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Let’s get going, America!

From The Guardian. – R. T.

Circuses to be banned from using wild animals

Government publishes plans to ban use of wild animals in travelling circuses in England from 1 December 2015

  • A tiger leapes through a flaming ring of fire
Under the terms of the draft wild animals in circuses bill the ban will cover any creature not normally domesticated in Great Britain. Photograph: Washington Post/Getty Images

 Circuses will be banned from using wild animals in their shows under new government proposals that have been published after a long campaign.

Politicians and animal welfare groups have repeatedly called for the measure and in June 2011 MPs overwhelmingly supported a blanket ban, but ministers were initially reluctant to meet their demands due to fears over possible legal action from circus operators.

The government’s plan will make it an offence for any operator to use a wild animal in performance or exhibition in a travelling circus in England from 1 December 2015. …

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Rupert Murdoch: here’s hoping this “Fox” is trapped

By Jack Hoffman

Henry Giroux/op-ed of the website Truthout, in quoting C. Wright Mills, the infamous American sociologist’s “the cultural apparatus” matters even more 50 years later. At the dawn of the 21’st century, this apparatus has grown into a vast web of media monopolies, which serve to entertain global audiences, set fashion standards, provide information about the world, promote celebrity culture, create consumer desires and occasionally offer insights about existing social problems while holding powerful individuals and institutions accountable. Expanding on this: I believe it was Mills that said “Freedom of The Press Is Freedom for someone who owns one.”

Hello, Rupert Murdoch, unquestionably the most powerful media magnate in the world today. But it seems this fox has finally got himself trapped in the chicken coop and is about to see his empire get a big bite – if not eaten up – by all those passive chickens that have been lapping his ass over the past 20 years. Maybe I should say greedy chickens. For me, to list all the media outlets Murdoch controls all over the world would require another ICT page. Let’s just say that when you talk about rags, he has the largest pieces of cloth in the British empire – which means he can do lots to the minds of the islanders. In the U.S., besides the New York Post, the biggest of Murdoch’s mouthpieces is the Fox Network – something me and lots of others would love to see get its stripped of its fur.

I want to remind readers and those who have a passion for all Murdoch’s jerks who espouse his political views, you are being duped.
In all the recent surveys done re: listeners being informed by various media outlets, Fox scores at the bottom. Yes, if you are one of the 70% who are tuned to Fox, you are rated as one of the most ill informed listeners. Well, what can I say about that fact? A fact I have been sharing with for the past eight years in this space.

Since you have been on Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket — they must be reading the Times, Rupert and his lying son James just got clocked by members of the British parliament. Two of Scotland Yard’s leaders have resigned and more to come in Cameron’s cabinet. News media reporters have resigned and now face prosecution. For what? you ask. How about tapping into the monarchy’s e-mails and three voice mails. Now in England, those folks, the monarchy, are revered lots more than its prime minister, who had his lines tapped by Murdoch’s crews. It appears at this date that CNN News’ Larry King’s Piers Morgan, acting as an editor of Murdoch’s largest newspaper in England, The World International, may have been into it right up to his bottle of vinegar from his Friday fish fry.

What does this all mean to us? The United States has what we call anti-terrorist laws in place and a slew of others that can convict an American national who has committed a crime and convicted of this in a foreign country. That means Murdoch and family, who are American citizens, if they are convicted in England of more than one crime, he et. al could lose licenses for all their media outlets. Not just in England, but here too.

Why would anyone give a hoot?

By Rosalie Tirella

The royal wedding. It’s tomorrow, and it’s a lot of make-believe and phoniness wrapped in taffeta. A total waste of time! And yet the world gawks and gawks! Amazing! We love famous people – even if they are famous for accomplishing nothing – or, as in the prince’s case, having had the good luck (or bad, depending on how you look at it) of popping out of the late Princess Di’s too tragic uterus.

America is (supposed to be) a meritocracy. We rejected all this royal pain in the ass stuff more than 200 years ago. And yet American tourists, along with other crazies, are supposed to converge on England and dump around $80 million in tourism bucks (according to NPR). What’s more, the Brits seem just as besotted. Reports say they are pleased as punch about the nuptuals; in surveys Brits say the royal wedding will get them out of the doldrums.

While I love Shakespeare, Ricky Gervais and Monty Python (cuz they’re brilliant), I don’t give a damn about the prince (is he the one who stupidly wore the Hitler outfit?). Thank you, but I prefer to get excited about England’s health care system: universal health care, which means all Brits – like everyone else in Western Europe, Canada and Cuba – get excellent care for nothing. If you are rich, poor, middle class, black, white, dying of cancer, struggling with a brain tumor, strong as an ox – your medical bills are ZERO. Nothing! No matter what your situation – no matter what your state of health. The Brits understand that sometimes WE matters more than ME. They, like the folks in France and Canada, have longer life expectencies than Americans. In fact, our health care systems are so fucked up that we rate way down the list – just above Slovenia. And guess what? A baby born in El Salvador has a greater chance of surviving than a baby born in Detroit, Michigan.


So tomorrow, while the rest of the world oohs and ahhs over England’s royal couple and their wedding guests, gowns, gropes, grips and gripers, I will be toasting their health care system.

If America had universal health care, Worcester – along with every other city and town in America – would not be in the fix she’s in with her municipal unions and their ever skyrocketing health care costs. We would have branch libraries and art classes and free college for everyone!

England, here we come?