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Worcester City Manager Ed Augustus and the “minority” community

Worcester City Manager Ed Augustus

Let us start with City Manager Ed Augustus’ great plus: the development of downtown Worcester. He certainly has taken credit for it, and yet the evaluation of its success for Worcester has not been made. Many others had the foresight to see that the Galleria would be a failure when the Wrentham Outlets opened. Other city leaders wanted to reopen Front Street.

The issue of the development of our downtown and other areas of Worcester has led to the city’s Affirmative Action goals for construction jobs for city projects. No one in the public really knows how successful this effort has been. The City Manager’s office is not releasing significant or timely data. Also missing is: Where do people apply and what types of jobs are available?

The City Manager has taken credit for Affirmative Action through the hiring of Chief Diversity Officer, Dr. Carter. The success of this office and the number of jobs going to unemployed Worcester residents has yet to be evaluated.

The City Manager, unlike some other officials in the state, has maliciously prosecuted Worcester’s Black Lives Matter protestors. The judge in the case said that the very premise of the complaint filed by Augustus was wrong. The judge ruled that there was NO criminal action. At least one of the protesters was found not responsible of even the civil complaint. The City Manager failed in this area of race relations. He also failed by immediately selling the Mosaic Center building,  which has a long history in the Black community. This action was perceived as racist, as other unused and essentially abandoned City properties, such as the corner lot at Sunderland Road and Lake Ave. which are a hazard and an eyesore, lie fallow.

City Manager Augustus gets failing grades for snow removal. As a pedestrian in the city I ask: How is it possible that anyone can give Augustus an “exceeds expectations” when he cannot keep Worcester streets open and safe during a snow storm? Any competent executive can do this.

The issue of lack of transparency has been around for decades in Worcester city government.  Augustus has again failed the City and its residents when he refused to release the report on the racist hate speech by a high ranking City of Worcester employee, Mr. Traynor. This is a reflection of the institutional racism in City of Worcester government. Traynor is one of the people who is supposed to accomplish the City’s Affirmative Action goals.

The lack of transparency continues into the Worcester Police Department where Chief Sargent has indicated that he has a policy for the City based on the “Broken Windows” theory. This policy used in other cities has resulted in racist practices such as “Stop, Question  and Frisk” in New York City. When will our Police Chief and City Manager make known the details of this policy?

City Manager Augustus is quite ordinary in his bending to disparate impacts on Worcester’s “minority” community.

Ice skating on the Worcester Common ice oval … $25 per pair of skates …

By Rosalie Tirella

… rental fee, if you don’t have a major credit card to go with the $3 rental fee

$2 per person – admission fee to this public space

Imagine being a poor family of, let’s say, five: a mom and a dad and three kids, 10, 12, 7 years old, and two of you don’t own skates, and you don’t have a credit card or your major credit card is tapped out. A day on the Worcester Common, public land, will cost you. And if you don’t have the dough, tough luck. You’re not allowed on public space.

Thank you, former Worcester City Manager Mike O’Brien!! The ice oval was O’Brien’s baby – he didn’t ask the community for any input – and so was the Ebenezer Scrooge price policy. O’Brien was not at all sensitive to poor folks and their struggles. He created this ice oval admission policy with his typical arrogance and rammed it down our throats. Yep. Create an ice rink on public land, in the middle of an impoverished city neighborhood, and charge $$$$. His line was: People will see its worth ONLY if they have to pay for the PRIVILEGE to skate on it.  What bull shit. O’Brien’s arrogance turned lots of human service workers and neighborhood activists against him. At the end of his Woo stint, Mike O’Brien stopped serving the PEOPLE of Worcester, a GATEWAY CITY, and got stuck doing somersaults inside the pockets of local biz folks.

We and others in the community railed against his insensitivity (remember how he lied to us all about keeping our neighborhood swimming pools open?) … boo boo boo we repeated over and over again. Then came the feds …HUD investigated Worcester and found O’Brien’s office wasn’t minding the store … . His people weren’t keeping track of how fed monies were being spent. So O’Brien  left, looking haggard, gray and peeved. Near the end he told me his job  had aged him in dog years.

Woof! Woof! You have no one to blame but your micro-managing self, Mikey!



Augustus is making almost $200,000 a year! A single guy. No kids, no college funds, no big headaches …  It is tough to relate to people on the edge when you are so lucky and privileged. Here’s hoping Ed Augustus can empathize and rise to the occasion!



