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Bill, Edith and Rose: It’s the Fourth of July!🇺🇸


By Edith Morgan


I am an American!! I can say that, not because I was born here (I was not), but because I have my citizenship papers to prove that I am legally an American citizen. For those who are born here and are granted that great privilege, this may not mean much; many take for granted what citizenship in America means. But for those few of us remaining who, like me, escaped Germany before World War II, having that recognition means a great deal!

One of the horrors visited upon those of us whose families fled Germany during or before Hitler took over was that he took away our citizenship, making us legally “non-persons” – unable to get visas and under the protection of no other government. We lived for decades in that state, and it was only by the greatest luck that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt established a special immigration group (called “political refugees”) that we were able to get out of Europe and come to America. Many of us are eternally grateful not only for our lives here, but also for all the opportunities we have enjoyed in America. And we always remember the debt we owe!

I write this in a time of upheaval in our country, of change, and of uncertainly for many. But on this Fourth of July I am more mindful than ever for what we have here and ought to treasure as Americans. We have so many freedoms! We can move about freely, think and believe pretty much what we please, live in all sorts of places and ways and styles … and we worship our gods or nature in a thousand different ways. In America, there are few limits on how we dress, how we talk, what we do with the 24-hours a day we all have.

We take a lot of these “inalienable rights” for granted because we exercise them daily.

But for those of us who were not born with all this, there is always the constant awareness of how easily it can be lost.

So my own greatest duty as an American is to daily exercise all the responsibilities that go with being an American: I treasure and take care of my home, appreciate my neighbors, read my local newspaper, keep an eye on our elected officials, and vote in every election. I try to be a positive addition to America – this land that has sustained me for over 75 years!

We Americans have a lot of freedoms and rights, but there seems to be too little attention to our responsibilities. Many of us who came here brought our special knowledge and culture with us and shared what was worth saving and adopted new ways as we learned. Being an American means constantly improving, being open to new ideas, while also holding on to those concepts that work.

The majority of us, young and old, still hold to the values that characterize the best of America. But we are going through what I believe is a bad spell, a wrong turn of the ship of state, which seems to be showing signs of slowly righting itself. As a retired school teacher, I look to our young people, many of whom are seeking a better way to steer the ship of state, more in line with the values expressed in our “Declaration of Independence” – but which need to be redefined and revived.

In an imperfect world, full of imperfect humans, we still have all kinds of opportunities to turn from the crass materialism, egotism, abuse of our planet and unfairness of our economic and social systems! We can create “a more perfect union,” with liberty and equality for all!

To me, that is what it means to call myself an American.




Screenshot_2019-06-10-11-35-06 (0)
In his younger days, Bill painted American flags in public spaces all over Worcester! Here he is with a finished 🇺🇸

Our Declaration of Independence starts with a clear message to King George of Great Britain:

“When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bonds that separated them from another, and to assume among the powers of the earth the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of Nature’s God entitled them a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal and that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

When the framers of our Declaration of Independence wrote these words, they were sending a clear message that the people of the fledgling America were no longer going to take injustices any more, from King George on down, and that self-determination would be the law of our their new land.

Today the George Floyd-inspired protests and protest movements are saying the same thing, with new generations of Americans tired, exhausted and frustrated with the lack of progress to eliminate the injustices of systemic racism – in our communities, schools, work places and federal, state and local governments.

We have had it!

Racial injustice from Police Brutality will no longer be an acceptable norm.
Young people have no tolerance for it or the patience to sit back and wait for their turn.

In August of 1963, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, in his “I have a Dream” speech called on the American government to make things right for a previously enslaved people who were being denied voting rights, as well as accommodations in stores, restaurants, public transportation … access to good jobs, housing and quality education.

These issues are still here with us!

King George and his unfair orders and laws for the new Americans may have been the focal point for our American Revolution. Today it is racist attitudes and laws and images that make you feel that no progress has been made.

