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BP’s oil spill: mega-disaster or mega-crime?

By Christopher Horton

Was the Hurricane Katrina disaster natural or man-made? And if man-made, was it negligence, stupidity or a crime? Hurricanes happen, but the death and destruction was arguably mostly man-made – Bush was on record as opposing spending on the levees that would have saved the city. Should he have faced criminal charges for that?

Now we have the same questions about the Deepwater Horizon oil spill now underway in the Gulf of Mexico. BP has been fibbing about the size of this mega-disaster, and their ability to stop it appears doubtful. It may already be the second largest spill in history, with no end in sight. The oil appears to be shooting from multiple vents, moving below as well as on the surface. It could well destroy all the fisheries, natural habitats and tourist industries along thousands of miles of Gulf coast, and it will probably enter the Gulf Stream, which will bring it into the New England fishing grounds within months.

Was this disaster natural or man-made? Thatโ€™s a no brainer; of course it was man-made. God didnโ€™t drill those holes into the Gulf seabed! Even if a hurricane or lightning strike had set it off, it would still be a man-made disaster. Continue reading BP’s oil spill: mega-disaster or mega-crime?