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This Valentine’s Day, show some serious love to animals! Pledge to go vegetarian – or eat way less meat! Drop the fur – forever! Bannish wool from your closet! Fight for ALL animals (even the ones you don’t think are cute)!💙

From PETA.ORG. Some sweet – and arresting – images. – R.T.









Go, Lettuce Ladies, go!!!


PETA’s Lettuce Ladies have toured the world — from England to India, and beyond — with their vegan message, helping countless folks turn over a new leaf.

They’re culturally conscious advocates who encourage people everywhere to ditch meat by offering them free, delicious, plant-based meals, …


… vegan starter kits and leaflets bursting at the seams with information about how our choices affect animals.


Lettuce Ladies embody empowerment! Our advocates are all volunteers. Lettuce Ladies choose to turn heads to protect animals, improve people’s health, and help fight climate change.


They know that, unlike themselves, millions of animals suffering and dying on factory farms and in slaughterhouses are never given the chance to consent. Cows, pigs, chickens, minks, foxes, and all other animals exploited by the food and fashion industries have no say in what happens to their bodies, so our Lettuce Ladies use their own to call attention to the plight of these living beings.


Today, in a society that uses scantily clad models to sell everything from cars to cheeseburgers, those who use their bodies as a political or an emotional statement to call for justice and compassion — as our Lettuce Ladies do — are a breath of fresh air!

Today we’ll be shopping cruelty-free at the Auburn Mall

Like you, I got some gift cards for Christmas.  I’ll be at the Auburn Mall today “cashing my chips in,” but I’ll be patronizing  CRUELTY-FREE STORES or looking for cruelty-free goodies in shops. For example, I adore FOREVER 21! Pretty jewelry, clothing, etc for DIRT CHEAP. And no animals are killed to make many of their purses, belts, etc. Check the tags, please!

Here, from PETA, are other mall stores, most at the Auburn Mall and, I’ll bet, at the mall in your ‘hood, that DO THE RIGHT THING AND SELL CRUELTY-FREE PRODUCTS.

The world, thankfully, is changing. Global retailers are not the enemy. Many global retailers are educating themselves … learning to support the environment and their workers, to shun the brutal fur and leather industry … . Sure, they wanna jump on a cool trend and make a lot of dough, but they, I believe, want to do the good thing, too.  Because of new minimum wage laws in America/Massachusetts and workers movements like FIGHTING FOR FIFTEEN, wages are going up. This is a GREAT thing for our economy. More dough for workers = more spending = more robust American economy, which is pretty much driven by the good ol’ American consumer!

Support companies that are ringing in the New Year RIGHT – respecting workers and leaving tortured, dead rabbits, cows, snakes, dogs, outa the picture!    – R. Tirella

From PETA .ORG …

The Body Shop

This company’s products are 100 percent vegetarian (watch out for nonvegan ingredients) and are not tested on animals.

Body Shop Mist

Shea Body Mist

Loofah mitt Body Shop

Smooth and Renew Body Loofah Mitt

Paul Mitchell

Almost every product of this company is vegan, with a few exceptions.

Paul Mitchell Collection kit

Pink Out Loud! Collection Kit

Paul Mitchell Wash

Lemon Sage Energizing Body Wash


Aveda is a cruelty-free company and offers many vegan options. You can find Aveda’s nonvegan products listed here.


 CLICK HERE to see all the other stores and products!