Black Lives Matter now more than ever! We can no longer and will no more accept the suggestions that “Things will change.” CHANGE MUST HAPPEN NOW.

Our prison system and the pipeline that feeds young lives to its institutions are broken and must be fixed. The waste of human brain power must be promoted and encouraged. For God’s sake, stop killing Black people in their homes for no reason!!

Worcester has had its George Floyd problems. Long standing prominent Black Worcester families can tell you their stories. Our Constitution gives us the right to assemble, protest, petition government and demand that we as a people change for the better. I believe: “Our greatest challenge is to open our hearts and our minds and stop the ugly growth of bigotry and hypocricy that continues to stop any progressive enhancements of our society.”

People of all races and ages: Keep on protesting! Keep on petitioning government at all levels … change laws, add new ones! A new and greater America, with all of its diverse people showing the way, can and will lead the world!

Worcester's Birthday Cake 168 Years as a City. Worcester’s Birthday Cake 168 Years as a City. A city booster, Bill has helped coordinate lots of Worcester celebrations!


On Trump’s July Fourth Mount Rushmore Speech😓😓

By Rosalie Tirella

The real Trump

I just watched President Donald Trump bloviating at the iconic Mount Rushmore. Gave his Big Fourth of July speech that was totally removed from the America we are living in NOW: the global COVID 19 epicenter where nurses go into the emergency room wearing garbage bags and there is no testing or contact tracing or science; the George Floyd “lynching,” Americans of all colors demanding the restructuring of our militaristic police departments. … WE ARE IN PAIN. TRUMP IS OBLIVIOUS TO OUR PAIN. A chimp out of time. … And where does such a small man get such an inflated ego?! To put himself on the same stage as TR, Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson. No! Make that: to make them his backdrop!! … Teddy Roosevelt was a voracious reader and wrote book after book. Lincoln is one of our greatest writers and visionaries. He’d be the first to admit: Trump is a moron. A dangerous demagogue.

It was a kooky, hateful speech. The usual Trump verbal sh*t show. Trump crowed: per his new executive order, anyone who throws a can of paint at a Confederate general statue (built not to honor the generals but to shore up the KKK, Jim Crow segregation …) gets 10 years in prison! And the Trumpster added: NO ONE WILL EVER TEAR DOWN MOUNT RUSHMORE!!! Thanks for reassuring us, Donald! …To which one of the hundreds of non-mask-wearing audience members replied: BUILD THE WALL! BUILD THE WALL!! And the one voice ballooned into a racist threat chanted by all. Scary.

Our moron in chief struggled to spit out “totalitarian,” “Ulysses” and pronounced mayhem “may-HAM.” Well, the ham in the White House ended his twisted American hoohah history lesson with Neil Young’s ROCKIN’ IN THE FREE WORLD. Not knowing that Young stands against everything Trump and his base are for. After all, Young wrote “Southern Man,” and the song Trump blared was meant to be a kick in the teeth to President Bush 1 with his “thousand points of light” platitudes in an America of homeless guys near garbage cans, unwed, drug-addicted mothers with babies in their arms who will never get to go to school, grow up cool: Trump’s dystopian America of carnage and wasted human potential.

Edith rechristening Rosalie’s space! … Yummy tomatoes!

Rosalie’s 10-foot-tall tomato plant amid her kitchen jungle, this morning. pics: R.T.

Did she find a single, solitary, precious, illusive tomato today?!

By Edith Morgan

It seems to be the height of the season – so many kinds of tomatoes to choose from, and in so many shapes , sizes and colors! And, believe it or not, they vary greatly in taste and consistency, too.

I have gotten some that were so very juicy that just biting into them was risking a dribble of juice down the front of my face; but then there are others, meaty and rather “mealy,” that do not leak all over me when I take a bite. I like to try them all, and compare. If I was a dedicated connoisseur, I could probably tell which ones were good for sauce, which are good for slicing, which are best for salads, and which make the best diced ones for various hot dishes.

