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Today, Worcester! Get out and vote!

By Rosalie Tirella

The Worcester of 2015 is multiracial, multicultural and multi-voiced. It’s a city with a healthy middle and upper-middle class and biz community. But it is also a Gateway City filled with immigrants, second generation Americans … lots of poor families, hungry children … youth violence, racial strife – BIG CITY CHALLENGES!

We need city leaders who can work our problems with: INTELLIGENCE, SENSITIVITY, OPTIMISM.

So, today, ELECTION DAY, please vote for:

Mayor – Joseph (Joe) Petty (incumbent)

Great person! Smart, thoughtful on the issues, won’t be swayed by the naysayers or the alarmists. Rebuilt Elm Park, pushed for a recovery high school AND a high school for the gifted, working to upgrade so many of our public schools, working with the police department to keep our schools safe, building playgrounds and safe spaces for our inner-city kids. THIS IS WHAT JOE PETTY IS ABOUT. COMMUNITY. All of us sharing the good things,feeling we have a say … that we ALL matter: black, white, poor, straight, gay, inner city, suburban style …

He’s our QUIET MAN – and we mean the JOHN WAYNE flick! Don’t let his modesty fool ya! Petty’s tough and determined! Go, Joe, go!



Councilors at Large


Joseph Petty (see above. You have to vote for Petty in this category too, if you want him to be re-elected mayor).

Morris (Moe) Bergman

A steady voice. A calm, thoughtful, smart guy who LOVES our public schools. He’s had three kids go/going through the system – so he’s not just talk! He knows the school buildings, the teachers, the courses. He is PROUD of what our public schools offer kids and their families. Moe is also for a brighter downtown, economic development … a better Worcester for all.

Juan Gomez

We love Juan! He is so real! Warm, yet tough! Fun and cute but biz savvy. We have been a Juan fan for years, back when he was a Worcester city councilor who was business friendly but never forgot the peeps! He was always honest about the issues, where he stood. Sometimes that cost him a vote or two but, for us, that spells INTEGRITY.

Ronald O’Clair

InCity Times writer and long-time Main South community activist Ron O’Clair KNOWS THE ISSUES, KNOWS THIS CITY. Ron is a life-long Worcester resident and truly enjoys the people and our zippy Woo vibe. He gets a kick out of the great things, but the guns, violence, drugs bring him down, like it does all of us. He wants to help us save our inner city – stop the violence and the drugs! And that is a wonderful thing!


Philip Palmieri

This District 2 guy wants to graduate to At Large! And why not?! The district Phil’s been serving for years encompasses downtown Worcester, the bustling Shrewsbury Street, parts of Green Island, pretty middle class neighborhoods – in other words: Worcester in microcosm. And Phil has NEVER been shy about weighing in on city-wide issues anyways – or beginning the conversation on some important Worcester issue, outside his district. This has always been a good thing for Worcester.

Phil Palmieri is an experienced Worcester city councilor, works the problems Hard and SMART, like there’s no tomorrow!

Worcester needs Phil! GIVE him your vote!

William Coleman

Billy Coleman has been a pal for years. What you don’t see when he’s kinda got the spotlight all to himself is: HE REALLY IS A VERY CARING, LOVING PERSON WHO IS THERE FOR ANYONE. Billy is a GREAT PERSON! Which means he’ll work hard for ALL THE PEOPLE OF WORCESTER – meet you, talk with you, hear your side of the issue. He’s a gentle soul who doesn’t hurt folks, and he is especially sensitive to the poor, the homeless, city kids … the people others sometimes forget.


District 2:

Vote for Candace Mero Carlson!

She wants to take Phil’s place – she’d be a great voice and advocate for D 2. Candy holds a special place in my heart because she is a GREAT DOG LOVER! Has had English bull dogs that are just gorgeous! And spoiled, like my Jett and Lilac. Candy is also people focused, has done so much volunteer work, community advocacy ….LOVES WORCESTER! She knows District 2 and would represent it with smarts, grace and intelligence.


