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By Rosalie Tirella

We talk about keeping Worcester jobs local and strengthening our local economy. I have written about our DPW’s toxic nepotism problem.

It seems that when the City of Worcester isn’t giving municpal jobs to the same 200 or so connected families, they don’t care WHERE the city’s subcontractors come from. I saw these disconcerting sights last week:

At the Crompton Park pool in Green Island, with all the rebuilding etc, going on, a truck with a Connecticut license plate! Doing work at a Worcester job site! Then:Driving down Dewey Street – where the potholes are mini-craters (of course they are -they are in one of our poorest neighborhoods) – I see a LUDLOW (Mass.) company doing all the street repaving/repair work. LUDLOW! Next: Outside an Institute Road house, I see a Maine truck doing the asphalt repair.

All City of Worcester jobs that Mike O’Brien and DPW BobMoylan could have outsourced to Worcester companies! Believe me – they need the dough!!

Connecticut, Maine, Ludlow … . Why all these out of town companies doing good blue collar work for the City of Worcester? The City of Worcester must stop giving lip service to supporting local small companies and actually start using them!

Even if it means paying a teensy bit more money!

To City Manager Mike O’Brien and DPW and Parks head honcho Robert Moylan: START HIRING WORCESTER BUSINESSESS!

2. Nepostism and hiring problems in the WPS system

The WPSchools Stacey Dubois Luster, head of human resources for our public schools and an African American woman, must start hiring people of color as teachers in the Worcester Public Schools. Let’s send down recruiters to Spellman College, Howard College and Temple and all those great African American colleges.Let’s have our recruiters talk to young, bright, gifted and Black young men and women about teaching in our public schools. Several years ago the City of Worcester created a little part-time job – $15,000 a year – for a WPS teacher recruiter to help hire more minorities in our schools. After only a year (or less) the WorcesterCity Council, claiming poverty, killed the position. Then, several months later, the city council voted to double their paychecks. Now all these folks (except for MikeGermain, hwo has refused the raise – good job, Mike!) make almost $30,000 a year (each city councilor!).


This is why folks don’t bother voting any more.