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Go, Friendly House! Basketball team is tops!

By Jeffrey Turgeon

The Friendly House gymnasium on Wall Street in Worcester is a well-worn and Spartan facility with few of the amenities a new gym has; the basketball court with multi-purpose floor allows for only one game to be played at a time, the scoreboard is missing a few light bulbs, the concrete walls are kept without any fancy decorations, and the halls outside the gym are packed with donated clothes and food awaiting distribution to those in need. So why then, with all these limitations, do youth come from all throughout Central Massachusetts — including many from the area’s most affluent communities with the big, fancy gyms – to play basketball in this aging gym? The answer lies not in what the facility has or doesn’t have, it lies in the people that volunteer to lead the program. These volunteer coaches (along with the scorekeepers and referees) are extremely dedicated and caring individuals and are a reflection of the program’s director, Jim Williams. Continue reading Go, Friendly House! Basketball team is tops!