Here’s the official Ice Oval admission policy  and rental fees from the CITY OF WORCESTER:

Admission for public skating is $2, children 6 and under skate free.

“Skate Rentals .During public skating hours at the Worcester Common Oval, ice skate rentals will be available for $3.

“Planning to rent skates? Save time by printing the attached form below and completing the application in advance. Remember you will need a MA driver’s license or a MA state identification, PLUS a major credit card in order to rent skates. If you don’t have a credit card, a $25 fully refundable cash deposit is required for each pair of skates rented.




On CM Ed Augustus and Woo residency … There will be protests outside the …


Elephants suffer from painful arthritis when they are forced to be in circuses. 

By Rosalie Tirella

… DCU Center in Worcester this weekend AGAINST RINGLING’S USE OF WILD ANIMALS in their circus.  The public is being fed, by the local media, the same garbage Ringling feeds its animals: the elephants love being in Ringling. They are so happy amid all the people.

Just because elephants have faces that people perceive as sweet, docile, happy does not make it true.

People need to know THE TRUTH about wild animals in circuses!  They need to learn about the natural habitats, the physical and emotional needs of wild animals! THE TRUTH.

Remember when journalists were ravenous for the truth? When Woodward and Bernstein brought down a presidency?  When reporters were  called muckrakers by the powers-that-be cuz they got the dirt on all the politicians and captains of industry and printed it?

In Worcester the only muckraking local reporters engage in  is raking the animal muck for Ringling!

Better to get your circus news from The Boston Globe or The New York Times or even the Los Angeles Times …Great writers. Great reporting.

Learn about the Ringling protest planned for Worcester this weekend at  ringlingbeatsanimals.com



Come live in Worcester, Ed! Live the life many of us experience here!

On Ed Augustus and the City of Worcester’s  “flexible” residency requirements

By Rosalie Tirella

Why aren’t local scribes putting the heat on the Worcester City Council for not making a peep about Worcester  City Manager Ed Augustus living in Millis, a BOSTON SUBURB?

Millis is 19 miles south of Boston, a more appropriate place for Ed Augustus to live if Ed were city manager of Boston (yes, we know – Boston has a strong mayor government) – not Worcester.

Years ago, when Augustus – who became Worcester’s new CM a few weeks ago – was a state senator for a Worcester district, he took heat for living in Boston. In fact, he  kinda crowed about it! That got Augustus into a bit of hot water in Worcester, so he didn’t run for re-election.  Things may have gotten … messy.  Instead, Augustus high-tailed it to California where he hung out for a year or two working for the children’s defense fund. Things cooled off in Worcester. A new state senator took Ed’s place. Ed Augustus came back to Worcester, eventually got a job at Holy Cross college because of his political connections – and bought a home in Millis! 19 miles south of Boston. The Boston area.

I don’t get it. If Augustus is so in love with Boston, why doesn’t he just work there? Plenty of political jobs for a good libby dem like Ed out there.

Why be the City Manager of Worcester and live 19 miles south of Boston?

Where is the Worcester City Council on this?

Worcester city councilors have been clamoring for Woo residency  for all top City of Worcester administrators FOR YEARS. Our school superintendent was pressured into and did locate to Worcester when she took her high-paying job. Same with our head librarians (who all flew the Woo coop anyways). Mayor Joe Petty demanded it, god damn it!

That was before Petty nominated and pushed for pal Augustus to get the city manager gig.

This isn’t personal. I like Petty a lot and Augustus is a good, capable egg.

But Millis?  Only a few minutes away from Boston? … Don’t you wish you lived only a few minutes away from an amazing city like Boston? The museums! The plays! The beautiful, historical architecture!  The music! The food! The celebrations and special events! …

Too expensive!

… Unless you’re the City Manager of Worcester!

Heading out to run InCity Times early yesterday …


… I felt pretty hopeful about Worcester City Manager candidate Oscar Rodriguez. Of course, Worcester pulled a Worcester on me by nite-fall  …  So I guess it’s the same club of (good, well meaning) white guys pulling all the strings again! The same 20 or so guys giving all the important, high-paying political/state/city jobs to each other over and over and over again!!!!


It is very tough to be different in this town, that’s for sure! We all have to speak the party line and kiss all the right asses and say and do all the right things to get anything done here …


– Rosalie Tirella

If only Ed Augustus were a Republican!

By Rosalie Tirella

Things would be so different over at the Telegram and Gazette’s editorial desk. Chief editorial writer Chris Sinicola would be singing the candidate’s pro- biz, pro-money agenda! The Telegram has always been a Republican rag, out of step with the city it covers.

