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District 4 City Councilor Barbara Haller: working for us all

By Worcester Mayor Joseph O’Brien

Barbara Haller is a tireless advocate, fighting for the people of District 4. No one works harder, no one is more committed to lifting up the quality of life for all the people in District 4 and our City.

Her work on making our city cleaner, safer, accessible and vibrant has clearly made a strong positive difference. We are all better because of Barbara’s service to our community.

Barbara Haller helps families

By “a resident,” District 4

During the H1N1 outbreak, parents were told to keep their children home from school if they had a fever. It quickly became apparent to our staff at the Academy School Health Center that many of our families did not own a thermometer and thus had difficulty determining whether their child had a fever.

When Barbara learned of the need (while serving on the Woodland Academy Task Force) she quickly came to the rescue by raising funds for thermometers for families. Barbara reached out to the Main South CDC and Clark University and the three of them brought funds to Family Health Center for this effort.

The thermometers were distributed via the Woodland and Claremont Academies School Based Health Center: a true partnership between a neighborhood centered elected official, neighborhood-based organizations, schools, and neighborhood based health care.