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After the Thanksgiving feast, a few thoughts on Worcester’s turkeys

The future.     pic:R.T.

By Rosalie Tirella

The family Thanksgiving Day dinner I attended with two friends was divine! Near the New Hampshire border in a farm house we gathered, seated ’round a long, dark wood table, the one my friend’s grandad had built for his farmhouse years ago. He set his big table under the sunniest window. … There were so many veggie dishes and desserts at this Thanksgiving feast! Many cooked from scratch. The wealth and comfort of my host, hostess and their kids, brothers and cousins made me think of – and talk to them about – my beloved Worcester ‘hood: its kids, our inability to get the public library book mobile to visit our neighborhood … so many struggles.

A few days later, a few pounds heavier, I am thinking about the people in my city who are destroying my city, my neighborhoods. Sure, the family in New Hampshire with whom I spent my holiday will do nothing for my people – there really are two Americas!! – but here in Worcester there are public officials who go beyond my dinner hosts’ indifference, detachment and cluelessness. These Woo leaders actively engage in destroying the city they were elected to serve, raise up …

For example:

The in-appropriateness of CDBG funds going to the church co-owned and run by D 4 Worcester City Councilor Sarai Rivera, who is also a pastor there, was trumpeted by At Large Worcester City Councilor Mike Gaffney in the most toxic terms on his most toxic YouTube show and on the city council floor where Gaffney sees himself as a modern day Douglas (ha!). His stupidity was aided and abetted by Aidan Kearney on his (formerly) pornographic, racist, classist and sexist Turtle Boy sports blog. These two Man-Boys are arguably the most racist public figures we have in Worcester today. They are leading this city down such a dangerous path!

Together, under the guise of “crusaders for justice” – an excuse for them to whip up racial hatred in Worcester in the same way Donald Trump has incited racial violence in Anerica – Gaffney and Kearney have destroyed several key progressive Black leaders/groups in Worcester. Groups and people who work to make Worcester’s inner city BETTER. Safer. Healthier. Smarter. Even happier. Gaffney and Kearney will have none of it! Since Day 1. Together. Working as Woo’s evil tag team. They have destroyed: Black (now former) Worcester Public Schools Superintendent Melinda Boone, the Black Lives Matter protesters at Kelley Square  and the Mosaic Complex, a tiny Black social welfare agency run by Brenda Jenkins. They have destroyed Brenda, too, a Black woman, a true community activist, known for her fearlessness when it came to speaking out against racial inequality in Worcester and her years of work with our inner-city Black men/youth around mental and physical health issues.

Poof! Gone!

Thanks to the fiery lies and hatred fanned by Gaffney and Turtle Boy Aidan. In the Worcester blogosphere and in Worcester City Hall every Tuesday night. Then oozing into our community life …

Instead of trying to foster thoughtful discussions, open dialogues about important issues – many racial because of the city’s evolving demographics – these two man-boys fan the flames of hatred. They confused Worcesterites,  lied to people. Played to folks’ prejudices. Racist Kearney posted unflattering photos of Brenda Jenkins on his Turtle Boy blog – the community roared!!! – then there was his photo of Boone’s head pasted on top of a grave stone – the community roared again!!!!

City Councilor Gaffney has called City Councilor Rivera a soldier in THE “MCGOVERN CRIME FAMILY.” Is this any way to lead a Gateway City in the 21st century? What kind of city councilor talks the way Gaffney does – especially about one of the country’s most progressive  congressmen, Jim McGovern? A man who has spent his entire political life fighting for the hungry, the poor, the disenfranchised?… Many in our city.. . Gaffney’s fact finding missions on behalf of the community are sick and twisted. He uses them as an excuse to publicly mock, denigrate and destroy leading people of color in Worcester. In this way racist Gaffney keeps people of color down – in city government, in city politics, in city life, in Worcesterites’ heads.

Lately, City Councilor Konnie Luke’s has joined Gaffney and blindly jumped into the racist fray – calling for lists, names and addresses of Worcester’s refugees and immigrants. She’s stupidly supported many of Turtle Boy and Gaffney’s hate-inspired crusades. I believe Lukes hasn’t thought things out – she is not a racist but she is getting there. She is paranoid and can be sucked into Gaffney’s – or any fear-monger’s – tsunami.

The Rivera church-CDBG issue WAS a valid issue – city officials shouldn’t look like they’re getting city sweet heart deals. But if we take the longview, sweetheart deals have been going on in Worcester city government for decades. DECADES!!!! From hiring, to firing, to job contracts, to neighborhood beautification – the only difference being that, up until recently, the “winners” (or should we say “sinners”?) were white, male and Irish Catholic.  So, naturally, everyone looked the other way.

It’s a new world, kids! – and many in Worcester are unwilling to accept the fact. Gaffney and Kearney keep the blinders on.

It’s called Burning the Future.

Why don’t all Green Islanders receive this info?

By Rosalie Tirella

For 40 years (my old neighborhood’s) Green Island’s streets were a mess – Green Street, Water Street, the municipal parking lot on Water Street. Long swathes of concrete untouched/unpaved – decrepit. You killed yourself walking to your car if your parked it in the Water Street parking lot. In a weird way it was comforting: no matter where you came from (college, a brief stint in Boston, etc), the sidewalks of Green Island always stayed the same – sucky.

