PITO and 12 years ago he worked for INCITY TIMES while creating great art all over Worcester walls. He had gone legit and was getting paid to do projects, most notably the huge cow jumping over the moon mural on the side of the Corner Grille on Pleasant Street. PITO also created the cool faces on the side of the now gone JAVA HUT. Pito is Latino, a bit taciturn … an enigma. All artist. Years ago I thought our PITO would take off big time. He was difficult but wonderful. You put up with the games cuz he was young, you knew he had some heavy emotional baggage and his murals were fucking amazing.

Sad to say PITO seemed to disappear from the Woo scene … only to reappear several years later at a local tattoo shop.

PITO, I screamed when I saw my young friend in the city. He didn’t look happy. I guessed it was because he wasn’t doing his art.

I jumped right in with, I’m gonna help you PITO. I am gonna call the city and see if you can get a grant, see if you can get a project. Leave everything to me.

After I left the tattoo shop I called city hall and talked with the city’s culture czar – I don’t remember if it was Erin. I told the woman all about PITO, that he was gifted and asked: Could he create some art for the city?

The woman was polite but detached. A strictly by-the-books kinda lady. The kind of emotionally constipated bureaucrat Worcester City Hall is filled with. She said PITO would have to fill out a grant application. Then folks would look at the application –

Just go out and look at his art! I said. You’ll see it all over the city. Meet PITO!

Nothing doing.

I called PITO and gave him the info. He didn’t seem thrilled with the idea of filling out a lot of paperwork.

A month later I got back in touch with him. Seems my hunch was spot on. He told me softly that the application form had to be filled out, lots of written work.

I sighed. A lot of street artists aren’t comfortable with writing essays, etc. And this Latino kid may not have had the writing skills of a college educated kid. He just let the opportunity slide ..
. And, of course, he wasn’t good at the political side of things. Actually, kinda rebellious. And he wasn’t connected in any way ….

Thank you, City of Worcester!! Because the arts expert couldn’t get off her ass and leave her office and just SEE PITO’S work, we missed out on some great art for Woo!


* nurture our home grown artists! Let’s hire and work with them!

* Let’s reach out to street artists – kids that may not have gone to art school but are super talented! Let’s give them scholarships to WAM! Let’s get them working in our city!

* Let’s help folks who may struggle with writing. Let’s help them fill out applications/do paper work.

* Let’s have an arts person who speaks Spanish and Vietnamese and can do out reach into these communities to find Woo’s artists!

* Let’s get beyond the toxic, back-biting clique that prevents new voices or different voices from being heard! Let’s REACH OUT IN UNCONVENTIONAL WAYS TO UNCONVENTIONAL PEOPLE!