VOTE TODAY! Vote for the Worcester you hope to see!!!!

A message from Ron O’Clair – Worcester City Councilor at Large candidate

DSCF1099Ron O’Clair. On the ballot it’ll be: Ronald L. O’Clair.

Hello, Worcester Voters!

I would like to thank all those who graciously accepted my request to sign my nomination papers, from the very first person: Tamami Okano to the 300th and qualifying signature of Seiwaah Osei Kyei and all those in between who made it possible for me to get my name on the ballot for the upcoming Municipal Election as a Worcester City Councilor At-Large Candidate.

I enjoyed interacting with each and every one of you and pledge that if I am elected as your City Councilor I will faithfully execute the duties of that office with the best interests of the people in this city foremost in my mind at all times.

Here are some of the areas in which I believe I can make a difference:

Better relations between the citizens and the Worcester Police.

Increased safety in the individual neighborhoods through community involvement in the judicial process.

Help to ensure that all citizens are treated equally under the law.

Help to ensure that our elderly receive all the help they can get to survive the harsh New England winters.

Reduce fraud, waste and abuse of programs designed to help the needy in Worcester.

Advocate for those who need help combating drug and alcohol addictions, focusing on rehabilitation.

Be available to discuss the issues affecting the average citizen and work to address those concerns.

I would like to help lead Worcester into the future and make it a shining example for other communities in the Commonwealth of of Massachusetts. I have worked with all of my previous Worcester District 4 City Councilors: Janice Nadeau, Barbara Haller and now Sarai Rivera to make a difference in the neighborhood where I have resided since 03 July 1996 – the 700 block of Main Street.

I believe that if elected as a Worcester City Councilor, I can help make the improvements made in my Main South neighborhood happen in the other neighborhoods of Worcester. I believe we need accountability at City Hall and that citizens deserve to be treated fairly and with respect.

If elected, I will strive to make that happen.

Please consider my name when you vote on the 8th of September and the 3rd of November, 2015.

Thank you,

Ronald L. O’Clair

Charles E. Scott Memorial Plaque Dedication Ceremony – Worcester City Hall, Tuesday

Scott, Charles E (#2)








Charles E. Scott, Worcester’s second African American city councilor, served our city for many years.

Tuesday, February 24

6 p.m.

2nd floor, Worcester City Hall

Main Street

Welcome and Overview:  Ms. Stacey Luster, Charles E. Scott Community Fund

Remarks: Honorable Joseph M. Petty, Mayor

Morris A. Bergman, City Councilor-at-Large

Edward M. Augustus, Jr., City Manager

Perspective: Ronald S. Scott, grandson of Councilor Scott

Dr. Thomas L. Doughton, College of the Holy Cross

Reflection: William S. Coleman, III

A display case contains memorabilia relating to Inspirational Worcester Elections, serving to remind each and every resident of Worcester that they too can contribute to our city by participating in the elective process.

In 2015: What Worcester City Council candidates NEED to discuss

By Gordon T. Davis

Oversight of the Worcester Police Department 

Oversight of the police does not mean that the police are doing anything bad. It does mean that what the cops do should be transparent to the residents of Worcester.

Right now not even the police can say that their efforts are successful or effective or not. It is unlikely that the City will set up such oversight, given Worcester City Councilor Konstantina Luke’s petition of support for the police department. The WPD should be overseen, if for no other reason than for the Worcester City Council to fulfill its duty to set policy.  How can policy be set if no one can say for certain what is going on?

Perhaps with the Ferguson demonstrations of 2014, a non-governmental agency will find the political strength to oversee the WPD’s policy.

The Start of the School to Jobs Pipeline.

There has been a lot of talk about a school to prison pipeline. This “pipeline”  has a disparately negative impact on the dark-skinned and poor children of Worcester. It is certainly true that more school discipline is being resolved by police arrests,  adversely affecting many students. It is a certainty that no Worcester city council candidate will talk about the school to prison pipeline.