So, my advice at this time is: Try them all, especially the ones freshly picked and eat them raw while they are still warm from the sun and savor the great flavor – so much more potent than the pallid hothouse ones we here in the cold Northeast have to content ourselves with during the winter.

I have always loved tomatoes in all their various forms, but apparently my European ancestors were not always so very enthusiastic about tomatoes. First of all, I learned early on that the tomato is a fruit, not a vegetable (but we are free to use it in any way we choose). Centuries ago, so I was told, the tomato was known as a “love apple,” at one time was also considered poisonous. I have not researched the origins of these ideas, but I do know that the tomato is not the only food to have undergone such a metamorphosis. It’s probably more cultural bias than scientific truth, though I still avoid using the leaves of the plant (there are quite a few plants whose fruit we can eat, but whose leaves are not palatable).

I have friends who freeze cherry tomatoes, to be used in winter. Others make lots of sauce and freeze it. Others slice the large red tomatoes, season them and roast them in the oven, with onion slices and whatever else you like at this time: zucchini and other squashes drizzled with your favorite herbs and olive oil.

For an impressive side dish, my mother used to cut a large, round, red tomato, using a sharp, pointed knife, going around the middle in a zig-zag pattern. She then scooped out the seeds and flesh and filled the two halves with a scoop of various treats: tuna salad, egg salad, cottage cheese or whatever filling can accompany your meal. The serrated edges look festive, are so easy to do, and create a tasty container for so many salads. My mother always believed that you eat with your eyes, as well as your mouth: A meal should LOOK appetizing, as well as be tasty!


Can’t get enough of this Downtown Worcester beauty!!!


An honest day’s work

By Edith Morgan

We celebrated Labor Day earlier this month, and some workers enjoyed a well-earned day of rest. Many did not, as they perform vital duties, often at low wages, to keep our society moving. My newspaper and mail have been crowded with ads for special sales, back-to-school sales, preparation for fall and winter; and already the Halloween stuff is out, though it is nearly two months away… Students are back in school, colleges are in full swing, and the mad rush toward the end of another year has begun.
When will we take time to stop and think? When do we examine our assumptions, decide whether our country is headed in the right direction, doing good rather than doing well, being good stewards of this small planet?

I always assumed that we are not here just to consume as much as we can, accumulate as much wealth as possible, and contribute a little to various causes, deducting the gift from our taxes so that the taxpayers foot the bill.

But times have slowly changed, and now too many of us think that we work just to make money to survive: and it is a constant race to see how little we can be paid, how much harder we can be made to work, and how much of our labor’s rewards can be funneled to those who do no work at all, but merely move money around.

The most important work – parenting, education, cleaning up, building roads, maintaining bridges, parks, rivers, water supplies, caring for those who can’t care for themselves, and many more, without which we could not survive, are still paid starvation wages, and have to fight constantly to keep their heads above water.I did not hear much about these everyday heroes who keep our society running, on this Labor Day.

But there is hope: I see a stirring in the ranks, a slow realization that doing the real work should be rewarded, supported. Only by being organized (“there is strength in numbers”) can decent treatment be assured. For too long we have stood by and watched working people take the blame for the greed and dishonesty of those above them.

For every “welfare queen” who may have helped to make her family’s life better, there are dozens of unpunished corporations, taking tax breaks and wasting billions of this country’s assets. Let us focus on the REAL criminals, not the penny ante individuals.
Now the focus has shifted to wrecking the “non-profits” that actually help people, and do not take big salaries for themselves: because they are often run by volunteers or untrained persons of good will but lack of expertise, their bookkeeping is not always up to par: so why not point out the errors, help them straighten out their books, and help them stay out of trouble? I do not know of any small charitable non=profit whose leadership has gotten rich off their funds. The very small number of them that are really frauds are taken care of quickly and effectively. Let’s fix, rather than punish.