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Winter days in Union Hill

By Sue Moynagh

I love the change of seasons in New England, each season having its own special characteristics and activities that keeps life here interesting. I love winter! Yes, I even love snow and the bitter cold winds that numb your face and bring tears to your eyes as you slip and slide over the streets of Worcester. Growing up in my neighborhood, Union Hill, winter weather brought changes to our daily routine, but it was fun. Whether inside or outside, children of my generation knew how to keep themselves busy through the winter chill.

I can’t help but notice that there are fewer children enjoying the great outdoors these past winters. I suppose many are indoors in front of the TV or computer and others are partaking of the numerous after- school programs available. With many backyards converted over to parking lots, kids have to do their playing in parks. I miss hearing the voices of kids playing in the snow in my neighborhood. This is not a criticism, just a comparison of my generation and today’s youngsters. Kids today usually have more organization in their activities, as members of sports teams, for instance, and there seems to be less spontaneity. Continue reading Winter days in Union Hill