It is time to talk about the school to jobs pipeline. There are many groups in the city that work with children, providing mentoring and other help. These groups include the United Way, CAC, YWCA, YMCA, The Friendly House and many others.  It might be time to coordinate these efforts and have the different agencies work in a more coordinated manner to make sure every child gets what she or he needs to graduate high school, become gainfully employed and lead a successful life. Every child at risk should have a mentor, and every child should have something worthwhile to do after school.

The Franchise for Worcester Residents

Many Worcester residents are not citizens of the United States. Neither Massachusetts nor Worcester has citizens; the people who live here are residents. Which means that some residents of Worcester cannot vote in Worcester only elections such as  the City Council and School Committee races.   A large proportion of the City’s residents are not represented by the City Council, although Councilors will say they listen to everyone.  Residents of Worcester who cannot vote send their children to the Worcester Public Schools, have their streets plowed by the Worcester  DPW and PAY TAXES, just like citizens. This seems to violate the principle of the American Revolution: “No taxation without representation.” Although unlikely to be taken up by any Worcester political candidate, I look forward to this discussion.

Bill Coleman 

I hope to see William (Bill) Coleman run for Worcester City Council again. He and I disagree when it comes to our world outlooks, but we agree on so many of the details. Such as the need to mitigate the harm done to families when a family member becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Bill is one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to Worcester or the political history of the City of Worcester. More so than several of our present city councillors. I think if elected he will surprise us all in a good way!


Get jazzed up today!!! Do the American thing and VOTE! The good ol’ USA is still the greatest country on earth! And Massachusetts is STILL a great state, on the cutting-edge of education, research, social justice,  equality for all …

InCity Times is for: higher education for all, eradicating hunger, a living wage, healthy kids, job training for all, strong families, great cities and awesome inner-city neighborhoods where no one is left behind!      – R. Tirella

So, with all of the above in mind, we’re asking you to vote for the following folks TODAY.


Martha Coakley – Governor

 Steve Kerrigan – Lieutenant Governor

 Maura Healey – Attorney General

MK Merelice – State Auditor

Danny Factor – Secretary of State

 Ian Jackson-  State Treasurer



PLEASE! When you get to the ballot questions, remember our precious environment and vote to expand the bottle bill! Vote YES on Question 2! Remember our workers who are working so hard but making the least $$, are under the most stress, head the most fragile families (like my late mom  – she never got sick days! ) and vote YES for earned sick time! And remember our unskilled or semi-skilled workers who may not be able to go back to school for retraining when you decide on casinos. Please vote no on the casino question – we need the jobs for are semi-skilled workers! Remember that the gas tax is regressive in that poor people who own cars take a huge hit every time the price of gas goes up, up, up! So vote yes on Question 1.


Question 1 – YES

Repeals 2013 law that automatically increases gas taxes according to inflation.

Question 2 – YES

Expands the state’s  beverage container recycling law to include all water and juice bottles

Question 3 – NO

Repeals a 2011 law allowing resort casinos

Question 4 – YES

Enables employees to earn and utilize four sick days per year. For companies with 10 or so employees, the company’s owner DOES NOT HAVE TO PAY THE DAY’S WAGES. They just have to give the person the day to tend to his or her health or help with the caring of a sick or dying family member.

Political rallies!

TOMORROW, Saturday, Nov. 1

HRC President Chad Griffin Joins Shaheen, Hassan & Shea-Porter in New Hampshire to Mobilize LGBT and Ally Voters

Approaching a critical election, Chad Griffin, President of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) civil rights organization, will participate in high-profile events with New Hampshire U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Governor Maggie Hassan, Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter, and other elected officials tomorrow, Saturday, November 1, as part of an ongoing effort to fire up LGBT voters and their allies in the Granite State.