Now, more than ever, we see the clunky chemistry.

The peeps love Augustus. He’s in the neighborhoods, much like the super hands on Mike O’Brien was. Only he’s not hanging with thr money crowd. He’s talking with firefighters and school teachers and regular folks, folks who may not even own real estate!

Mon Dieu! What’s a used car saleslady like Beth Proko gonna say about this? Four or so years ago the Old Injun Fighter looked at a used truck Beth and hubby wanted to sell him. He said Beth came on to him. Yuck! (The OIF was always a broad-magnet.) And they tried to sell him a used truck that wouldn’t pass inspection. Double yuck! (And ILLEGAL!)

But hey, Proko owns some real estate. That makes her more important than the kids or inner city neighborhoods of Worcester! It makes her more important than a muscular City of Worcester board of health.

It’s all about money, her money, for Beth. Lower taxes for Beth and the T and G. Forget the neighborhoods and making the Woo of tomorrow, our kids of today, healthy and strong. Former city manager Mike O’Brien spent too much time listening to Proko and her ilk. So much so that the federal funds and projects that he took credit for, but were really secured by the good Dems in our state house and in DC, seemed to say I LOVE WOO HOODS. Not so. He loved Woo developers. He had no taste for neighborhood activists. Just like the T and G editorial board, which intimates that district city councilors are intellectually inferior to at large city councilors. A recent T and G editorial says at large councilors have the vision. District councilors whine about potholes. What kind of cocaine has T and G chief editorial writer Sinicola been snorting? We can only guess the kind cut with rat poison.

Ed Augustus is proving himself to be a hit.

The T and G and the biz community want him to be a miss. Cuz they are more into money than helping people. Hence, Beth Proko asks straight out ASK ED IF HE WANTS THE JOB AND … HE REALLY SHOULD NOT TAKE THE JOB BECAUSE SHE WILL THINK LESS OF HIM IF HE DOES. Beth is full of shit.

And the T and G now wants a paper pusher/desk nerd city manager when former city manager Mike O’Brien was the opposite, as in the hoods as you can get. But he was singing a Republican tune.

The T and G thinks the people pushing for a neighborhood-centric city manager are morons. We cannot wait until this stupid rag gets dumped by Mr. Henry and becomes THE WORCESTER TAB.

In the meantime: GO, ED, GO!!!!!!

Now that Ed Augustus is Worcester’s interim city manager …

By Rosalie Tirella

… I say HOORAY! !!!!!

Now that city leaders have picked a person who’s known for being a sensitive, good man … Now that we’ve traded Mike “Bloomberg” O’Brien for Ed “de Blasio” Augustus … Now that we have a city manager who is a little more keyed into kids and poverty …. Now that we have a new guy, Ed Augustus, who served on the Worcester School Committee and worked at the Children’s Defense Fund and was instumental in having Holy Cross sponsor our public library book-mobile (books and DVD s for our inner-city kids and adults) … Now that we have a city manager who HAS A HEART and is not a dictatorial workaholic manager-bot …

Why not have him null and void all fees for poor kids and families when it comes to THE ICE OVAL?????? Or, at the very least, WORK WITH LOCAL SPORTING GOOD STORES TO HAVE THEM DONATE A TON OF NEW ICE SKATES FOR LOW-INCOME FAMILIES TO USE ON THE OVAL FOR FREE?

That freaking municipal skating rink, financed by the people’s dough, taxes, sitting smack dab in the middle (well, sorta) on our city COMMON, has been stuck in my throat like a wayward turkey bone at Thanksgiving Day dinner! That skating rink should be FREE TO ALL. It’s on public land, it was built by public funds! Former City Manager hit a new nadir when he decided to lock poor Worcesterites off their property, when he turned poor Woo kids into charity cases by designating” special” days for them to skate on the Ice Oval. Like special school field trips.

I cannot wait until this city gives this city manager the heave ho. Ok, so he chose to bail on us …

Good people of Woo, O’Brien’s January departure is a good thing! This Thanksgiving Day let us be thankful for Ed Augustus!

While the ascension of Augustus was a tad … politically murky, he’s a most excellent choice! He has brains and a heart!

Here’s hoping his love of kids, especially those who may not be the richest babes in toyland, guides him to do the right thing with our Ice Oval.

All children and families should be able to skate on the Ice Oval. Any time they wanna have some winter fun!

Happy Thanksgiving to Woo!!!!!