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Change Worcester’s charter! Frank Raffa should not be a shoo-in!

By Rosalie Tirella

God, it will be tragic if retired Worcester firefighter Frank Raffa becomes Worcester’s new District 2 city councilor simply because he was savvy/sneaky enough to “work” the city’s charter. Our charter (a bedeviling document at times) creates a kind of elected official loophole: it states that if a Worcester city counilor/pol leaves office prematurely, the next highest vote getter gets to finish  his/her term – even if that person is a last-second write-in candidate.

A write-in candidate who did no campaigning, has no position papers, spent no money for signs, mailings, etc, did zero standouts – but, you know, had a handful of pals write his/her name on the ballot.

Like Frank Raffa, who garnered fewer than 200 votes this past election, just did. That’s because Raffa heard that incumbent District 2 City Councilor Phil Palmieri may not finish out his term. According to Worcester’s charter, if Phil leaves, well then Frank Raffa – the next highest vote getter (ha ha) – gets to take Phil’s place.

Raffa saw that no one was running againt Palmieri, and he knew that Palmieri would run for Sate Rep. Vinny Pedone’s seat, if Pedone ran for Guy Glodis’ sheriff slot, if Glodis went for State Auditor Joseph DeNucci’s job … if DeNucci, didn’t seek reelection.

DeNucci announced this week he will NOT run for State Auditor next election cycle. Continue reading Change Worcester’s charter! Frank Raffa should not be a shoo-in!