When:  Saturday, November 1, at 12:15 PM

Who:    HRC President Chad Griffin

U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen

What:   Canvass Kick-off with Senator Shaheen

Where: 125 Brewery Lane, Portsmouth, NH

Joined by Governor Hassan, Congresswoman Shea-Porter, and other officials, Griffin will also join one of the ongoing HRC phone banks in the state to get out the vote for Senator Shaheen, Governor Hassan, and Congresswoman Shea-Porter.  Griffin and local volunteers will call HRC members across the state to emphasize what’s at stake for LGBT equality in this election.

When:  Saturday, November 1, at 3:30 PM

Who:    HRC President Chad Griffin

Governor Maggie Hassan

Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter

What:   Phone bank to get out the vote for LGBT equality

Where: 228 Maple Street 4th Floor, Manchester NH

Next Tuesday, election day, remember: the Green Rainbow Party is the future

By Gordon Davis

The Green Rainbow Party came into existence in the last decade from a merger of the Green Party and the Rainbow Coalition Party, a coming together of racial justice, social justice, peace, and green environmental issues. It is the part of the nation Green Party in the USA.

The Green Rainbow Party is different from any of the other political parties in that it does not accept any contributions from  incorporated entities and therefore is not influenced by corporations. All of the funding for the Green Rainbows is  donations from individuals. The Green Rainbows have self imposed public campaign financing without government help.

It is common knowledge that the very rich and corporations have influenced the policies of both the Democrats and the Republican parties. Many of the policies of the Democrats and the Republicans are disguised as helping middle class and poor people, but are in reality hurting us.  The regressive tax is an example. High tuitions at state colleges are another. The future of this Commonwealth should be a government which has policies with no corporate strings attached.

The Green Rainbow party has developed several goals for Massachusetts which we call the Community Uplift Initiative. These policies are not influenced by corporations, but only by the desire of good public policy. The three candidates of the Green Rainbow Party have dedicated themselves to effectuation of the goals. Please look for and consider them on your ballot:

MK Merelice, who is running for State Auditor

Danny Factor, who is running for Secretary of the Commonwealth

Ian Jackson, who is running for Treasurer of the Commonwealth

The community uplift initiative of the Green Rainbow party includes the following:

1.     An Economic Bill of Rights that says that every human being deserves to live a life of dignity and respect, and an end to discrimination

2.    A Community Uplift Initiative to end poverty and unemployment – breaking from the current Beacon Hill approach of spending on corporate welfare, enriching the wealthy, and leaving the poor and middle class struggling with rising cost of living and stagnating wages. An emphasis is on green jobs.

3.    A minimum wage of $15 per hour and ultimately a living wage for every worker.

4.    Ending the patronage system on Beacon Hill

5.     Tuition-free higher education to end the student debt crisis – with government takeover of existing student debts.

6.    Universal single-payer health care that includes everyone and excludes no one.

7.    Getting big money out of politics through public campaign financing.

8.    A progressive income tax to fund government rather than gambling casinos that exploit the unwary.

9.    Establishing a public bank of the Commonwealth that will honestly serve the banking needs of the people and help us downsize Wall Street.

1.  An action plan to lead Massachusetts to 100% renewable energy by 2035.  This would make it unnecessary to spend billions on more fossil fuel infrastructure – like gas pipelines – which will make it impossible for us to address climate change.

Some thoughts …

By Rosalie Tirella

… on Worcester City Clerk David Rushford

Here’s hoping our state legislators can change the rules, if the Worcester City Council doesn’t have the cajones to take away City Clerk David Rushford’s marrying fees – thousands of dollars on top of his $130,000+ city clerk salary. (see posts below). Recently, the Globe reported that a state legislator is hoping to make it a state-wide law: CITY CLERKS IN MASS TOWNS AND CITIES CAN’T KEEP THE FEES THEY GET EVERY TIME THEY “PERFORM” A WEDDING.


