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Trust Obama!

By Rosalie Tirella

Some folks on the left are disappointed in our prez. Not I! He is cool, goodlooking, smart and progressive. How wonderful to turn on the tube and see a guy who speaks well, listens carefully, reacts intelligently, has a sense of humor (a wee bit smug, perhaps) AND is pretty much the community organizer I voted for last November.

President Barack Obama still cares about families, neighborhoods and kids. He wants a health care system that doesn’t break the bank – a system that serves the guy with cancer or the girl who just broke an ankle. Not the insurance companies or the HMOs. And no, there will not be rationing of health care. And like Obama said, if you have health insurance that you are happy with and you like all your docs – then keep them. But chances are you will be paying less money for their good services. Continue reading Trust Obama!

The economic crisis has come home

By Jack Hoffman

On Monday before 9AM seven major corporations laid off over 60000 employees, and that’s not counting the thousands of small businesses that have closed their doors. On Wednesday Starbucks announced thousands more would be add to the unemployed rolls.

In 2008, 2.5 million people lost their jobs. We know that the national unemployment rate has hit 7.2% for December- combined with the under a staggering 15%. Estimates for January could be 10%, or even higher. Exactly how many are actually seeking employment, or underemployed (being paid less than a fair wage we can only guess. California’s unemployment is now 9.3%- in some communities it’s as high as 25%. The governor has recently announced that the largest state in the union is now 65 billion in debt including state and local governments. State worker’s pay could be delayed. The governor of Massachusetts has just announced that he will have to cut 125 million from the cities and towns. Fortunately are unemployed is less than the national average (6.5%) Continue reading The economic crisis has come home