Then comes the “revival” AKA The Canal District (about several years ago) – really nothing more than a yuppie watering hole with lots of bars (and lately a place for fights to break out between drunken bar patrons). Gone was the neighborhood I adored. Here to stay was Allen Fletcher. But because Fletcher chose to plant his bony ass in Green Island and was a millionaire many times over, moneymade its way to the “Island.” The Water Street parking lot was repaved by the city and so were the streets and sidewalks of Water Street and Kelley Square. We “locals” were greatful for the smooth, concrete surfaces, even though the rest of the crap had zero effect on our lives.

Now this! I nearly fell over when I learned Flectcher and his Canal District brigade talked state and federal officials into RE-SURFACING the above streets – AGAIN! After only a year or two! After only a year or so of being completely repaired/resurfaced! Seems like these guys want everything more decorative! Red brick crosswalks and all that jazz..

Why did the City of Worcester spend millions of dollars to repave streets and parking lot only to have the entire thing done again? Why did c ity leaders agree to accept millions of state/fed dollars to do what was done only 24 months ago?

Talk about pork! Talk about squandering the taxpayers’ money – just because Fletcher and crew know how to lobby, know how to throw their weight around.

Wouldn’t it have been better for the folks of Green Island if the state/feds nixed the fancy sidewalks and instead came in and gave every household in Green Island, every family on Lafayette, Grosvenor, Lodi, Landgen, Endicot, Sigel streets – a FREE IPAD/or laptop or a FREE two-year scholarship to Quinsig Community College or another state community college? Wouldn’t this have helped the neighborhood far more? Wouldn’t the money have been better spent if poor folks in Green Island could learn new skills to get better jobs – or to jump into the job market, maybe for th e first time? This is what we Green Islanders need: jobs, job training, lap tops, IPADS – tools for success in the 21’st century.

NOT a repaving job – yet again! It seems taxpayer money gets recirculated to the same culprits: fat cat municpal unions and city movers and shakers. This trickle down economics is the pits! Give taxpayer money to the people who pay the taxes – regular folks – not Allen Fletcher and pals. Thety already get enough corporate welfare.

Below is a copy of info that Fletcher sends out to the people he wants to see at important Green Island meetings. This was probably sent out to more Green Islanders than usual – he wants to look good, he wants a crowd there. If you’re not on the bus with Fletcher, you usually never see these newsletters and you don’t get invited to their weekly Calal District pow-wows.

Read on folks! This is all a done deal – and of course, it has zero real effect on real Green Islanders. But they expect us to rubberstamp their masterplan:

NEWSLETTER from Fletcher and ilk (forwarded to me):Canal District News

Please join us for the
Canal District Alliance Annual Meeting
Thursday, June 2
6:00 PM
Worcester Hibernian Cultural Centre
19 Temple Street, Worcester, MA 01604

Featured Speaker: Jeffrey B. Mullan, Secretary and Chief Executive Officer of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation

Secretary Mullan will discuss issues significant to the district and the City of Worcester at large, including the Canal District streetscape improvement project, CSX and commuter rail expansion, and the Worcester Regional Airport.

This event is FREE and open to the public. All are encouraged to attend and will be provided an opportunity to ask questions.

Jeff Mullan is the Secretary and CEO of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) which was launched on November 1, 2009. Appointed by Governor Deval Patrick, Jeff was a key architect of the reform plan to create MassDOT, a new, unified transportation organization focused on customer service and safety. Since becoming Secretary, Jeff has brought a business-like approach to state transportation, developing its first strategic plan, reducing costs, setting measurable performance objectives, and working to improve workplace culture.

Jeff has been involved in Massachusetts transportation issues for more than 20 years. Prior to being named Secretary, he served as the Executive Director of the former Massachusetts Turnpike Authority, and as Undersecretary, Chief Operating Officer, and General Counsel at the former Executive Office of Transportation and Public Works (EOT). Both of those organizations are now a part of MassDOT.

Prior to 2007, he worked for 14 years at Foley Hoag LLP, where he was a partner and the co-chair of the firm’s administrative law practice. Before joining Foley Hoag, Mullan worked at the former Massachusetts Department of Public Works as Right of Way Manager on the Central Artery/Tunnel Project. He is a Worcester native and now lives in Milton.

Worcester’s Level 4 Schools, Union Hill and Chandler Elementary: Moving forward!

By John Monfredo, Worcester School Committee

“Turning around persistently low-achieving schools requires a new way of doing the work that is transformative for the students and teachers in the school… the nature of the work demands a new vision for redesigning the schools and how districts support schools in that process. Bold action is required.”
– Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Back in March of 2010 the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education announced its list of 35 Level 4 schools. A school is deemed “Level 4” if its achievement is in the lowest 4 percent of schools statewide. Two schools in Worcester were on the list: Chandler Elementary and Union Hill School.

The new law, signed by Governor Deval Patrick last January, is designed to close the persistent achievement gap between the schools in poorer communities and those in richer communities. However, as mentioned in previous articles, the idea of closing the achievement gap is a difficult choice, for the administration had a variety of punitive options to choose and the least restrictive was the removal of the principal. Thus, that was what Dr. Boone, Superintendent of Schools in Worcester, chose. The decision was supported by the Worcester School Committee.

At that time Dr. Boone stated, “These schools have worked extremely hard to provide a high-quality of educational opportunities for all the students enrolled there. While significant progress has been made, we acknowledge that the rate of progress has not met the state and federal benchmarks Continue reading Worcester’s Level 4 Schools, Union Hill and Chandler Elementary: Moving forward!