The City of Boston is also on board – trying to do what Worcester City Councilors Phil Palmeiri and Konnie Lukes are hoping to do – ending this shameless municipal double-dipping ASAP.

Rushford is an utter prima donna – the king of a fiefdom that BELONGS TO THE TAXPAYERS! Rude, curt, loud-mouthed, vindictive. The folks who work for him know his temper-tantrum-prone personality.

But let’s forget Rushford’s bag-of-nails  personality – let’s just put an end to the fleecing of the taxpayers – in Worcester and Mass.

2. Mitt Romney is a lying profiteer. No more. No less. God help this country if he becomes president. The guy will say anything to get elected, twisting the truth so it resembles a pretzel and … NOT THE TRUTH.

Interesting article in the New York Times, re: how the savvy Romney has TOTALLY DISTORTED President Obama’s policies and accomplishments. This guy is a dangerous liar! This guy has no moral code. Remember last presidential cycle? Remember how Romney was disliked by ALL the other presidential candidates? This is why: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/12/23/opinion/krugman-the-post-truth-campaign.html?_r=1&partner=rssnyt&emc=rss

3. “Senator” Scott Brown. Imagine! If a woman politician whined to reporters that her colleagues in Washington DC were not being nice to her, playing politics with her – just the way they have been playing them with each other since this country was founded – people would laugh! They would label her a big cry baby and tell her a la President Harry Truman to get out of the kitchen if she can’t stand the heat! Instead, the pointless, Wall Street-lovin’ Brown gets a sympathetic story on why being a US Senator is hell on earth! Why a wonderful guy such as he is being roughed up by his fellow pols.

Scott is just as savvy as Romney and probably a bigger and better bull shit artist. He has no respect for the working guy/gal; he is weird, too. Coming out about being sexually molested just – let’s be honest – to get national press and sell his book.  Posing nude for a magazine – after being molested as a kid!Offering up his daughters to guys during his speech on election night!

Therapy is what Brown needs. Elizabeth Warren is what Massachusetts needs! Please check out http://elizabethwarren.com/

Warren for U.S. Senate!!

To run or not to run (for public office)

By Mauro DePasquale

Have you ever thought about running for public office but were unsure of the process or what it may take? Then this program is for you!

WCCA TV 13 Public Access/Community Television presents TO RUN OR NOT TO RUN: a Soapbox Special edition.

This collaborative educational program, produced and presented as a public service, highlights important points of consideration which will be of value to anyone thinking about running for a local office. Panelists include: Worcester City Clerk David Rushford, educator Paul Lacava, former Worcester mayor and current host of the Levy Line, Jordan Levy. It is moderated by me.

TO RUN OR NOT TO RUN can be seen on WCCA TV public access/ community television cable channel 13, in Worcester, and streaming in real time at http://www.wcctv.com on the following dates and times: Thursday, May 5th & 12th at 10 pm; Saturday, May 7th and 14th at 10 am; Sunday, May 8th and 15th at 8:30 pm.

This program will also be made available for on demand viewing at http://www.wccatv.com/video. For further information, please contact Tracy Foley, programming, at 508-755-1880 ext. 10 or via email tracy@wccatv.com

Thank you.

Mauro DePasquale is Executive Director of WCCA TV 13, “The People’s Channel” in downtown Worcester.

Democrats out of touch?

By Christopher Horton

There’s an old saying which fits the moment: “Words butter no parsnips.”

During the Special Senate Election this past January I went door to door asking my neighbors to vote for Martha Coakley – the same neighbors I had asked in December for their vote for Mike Capuano, and in October for their vote for our new Mayor, Joe O’Brien. I took my time and really listened to what they were saying, and by January the ones who hadn’t gotten sick of me were getting used to talking to me. By the morning of Jan. 19, I knew that Coakley would carry my precinct – she did, barely – but would lose the election, because so many Democrats and former Democrats were planning to vote for Scott Brown. Continue reading Democrats out of touch?